As Royal Mail’s new Songbird stamps hit the right note with collectors, BBC’s Chris Packham signs for Westminster…

The Royal Mail Songbirds Stamps Framed Collector Card

4th May sees the release of Royal Mail’s stunning new Songbird stamps. As soon as we heard about the release of the stamps, we discussed who we could work with to create the ultimate presentation for collectors.

Chris Packham signing the limited edition Songbird Stamps Collector Card

Chris Packham signing the limited edition Songbird Stamps Collector Card

It didn’t take long for us to unanimously agree that Chris Packham was our man!

Chris is one of today’s most highly respected television naturalists presenting BBC’s Springwatch, Autumnwatch & Winterwatch. And adding further to his CV, he proudly serves as Vice President of the RSPB.

Shortly after contacting him, we were delighted to hear Chris had agreed to sign 500 framed Songbirds stamp sets for us. Here he is at home signing the first of the collector cards.

The New Royal Mail Wren Stmap - part of the Songbirds Series

Once these arrive back with us, they’ll be sent off to Royal Mail to have the stamps specially postmarked with the first day of issue postmark and then returned to us once again to have them professionally framed.

The full set of stamps features the Nightingale, Wren, Blackcap, Cuckoo, Yellowhammer, Great Tit, Goldcrest, Willow Warbler, Song Thrush and Skylark.

The Royal Mail Songbirds Stamps Framed Collector CardIf you’re interested…

We’re now taking pre-orders for the special Chris Packham Signed Edition. Just 500 will be made featuring all the Songbirds stamps on a Framed Collector Card, postmarked with their first day of issue…

So if you want one, click here for details before they sell out.

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New Peter Rabbit coin breaks the internet – Silver Proof 50p sells out in HOURS

The 2017 Peter Rabbit UK Silver 50p Coin

The record-breaking 2017 Peter Rabbit UK Silver 50p Coin

Britain showed itself as a nation of nostalgic coin lovers as the release of the new Peter Rabbit Silver Proof 50p brought the numismatic net to a standstill.

At one point The Royal Mint had over 50,000 people in a queue to access its website and The Westminster Collection also saw record traffic – with all hands on deck to keep the servers running.

All available Peter Rabbit coins were sold out before the newspapers even ran a story – and collectors who got in early were left feeling like they won the lottery.

30,000 coins gone in just a few hours

The pandemonium echoed the release of the 2016 Peter Rabbit 50p, which also caused a collecting frenzy but was limited to 15,000 coins. This year’s issue has an edition limit of 30,000 but the demand was also amplified.

The coin was fully allocated across the board by 4pm, but the queues were still long as collectors changed their focus to the Brilliant Uncirculated editions of the coin. Savvy buyers were desperate to bag what will go down in history as one of the UK’s most sought-after coins.

Beatrix Potter coins are big news

The 2017 Peter Rabbit Silver Proof 50p

Fully allocated across the board by 4pm on its day of issue

The lucky few that secured the 2016 coin for £55 now own a coin that changes hands for up to £400 on Ebay. This year’s coin has already started appearing in auctions, and whatever happens it looks like the £60 retail price will turn out to be a bargain.

Undoubtedly a few speculators got in there but with demand so high it was literally first come, first served – leveling the playing field and making getting a coin a real achievement for anyone.

Did you manage to secure a 2017 Peter Rabbit Silver Proof 50p? If you were one of the lucky ones, let us know in the comments!

Peter Rabbit Certified BU 50p CoinStill available…

We still have stock of the collector edition Certified Brilliant Uncirculated 2017 Peter Rabbit 50p available. Click here now to secure yours – you will also have the chance to pre-order the other three coins in the series.

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Meet the FOUR new Beatrix Potter 50p coins…

Four new Beatrix Potter 50p silver coins have been revealed by The Royal Mint. Benjamin Bunny, Mr. Jeremy Fisher, and Tom Kitten all feature for the first time on UK coinage – whilst Peter Rabbit scampers back onto our currency for the second year in a row.

The four coins issued in 2016 created a collecting frenzy, crashing The Royal Mint’s website and selling out within days. And these new character coins are just as cute, just as evocative, and importantly – just as collectable.

Here’s a first look at the new silver coins, with details of when they are available…

The 2017 Peter Rabbit UK Silver 50p Coin

The 2017 Peter Rabbit UK Silver 50p Coin

2017 Peter Rabbit 50p

Everyone’s favourite mischievous bunny is back – pictured in a familiar pose dashing away… presumably from Mr McGregor’s garden.

Probably Beatrix Potter’s most familiar character, the coin is bound to be sought-after.

Last year’s Silver Proof Peter Rabbit coloured coin now changes hands on Ebay for up to £400, underlining its collectability.

The 2017 Jeremy Fisher UK Silver 50p Coin

The 2017 Jeremy Fisher UK Silver 50p Coin

2017 Mr. Jeremy Fisher 50p

This silver 50p, due to be released in June, pictures the unlucky frog Mr. Jeremy Fisher – who only wanted to catch some fish for dinner for his friends but ends up almost being eaten by a trout.

Each of the Silver Proof editions is limited to just 30,000 coins. Given the level of demand for last year’s series this may well not be enough for everyone that wants one.


The 2017 Tom Kitten UK Silver 50p Coin

The 2017 Tom Kitten UK Silver 50p Coin

2017 Tom Kitten 50p

Available late July, the Tom Kitten Silver 50p features the original illustration from the front cover of Beatrix Potter’s book. The naughty kitten appeals to children everywhere with his  antics and is another favourite character from the series.

All four coins have been struck to a fine ‘proof finish.’ It really brings the designs to life – and is often referred to as ‘the collector’s favourite’ due the high level of craftmanship required to achieve the result.

The 2017 Benajmin Bunny UK Silver 50p Coin

The 2017 Benajmin Bunny UK Silver 50p Coin

2017 Benjamin Bunny 50p

The last coin to be made available (slated for September) introduces another of the Rabbit family. Benjamin Bunny is Peter’s Cousin and leads him on another jaunt into Mr. McGregor’s garden. The illustration featured on the coin is taken from the original front cover.

I’m sure you’ll agree, these four coins are the perfect continuation of the series, and really capture the nostalgic charm of Beatrix Potter’s original stories.

But if there’s one lesson you can take from last year, make sure you get yours early – before they sell out!

Peter Rabbit Certified BU 50p CoinIf you’re interested…

We have stock of the Peter Rabbit Certified Brilliant Uncirculated 50p available NOW. If you want one please take your chance today as these coins will be highly sought-after. Click here now for details – you will also have the opportunity to reserve the other 3 Certified BU coins.

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