Christmas at The Westminster Collection! The products on Santa’s Good List…

The countdown to Christmas has begun! With less than one month to go, we’ve got just the thing to brighten up your winter… an array of exquisite Christmas coins that could be yours this festive season!

Read on to learn more about the coins that have made it into The Westminster Collection’s “Good List” and how you can secure these cracking stocking fillers yourself…

1. The Silver ‘Christmas Gifts’ Rotating Coin

Coming in first with the best in snow is the Christmas Gifts Rotating 5oz Silver coin! Renowned for their incomparable sell-out history and remarkable innovative technology, The Royal Canadian Mint have certainly outdone themselves with this festive edition

Holiday Gifts Silver 5oz Lifestyle 04 - Christmas at The Westminster Collection! The products on Santa’s Good List…

This exquisite Christmas coin is struck from 5oz of 99.99% pure silver and embellished with a gold-plated garland. What’s more, the grand 65mm diameter allows you to appreciate every detail of this stunning minting!

Using a 3D sculpture and gyroscopic technology, Santa and his elves are truly brought to life as the elves spin around the coin! Click here to see for yourself in our video! But hurry – we have less than 50 remaining! >>

2. Christmas with The Royal Mint: The Snowman and the Snowdog BU 50p

Celebrate the 30th anniversary of the timeless classic Christmas film, The Snowman, with his return to UK 50p coins. But to make this Christmas more special than ever, he is joined for the very first time by his four-legged friend: The Snowdog!

The adorable reverse design has been created by Robin Shaw – the assistant director of the original The Snowman and The Snowdog film – as it hits its 10-year anniversary.

The coin is accompanied by official Royal Mint packaging, which for this special occasion, takes the form of a stunning festive Christmas card encapsulating your Brilliant Uncirculated 50p!

With our Gold and Silver allocation fully sold-out, you must act now and secure one of our remaining few Snowman and Snowdog 50ps to avoid missing out on one of the most popular releases this Christmas…

Click here to secure your The Snowman™ and The Snowdog BU 50p for the official Royal Mint price of JUST £11! >>

3. The Ultimate Christmas Lenticular coin: Santa’s Sleigh

Treat yo’ELF this Christmas with the perfect stocking filler for all the family! This fun-filled lenticular coin from The Royal Canadian Mint is embellished with the rich colours of Christmas and an interactive feature only you can control…

Tilt the coin from one way to another and watch Santa’s elves hop around his sleigh!

Santas Sleigh Coin Lifestyle GIF SMOL - Christmas at The Westminster Collection! The products on Santa’s Good List…

The Royal Canadian Mint have been producing exquisite lenticular coins since 2008. But despite their changing designs, one thing stays the same… consistent sell-outs! Even with mintages as high as 100,000, lenticular coins still fly off the shelves.

But with less than 40 remaining and Christmas right round the corner, this tiny allocation won’t be around for long…

So, make someone’s Christmas with the brand-new Santa’s Sleigh Lenticular Coin and secure yours today for JUST £29.99 (+p&p) >>

4. The SOLD-OUT 2018 Christmas Nutcracker BU £5

In 2018, The Royal Mint celebrated Christmas with the Nutcracker £5 coin. Designed by acclaimed Royal Mint engraver, Harry Brockway, this coin depicts the enchanting Christmas Nutcracker scene!

Struck to superior Brilliant Uncirculated quality, your coin has been carefully encapsulated in Official Change Checker packaging with that all-important security hologram, guaranteeing its quality and authenticity.

image - Christmas at The Westminster Collection! The products on Santa’s Good List…

Given its stunning minting and festive sentiment, this coin is now SOLD-OUT at the Royal Mint! But today, we have a select few remaining just in time for Christmas at the small price of £24.99.

Click here to avoid missing out on this sell-out coin! >>

5. Harry Potter Limited Edition Christmas Card

Following the extreme success of the 2022 Harry Potter 50p’s, it is only fitting to celebrate Christmas at Hogwarts with this Harry Potter Christmas Commemorative!

image 2 - Christmas at The Westminster Collection! The products on Santa’s Good List…

Featuring the iconic Hogwarts ‘H’ symbol in vivid full-colour, this stunning product has been expertly plated in 24 Carat Gold to an immaculate Proof finish.

But, out of the 2,022-edition limit, we have just 32 remaining! So, get your wands at the ready this festive season and give someone a spellbinding Christmas…

Click here to magic yours into your collection NOW! >>

Explore the rest of the Christmas range yourself – find the perfect gift for you or your loved ones this festive season by clicking here >>

WATCH THE VIDEO: The spectacular moving coins that SELL OUT with every release!

