Do you know the British inventor behind the steam locomotive?

Richard Trevithick was born in a small Cornish mining village in 1771 and was surrounded by engineering at an early age, which paved the way for him to become the pivotal inventor and engineer who was responsible for inventing the first ever working steam locomotive

During his school years, Trevithick paid little attention in class and instead focused on sports; however he also had a natural aptitude for arithmetic, and always managed to get to the correct answer using unconventional methods.

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Painting of Richard Trevithick by John Linnell

During his time working in the mining community, Trevithick began to pioneer the use of high-pressure steam, and started building and modifying steam engines around this principle. As time went on, and boiler technology improved, Trevithick realised this now allowed for the safe production of high-pressure steam; which meant engines could be smaller and more economical to run.

Trevithick’s early applications of high-pressure steam ranged from stationary engines to steam-road locomotives. In 1802, Trevithick built his first steam locomotive for the Coalbrookdale Ironworks in Shropshire.

Copy of TWC Blog Images - Do you know the British inventor behind the steam locomotive?
“Richard Trevithick’s Pen y Darren Locomotive” by Hugh Llewelyn is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

In 1804, the first officially recorded steam-hauled railway journey took place when another one of Trevithick’s locomotives hauled a train from the Pen-y-Darren Ironworks in Merthyr Tydfil to Abercynon in South Wales.

Trevithick’s inventions were responsible for revolutionising the mining industry and he became a well-respected figure in both mining and engineering circles because of it. Trevithick even had some involvement in the early development of the Thames Tunnel, and several different nautical projects, however the successful first working steam locomotive remains his most well-known claim to fame.

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The making of the Diamond Masterpiece

As I’m sure you already know, this year Her Majesty marks her 95th Birthday. This is an incredible milestone and an important moment in British history that has been rightfully remembered on some fantastic commemoratives.

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The Avro Vulcan – the national treasure of our skies

The Avro Vulcan is one of the most distinctive planes that graced our skies after World War 2, and during its time in active service with the RAF, became a national treasure that is still remembered and well loved to this day.

The Vulcan was considered to be the most technologically advanced plane of its time, and was fundamental in helping to improve our understanding of advanced aerodynamics – and some technologies used in the Avro Vulcan were later incorporated into the design of Concorde.

Vulcan XL426 at St Athan 1984 VRT Collection 1024x635 - The Avro Vulcan - the national treasure of our skies
The Avro Vulcan XL426 at St Athan, 1984. Credit: The Vulcan Restoration Trust Collection.

The Vulcan first became a part of the RAF in 1956, but it wasn’t until 1960 that the improved Vulcan B2 entered active service. The Vulcan B2 had several improved features over the B1, including more powerful engines, a larger wingspan, and an improved electrical system.

Although most Avro Vulcan’s were retired from active service, a few still exist today for air display purposes, or in the case of the Avro Vulcan XL426, are kept in taxiable condition for ground runs and events.

Vulcan At speed on London Southend Airport runway by Andrew Goldsmith 1024x683 - The Avro Vulcan - the national treasure of our skies
The Avro Vulcan XL426 at speed on London Southend Airport runway. Credit: Andrew Goldsmith.

The Vulcan XL426 was in active service with the RAF from 1962 to 1986, and during her service, set an unofficial world record for the fastest flight from Canada to the UK, taking only 4 hours and 5 minutes – a record later officially beaten by Concorde.

In 1993, ownership of the XL426 was transferred to the Vulcan Restoration Trust, and although she no longer takes to the skies, XL426 is regularly showcased in events taxying on the runway at London Southend Airport and is maintained solely through donations to the Vulcan Restoration Trust.

It is from this very plane after some restoration work, that the metal from an elevon was taken, and sculpted into miniature sculptures of the Avro Vulcan for use in a special, limited edition commemorative

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