CLOSER LOOK: The history-making vehicles that inspired an impressive set of 50ps…

This year, we’re celebrating 120 years of thrilling competition and daredevil feats with the NEW Isle of Man History of Motor Racing 50p Set.

We travelled to The National Motor Museum in Beaulieu where we met Patrick Collins – Curator: Vehicles and Research – who gave us a closer look at the history-making vehicles that inspired these impressive 50ps…

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The Isle of Man Motor Racing 50p Set

Available exclusively from The Westminster Collection, this new 50p Set celebrates FIVE Motor Racing FIRSTS with each design featuring an iconic vehicle from history.

1904 – The FIRST Motor Race

The first motor race held on the Isle of Man decided Britain’s representatives for the Gordon Bennett Cup, marking the dawn of competitive Manx Motor Racing. Walter Thomas Clifford triumphed, covering the gruelling 255-mile course in 7 hours and 26 minutes in his Napier.

1907 – The FIRST Isle of Man TT Race

Fast forward to 1907, and we arrive at the birth of an iconic event – The first TT (Tourist Trophy) Race which was won by Rem Fowler on a Norton. This world-famous motorcycle race is synonymous with the Isle of Man and has been celebrated on a series of Isle of Man £2 Coins too!

1923 – The FIRST TT Sidecar Race

1923 was a landmark year for Manx Motorsports. First, the TT Sidecar Race was introduced – adding an extra layer of excitement to the race. The first Sidecar race was won by Freddie Dixon and passenger Walter Denney, who rode a Douglas to victory.

1923 – The FIRST Manx Grand Prix

1923 also marked the inaugural Manx Grand Prix. Known as the amateur’s alternative to the TT, the first Grand Prix was won by Len Randles on his 500cc Sunbeam.

1963 – The FIRST Manx Rally

Rounding out this extraordinary set is the coin celebrating the first Manx Rally in 1963. This landmark event was won by Reg McBride and Don Barrow in a Ford Anglia Allardette.

Available Exclusively from The Westminster Collection

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Celebrating Galactic History: The Millennium Falcon Coin Launch

Written by Star Wars video presenter – Jonathan Patterson

I’m thrilled to unveil a ground-breaking UK coin series today, with today’s release celebrating the iconic Millennium Falcon struck for the first time on UK coins.

Join Jonathan as he tells you all you need to know about this exciting new launch

A Galactic Collection: The Four-Coin Series

Excitingly the Millennium Falcon 50p coin is just the start, it marks the beginning of an exciting collection that honours the most famous spacecraft from the Star Wars universe.

Us collectors, can expect to see detailed coins of the Galactic Empire’s Tie Fighter, the Rebel Alliance’s X-Wing, and the formidable Death Star II, each reflecting their legendary status within the saga.

4 coins - Celebrating Galactic History: The Millennium Falcon Coin Launch
Left to right: Millenium Falcon UK 50p, Tie Fighter UK 50p, Rebel Alliance’s X-Wing UK 50p, Death Star II UK 50p

The Millennium Falcon Coin: A Detailed Tribute

Today’s release, captures the essence of the beloved spacecraft with remarkable detail, as depicted in the original trilogy. This coin is not only a visual delight but also features a unique lenticular design, allowing for a dynamic image transition between the Rebel Alliance ‘Starbird’ logo and the Millennium Falcon. It’s a fitting homage to the ship known for its speed, agility, and representation of the Rebel Alliance’s indomitable spirit.

Did you know image - Celebrating Galactic History: The Millennium Falcon Coin Launch

Exclusive Editions and Limited Availability

Available in Gold Proof, Silver Proof, and Brilliant Uncirculated editions, this launch marks the first time the Millennium Falcon has been featured on UK coins. The Silver Proof edition, in particular, is limited to a global issue of just 7,500 coins — 40% fewer than previous releases—meaning you’d better be quick to secure one.

As we embark on this galactic adventure with the Millennium Falcon and beyond, now is the perfect opportunity to add to your collection. With prices beginning at just £5.99 (+p&p), dive into the 2024 UK Millennium Falcon Coin collection today and seize your chance to own a piece of movie history.

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Striking a coin for his father: The ‘Mad’ Piper of D-Day

John Millin honours his father, Piper Bill Millin, in a poignant tribute by striking a 50p coin for the 80th Anniversary of D-Day.

Stay tuned for the full exclusive interview coming TUESDAY.