The historic collection celebrating England’s World Cup wins

Many look back fondly at 1966, when Bobby Moore’s team beat West Germany 4-2 in the Football World Cup final, securing the coveted trophy.

In 2003, rugby fans cheered as England defeated Australia in the nail-biting Rugby World Cup final.

And, the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup saw the England team claim victory over rivals New Zealand.

All 3 sporting events have been forever engraved into England’s history books, and they are revisited by fans each time the World Cup tournaments come back around.

Celebrating the legacy of our sporting achievements, the Sovereign World Cup Winners Collection brings together 3 historic Sovereigns.

Each represents the 3 years that England’s sporting teams were victorious in a World Cup competition have been hand selected to form this magnificent collection.

These have been incredibly difficult to source – particularly the 1966 Sovereign, owing to the fact it is over 50 years old.

Because of this scarcity, only 25 collections are available. And, when you consider their precious metal content and the great significance of these years, they surely won’t be available for long.

If you become one of just 25 collectors to own this sporting Sovereign trio, you’ll be able to stylishly present them in a luxurious wooden display case for all to see.

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120 years of mischief celebrated on a brand-new coin

120 years ago, a book about a mischievous rabbit named Peter was first officially published by Frederick Warne & Co. This book would go on to be much-loved by children (and adults) all over the world…

Have you already guessed it’s title? It’s The Tale of Peter Rabbit, of course – Beatrix Potter’s delightful creation.

Peter Rabbit 5 Product Images 1 - 120 years of mischief celebrated on a brand-new coin
UK 2022 The Tale of Peter Rabbit £5 BU Pack

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In 2016, the first Beatrix Potter™ coin was released, celebrating 150 years since her birth. It even featured Peter Rabbit™ mid-stroll on the reverse design.

This coin kickstarted a series of coin issues honouring Potter’s beloved work, including designs of characters such as: Jemima Puddle-Duck, Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle, Squirrel Nutkin, Tom Kitten, Jeremy Fisher, Benjamin Bunny and, of course, Peter Rabbit™!

In fact, there were a total of five 50ps dedicated to Peter, illustrating how truly adored he is to this day!

Brand new The Tale of Peter RabbitCoin

The Royal Mint have JUST released a brand-new commemorative coin that celebrates the first official publication of The Tale of Peter Rabbit™ in 1922.

Peter Rabbit 5 Product Images 6 - 120 years of mischief celebrated on a brand-new coin
UK 2022 The Tale of Peter Rabbit Silver Proof 1oz Colour Coin

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The Silver Colour Proof 1oz The Tale of Peter Rabbit™ coin shows Peter in his blue jacket, walking through an array of flowers and wildlife. This delightful design includes the words ‘120 years’ – the perfect tribute to the official publication date.

Strictly limited

Usually only reserved for coins of a particular theme, we’ve seen strong sell outs in the past of the 1oz Silver Colour Proof. In fact, 2021’s Alice Through the Looking Glass 1oz Silver Colour Proof sold out completely – and that had the exact same edition limit as this new Peter Rabbit coin of 3,500.

Plus, Peter Rabbit™ is incredibly popular as a theme; every previously issued Peter Rabbit 50p coin has sold out, and many of them had edition limits as high as 35,000!

A sell-out is on the cards

In comparison, 3,500 is just a tiny number, and not going to be anywhere near enough for Peter Rabbit™ fans and collectors alike.

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AT 2022 Peter Rabbit Digital Assets V2 1 1024x386 - 120 years of mischief celebrated on a brand-new coin

A timeline of Great Ormond Street Hospital’s cancer breakthroughs

Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) is celebrating its 170th anniversary in 2022, marking almost two centuries of transforming the lives of seriously ill children.

And as part of our campaign to raise £30,000 in 30 days for Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity (GOSH Charity) we’re looking back at some of the hospital’s cancer breakthroughs.

From developing nursing training in the late 19th century and the opening of the UK’s first Leukaemia Research Unit in the 1960s, through to today’s breakthroughs in gene therapy and its pivotal role in the national management of COVID-19, GOSH has been a trailblazer in child healthcare.

Take a look at some pivotal moments throughout the hospital’s history below:

DN 2022 30k in 3 days peter pan gosh blog infrographic AMENDED 472x1024 - A timeline of Great Ormond Street Hospital’s cancer breakthroughs


Dr Roger Hardisty joined the hospital, where he became a driving force behind remarkable changes in children’s cancer care. In his three decades at the hospital, he was pivotal in reducing the devastating 100 per cent death rate for children with leukaemia to 70 per cent.


The UK’s first leukaemia research unit opened at Great Ormond Street Hospital.


Some of the hospital’s early research efforts were starting to show real reward. Chemotherapy was improving. Surgical techniques were becoming safer. Microscopic and genetic research techniques were becoming more sophisticated, allowing researchers to better identify the many different types of cancer, as well as beginning to understand how each would respond to different treatments. A 1971 study showed that long-term survival for children with acute leukaemia had trebled since 1963.


Dedicated cancer inpatient unit established at GOSH.


Hospital consultants set up the first UK-wide Children’s Cancer Study Group to promote research.


Launch of the hospital’s bone marrow transplant programme. GOSH Immunologist Professor Roland Levinsky developed a technique to isolate immune cells in the blood. This made it possible to extract working immune cells from a healthy donor and transplant them into a child – known as a bone marrow transplant. The idea was to replace cancerous blood cells with healthy ones.

DN 2022 30k in 3 days peter pan gosh web assets AT 3 - A timeline of Great Ormond Street Hospital’s cancer breakthroughs


Dr Paul Veys developed a kinder bone marrow transplant that is gentler, with less intense chemotherapy and can help children who are too sick for standard doses of drugs.


Launch of one of the first European CAR T-cell studies, pioneered by Professor Persis Amrolia. It paved the way in this rapidly emerging field, but this type of CAR T-cells have now been superceded by ‘next generation’ cells that are more effective.


GOSH immunologist Professor Waseem Qasim used CAR T-cells to treat a one-year-old patient with ‘incurable’ leukaemia. His incredible world-first sparked a new wave of CAR T-cell research around the world.


An 11-year-old boy at GOSH became the first NHS patient to receive CAR T-cell therapy. A landmark agreement between NHS England and the drug manufacturer meant the drug (Kymriah) can now be offered to eligible NHS patients with relapsed ALL.


Results of the CARPALL clinical trial at GOSH suggested that a new CAR T-cell therapy has less side effects and could be more effective at treating ‘incurable’ ALL than similar treatments.


The Khoo Teck Puat iMRI Suite opened at GOSH. The suite promises to transform how brain surgery is performed at GOSH by enabling brain scans to be taken seamlessly during operations.

Imagine how much further GOSH can go in the future with your support. You can help GOSH continue to forge ahead with pioneering breakthroughs, bringing millions of seriously ill children life-altering treatments and cures for generations to come.

Want to help us raise £30,000 in 30 days for Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity (GOSH Charity)? View our range of special colour edition Peter Pan 50ps here.

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