My day with Bagpuss star Emily Firmin: Celebrating 50 Years of Bagpuss Magic

I couldn’t believe my luck … I recently went on a journey of a lifetime to Canterbury Museum, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of one of my most treasured childhood TV series — Bagpuss.

Watch my exclusive interview with Emily Firmin and hear her incredible stories of living in the enchaning world of Bagpuss.

This visit wasn’t just a trip down memory lane, it was an immersive dive into the enchanting world of a show that has captivated hearts for generations. The Beaney House, with its commitment to art and knowledge, provided the perfect setting for this celebration, showcasing the magic that has made Bagpuss an enduring icon we all know and love.

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image 4 1024x545 - My day with Bagpuss star Emily Firmin: Celebrating 50 Years of Bagpuss Magic
The iconic opening sequence of the Bagpuss TV series

The highlight of my visit was the incredible opportunity to meet Emily Firmin, the real-life inspiration and the actual little girl that features in the Bagpuss series. Emily, daughter of Peter Firmin, the co-creator of Bagpuss, shared heartwarming stories about the show’s production, her role in it, and the creative atmosphere her family fostered.

image 2 1024x594 - My day with Bagpuss star Emily Firmin: Celebrating 50 Years of Bagpuss Magic
Meeting Emily Firmin and holding one of the actual Bagpuss puppets

One of the most surreal moments was hearing Emily recite the lines she used to wake up Bagpuss on the show. With a voice that bridged the years, she recited:

“Bagpuss, dear Bagpuss

Old fat furry cat-puss

Wake up and look at this thing that I bring

Wake up, be bright

Be golden and light

Bagpuss, Oh hear what I sing”

These iconic words, so familiar yet so powerful, transported me back to my childhood, and brought back some fantastic memories of my own.

Emily shared some fascinating insights into the making of Bagpuss. She spoke of how her family’s farm was transformed into a film studio, with barns converted to bring to life the magical world of Bagpuss and his friends. Her mother’s sewing machine, which stitched the costumes, became a symbol of the show’s handmade charm. Through Emily’s stories, I gained a vivid picture of a creative and collaborative effort that brought Bagpuss to life, highlighting the contributions of her family to the series’ unique look and appeal than won the hearts of everyone who watched.

image 3 1024x594 - My day with Bagpuss star Emily Firmin: Celebrating 50 Years of Bagpuss Magic
A behind the scenes look at the production of Bagpuss

One of the most captivating parts of the conversation for me, was learning about the behind-the-scenes moments, such as the family watching the first bits of film with a cup of tea before they were edited.

Beyond the nostalgia, hearing about Emily’s journey from the little girl who inspired a nation to an accomplished artist was truly inspiring. She spoke with passion about how her parents influenced her career, leading her to create art that reflects the creativity and craftsmanship Bagpuss was so famous for.

Meeting Emily Firmin and hearing her stories was an absolute pleasure. Her generosity in sharing her experiences added a deeply personal touch to my visit. The exhibition, the interview, and the whole day was not just a tribute to Bagpuss but a celebration of creativity, family, and the timeless appeal of storytelling.

Happy 50th Bagpuss.

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