Honouring a legendary war hero — NEW Commemoratives issued to mark the 40th Anniversary of the Douglas Bader Foundation

This year marks 40 years since the founding of the Douglas Bader Foundation. To celebrate the occasion a range of NEW commemoratives have been issued in partnership with the charity. But, before I go into any details about these new issues, I want to tell you about the fascinating life of the foundation’s namesake – Group Captain Sir Douglas Bader.

Sir Douglas Bader

Douglas Bader was born in London in 1910 and was commissioned into the Royal Air Force in 1930. Tragically, 18 months later he was in a plane crash in which he lost both legs.

Due to this accident, he was discharged from the RAF and was forced to find work elsewhere.

However, after the outbreak of the Second World War, Bader was able to rejoin the air force. He became a leading airman during WW2, flying Spitfires and Hurricanes at Dunkirk and the Battle of Britain. In 1941, he was shot down and held as a prisoner of war.

During his descent, Bader lost his right artificial limb. He persuaded his German captors to radio England to ask them to send over a replacement leg. On the night of 19 August 1941, during a normal bombing raid, his new leg was dropped from a Blenheim, along with some stump socks, tobacco, and chocolate.

Despite his disability, he made several escape attempts. Bader was eventually placed in Colditz until its liberation in 1945.

Douglas Bader was a charismatic and controversial character. After the war, he campaigned tirelessly on behalf of amputees and people with disabilities. He inspired millions with his example and was honoured with a knighthood in 1976. He is considered a national hero for both his war efforts and his work with the disabled which he was involved in up until he died in 1982.

The Douglas Bader Foundation

The Douglas Bader Foundation was established immediately following his death in 1982 by his friends and family, many of whom had flown by his side during the war.

For 40 years, the Douglas Bader Foundation has worked to help people with disabilities, supplying prosthetics, grants, and support to many people.

To support this fantastic charity, a donation from the sale of each of the brand-new commemoratives will go directly to the Douglas Bader Foundation.

So, let’s take a closer look at the new range ….

The Silver Spitfire Commemoratives

These incredible Silver Spitfire commemoratives feature a 3D Spitfire model crafted from a genuine piece of aluminium from a Spitfire AB910.

AB910 flew in The Dieppe Raid – one of the most significant air battles in history and flew cover patrols over Normandy beachheads on D-Day.

I can’t think of a more fitting tribute to Douglas Bader and the Douglas Bader Foundation. The daring airman flew Spitfires over Dunkirk and during the Battle of Britain.


These are available in both 1oz and 5oz silver specifications. With a small amount of this historic metal available, just a limited number of these commemoratives can be made.

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Douglas Bader Medal Box Set

DN 2022 Douglas Bader medal box set product images 1 - Honouring a legendary war hero — NEW Commemoratives issued to mark the 40th Anniversary of the Douglas Bader Foundation

Strictly limited to JUST 250 worldwide, a spectacular box set has been released to honour the extraordinary life of Douglas Bader. This set brings together not one, but three full-coloured commemoratives designed by artist Adam Tooby.

Alongside these commemoratives also sits replicas of three of the many medals that Bader received during his astonishing military career.

As this set comes beautifully displayed in a presentation box with a numbered certificate of authenticity, it is the perfect collector’s piece.

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The 50p coins that walked in Nelson’s footsteps

What is the world’s oldest naval ship still in commission?

I’ll give you a clue (beyond the one in the title). It’s now in its 245th year of service.

The answer is HMS Victory, probably the most famous ship in Britain.

I was surprised to hear that she is still part of the Royal Navy’s fleet, having never been officially decommissioned.

HMS Victory has been in dry dock for 100 years, but she is the flagship of the First Sea Lord, the military head of the Royal Navy.

Over 200 years ago, HMS Victory was the flagship of Vice Admiral Horatio Nelson, helping the British see off the might of the larger combined fleet of the French and Spanish during the Battle of Trafalgar.

Five-coin set honours HMS Victory for the first time ever

Now, this famous naval vessel is appearing on Silver 50p coins alongside Lord Nelson himself for the very first time as part of a very limited five-coin set.

2022 Jersey HMS VICTORY SILVER with Colour 50ps ALL - The 50p coins that walked in Nelson’s footsteps
The HMS Victory Silver Proof 50p Coin Set

And our entire edition limit of Silver 50p sets was taken aboard HMS Victory last month and placed in Nelson’s day cabin to soak up centuries of incredible history.

The five 50p designs feature the following:

  • HMS Victory at full sail
  • The ship’s stern
  • Canons at fire
  • A portrait of Vice Admiral Horatio Nelson
  • Nelson’s final moments

Each coin is struck from .925 Sterling Silver to a Proof finish and features its design in full colour!

And the complete set includes the first Lord Nelson 50p coin!

Tiny edition limit: Just 400 sets available

Just 400 sets are available; a tiny edition limit. For some perspective, when The Royal Mint released a Silver Proof £5 celebrating Admiral Nelson they sold out of an edition limit of 30,000.

How long can 400 sets possibly last? Especially knowing that they have been aboard Victory… 

Please don’t delay here or you will miss out.

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By purchasing one of the HMS Victory Silver 50p Sets you will be helping to maintain this important piece of British naval history. £17.45 will be donated to the National Museum of the Royal Navy for each set sold.

Watch our video below where we explore HMS Victory and discuss this exciting new coin set!

You may also be interested in our blog on the HMS Victory Masterpiece Silver 5oz 50p — in a presentation alongside real wood from HMS Victory’s restoration.

King Charles III’s Coronation: everything we know so far…

Buckingham Palace has announced that the coronation of King Charles III will take place on Saturday 6th May, 2023 at Westminster Abbey.

The Archbishop of Canterbury will preside over the anointing in a service that Buckingham Palace have said will be a mix of ancient and modern traditions to “reflect the monarch’s role today and look towards the future”.

Prince Charles 2012 Image Dan Marsh CC BY SA 2.0 - King Charles III’s Coronation: everything we know so far…
King Charles III acceded the throne following the passing of Queen Elizabeth II in September 2022.
Image: Dan Marsh/CC-BY-SA-2.0 

King Charles will be 74 at the time of his coronation – making him the eldest new monarch to be crowned.

Camilla, the Queen Consort, will also be crowned as part of the service in a shorter ceremony. She will become the thirtieth consort to be crowned since the Norman Conquest.

What will happen at the Coronation of King Charles III?

This will mark the first coronation in the United Kingdom for nearly 70 years. A young Prince Charles attended the coronation of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, on 2nd June 1953 and it is believed that the new monarch has made adaptations to the ceremony for his own coronation.

Queen Elizabeth II Coronation via Photos from Library and Archives Canada via Wikimedia Commons - King Charles III’s Coronation: everything we know so far…
Prince Charles attended Her Late Majesty’s Coronation at just age 4.
Image: Photos from Library and Archives Canada via Wikimedia Commons 

Lots of the pageantry and ritual is expected to be retained. Monarchs traditionally sit on a 14th century coronation chair and are officially crowned with St Edward’s solid gold crown.

There is likely to be a procession through London, featuring a Gold State Coach.

And it is expected that the celebration will come to an end with a Buckingham Palace balcony appearance.

How will the world celebrate King Charles’ Coronation?

The coronation will be televised and a potential worldwide television audience of hundreds of millions has been predicted.

It has been confirmed that there will be an extra UK bank holiday to mark the coronation. This is scheduled for Monday 8th May 2023, two days after the service.

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832M Charles Coronation Commemorative Email Image New Flash - King Charles III’s Coronation: everything we know so far…

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