Innovation is nothing new to The Royal Canadian Mint. Whether it be a new shape or size, or using never before-seen technology, they are always looking for ways to push the limits on what can be achieved in the minting world.

Over the last few years, The Royal Canadian Mint’s results have seen some of the world’s most stunning, technologically-advanced coins, with sell-outs almost guaranteed.

And with the release of their brand new 2022 coin, you can truly appreciate the beauty of their craftsmanship by watching the video below:

Introducing the latest innovative coin from The Royal Canadian Mint… it’s set to SELL OUT!

The Christmas Gifts Rotating Silver 5oz Coin is the latest release from The Royal Canadian Mint that follows on from their previous SELL-OUT Christmas Tree and Train Silver 5oz. It uses state-of-the-art innovative gyroscopic technology, allowing the coin to actually move!

It features a 3D sculpture of Santa Claus himself, cast in sterling silver and surrounded by a gold-plated garland. Struck from 5oz 99.99% pure silver, the coin boasts a huge 65mm in diameter – perfect for showing off each and every intricate detail.

It really is the most remarkable coin from recent years, and we encourage you to watch the video to fully appreciate all the stand-out features. It’s an outstanding work of art that delivers a festive dose of Christmas cheer!

If you want to add one to your collection, you’ll have to act fast. We only have 50 available for Westminster collectors click here to secure yours now >>

Discover the secrets of Canada’s unexplained phenomena with the BRAND-NEW 1oz Silver coin!

There is nothing I love more than a good extraterrestrial story. And today, you can uncover what happened in Yukon with the Royal Canadian Mint’s brand-new 1oz Silver coin, depicting the remarkable Yukon Encounter!

Read on to find out what really happened that night, the coin’s exciting new technological features, and how you can be one of JUST 50 Westminster Collectors to own it…

The Yukon Encounter

Yukon Sign - Discover the secrets of Canada’s unexplained phenomena with the BRAND-NEW 1oz Silver coin!
The Yukon Sign. Credit: West Coast Traveller

On the cold, snowy night of December 11th 1996, thirty-one people were recorded to have seen a giant UFO in the Canadian territory of Yukon. Let’s take a look inside Chris Rutkowski and Geoff Dittman’s book which details the accounts of the witnesses’ experiences…

Two individuals described the sighting as a group of bright lights immersed in rectangular windows. Another two witnesses experienced a similar sighting just ten miles apart, describing the scene above the Klondike Highway as a “cluster of moving stars”.

Designing an EXTRATERRESTRIAL coin

Today, The Royal Canadian Mint are eager to bring this experience to coinage and continue their sell-out UFO-themed series. Struck from 1oz of .999 Silver with a stunning Proof finish, you can feel like you are truly a witness to this extraordinary sighting with Neil Hamelin’s imaginative design!

Yukon Encounter Rev with and without UV light - Discover the secrets of Canada’s unexplained phenomena with the BRAND-NEW 1oz Silver coin!

Black Light Technology

Your coin is the first in the series to buck the glow-in-in-the-dark trend and include brand-new black light technology! Housed in official Royal Canadian Mint packaging, a black flashlight will also be included to unlock your coin’s true potential.

When this black flashlight is shone onto the already impressive reverse design, it will activate the technology within the coin to reveal an even more colourful reimagining that only you can see! This is the key to unlocking the hidden secrets of the Canadian sky…

Yukon Encounter shorter Smol - Discover the secrets of Canada’s unexplained phenomena with the BRAND-NEW 1oz Silver coin!

Will the SELL-OUT Series continue? JUST 50 Available

This Yukon Encounter 1oz Silver coin is the fifth in the Royal Canadian Mint’s UFO themed series. It follows its counterpart coins inspired by the Montréal Incident, the Clarenville Event and the Falcon Lake Incident.

What’s more, considering that all the previous UFO-themed coins had a mintage of 4,000 – 5,000 and ALL SOLD OUT, you can see how our small allocation won’t satisfy collector demand…

Yukon Encounter Close up 02 - Discover the secrets of Canada’s unexplained phenomena with the BRAND-NEW 1oz Silver coin!

The previous four coins in the series included glow-in-the-dark technology, meaning that this BRAND-NEW black light feature will generate even more collecting buzz!

So, if you want to be just one of 50 Westminster customers to secure this for your collection, click here to see if there’s one left >>>