A NEW UK COIN SERIES: What we know so far

We’ve just had word that a BRAND NEW UK coin series is going to be released.

The latest Royal Proclamation has just confirmed an exciting new £5 coin series to celebrate the Royal Tudor Beasts and the mighty dynasty of King Henry VIII!

Each beast is inspired by the heraldic statues that guard the moat bridge of Hampton Court Palace  – a symbol of Henry VIII’s marriage to Jane Seymour. There will be 10 coins in total, each one representing a different majestic beast from the Royal Tudor Dynasty – five for King Henry VIII, and five for his beloved wife Jane Seymour.

640px Family of Henry VIII c 1545 detail - A NEW UK COIN SERIES: What we know so far
Detail of Henry VIII, Jane Seymour and Prince Edward now at Hampton Court Palace, c.1545.

And if the popularity of the Queen’s Beast’s series is anything to go by, we’re sure that this next series is going to be an absolute hit with collectors and royalty lovers alike.

We certainly can’t wait to see what the coins are going to look like, but for now the designs are remaining top secret! Stay tuned for more information!

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Find out what makes these NEW Prince Philip coins WORLD FIRSTS!

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Unboxing the perfect tribute to Prince Philip

In today’s video I unbox the perfect tribute to Prince Philip.

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