Why the Queen’s birthday changes day every year…

Since 1952, the Queen has celebrated her official birthday on a different date each year. In fact, for the past five years alone she has celebrated her birthday on the 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 13th June, and next week she will celebrate her birthday on the 12th!

Now you’re probably wondering how this can be… and that’s because the Queen actually has two birthdays every year.

The first is on the actual day the Queen was born – 21st April 1921 – meaning that in April this year she marked her 95th birthday, although the celebrations were far more muted than normal. 

Currently the reigning monarch’s second birthday is an official birthday on the second Saturday in June – a practice that dates back as far as 1748.  

When King George II was the sovereign, the annual military procession (which later became the ‘Trooping the Colour’ parade) became synonymous with celebrating the monarch. However, King George II’s birthday was in October, and since good weather couldn’t be guaranteed for the annual parade in autumn, he decided to mark the date in the summer instead when there was a better chance of good weather.

And so, the tradition to celebrate the monarch’s birthday in the summer stuck, and each summer the Queen gets the chance to celebrate her birthday again!

This year 12th June will mark a particularly special birthday for the Queen. Turning 95 is a milestone achievement – less than 1% of the population reach this impressive age, so it’s no wonder that the Queen’s June birthday is set to be an important moment for the country and collectors alike.

And with the Queen’s 95th birthday being such a milestone achievement, many commemoratives were issued to mark the occasion in April. Since then we have seen repeated sell-outs.  

But there’s one commemorative that has been issued specifically to mark the Queen’s official birthday that only 750 collectors will have the chance to own.

Queens 95th Birthday Penny Datestamp Product page images 1 - Why the Queen’s birthday changes day every year…
The Queen’s Official 95th Birthday Penny DateStampTM

The Queen’s Official 95th Birthday Penny DateStampTM is set to be released on the 12th June. Most notably, this commemorative contains an original penny struck in 1926, the year the Queen was born. Each one has been individually capsulated and postmarked with the Queen’s official 95th birthday – 12th June 2021. What’s more, the one day only postmark ensures that the edition limit is guaranteed and that no more can ever be produced.

With such a limited number available, this DateStampTM issue is sure to be another sell-out as collectors aim to pay tribute to the Queen’s milestone birthday and her longevity. You can be one of them today by clicking the link below.

If you’re interested:

You can pay tribute to our longest reigning monarch by pre-ordering the Queen’s Official 95th Birthday Penny DateStampTM here. Only 750 will ever be issued, so you’ll need to be quick.

Queens 95th Birthday Penny Datestamp Product page images 3 - Why the Queen’s birthday changes day every year…

All you need to know about the new Prince Philip memorial stamps

Just a few days ago Royal Mail announced four stamps dedicated to Prince Philip, honouring his life and 70 years of service to the nation.

The black and white images featured on these new stamps tell a story of the Prince’s life, beautifully capturing him at different stages throughout, including visiting the Royal Windsor Horse Show and attending the passing out parade of Prince Andrew.

504f the prince philip memorial first day cover product stamps - All you need to know about the new Prince Philip memorial stamps
The UK 2021 Royal Mail Prince Philip In Memoriam Stamps

The stamps won’t be released until next month, but when they are a limited number will be postmarked with the first day of issue, and many collectors will be eager to add these important commemoratives to their collection.

But this isn’t the first time that stamps were issued to mark significant moments in Prince Philip’s life. In 1972 a set of stamps featuring both the Queen and Prince Philip were issued to mark their Silver Wedding anniversary. Designed by Jeffery Matthews, they are still in popular demand with collectors today as it was the first time the Prince and the Queen featured on a stamp together.

1972 Stamps - All you need to know about the new Prince Philip memorial stamps
The 1972 Royal Silver Wedding Anniversary Stamps

Of course, these stamps aren’t the only memorial commemorative issued to mark the long life and achievements of His Royal Highness. In 2017, a special UK £5 Brilliant Uncirculated commemorative coin was issued by The Royal Mint to mark Prince Philip’s retirement from public duty. It features a portrait of the young Prince by Humphrey Paget, and due to collector demand it’s now unavailable at The Royal Mint.

2021 prince philip in memoriam obverse reverse - All you need to know about the new Prince Philip memorial stamps
The UK 2017 Prince Philip £5 Coin

Collectors have also been sourcing historic coins to pay tribute to Prince Philip – specifically coins from 1921, the year in which His Royal Highness was born, which have increasingly been incredibly difficult to find. At over 100 years old, with precious metal content, and having been issued in a significant year, they have always been popular with collectors.

1921 coins - All you need to know about the new Prince Philip memorial stamps
A selection of coins from 1921 – the year Prince Philip was born

In the coming months, many more commemoratives are sure to be released to mark the life and achievements of His Royal Highness, Prince Philip. His Royal Navy career and contributions to charity, and his pioneering of the Duke of Edinburgh scheme made him one of the most accomplished and dedicated senior Royals in history. We will remember him for many things, and these new stamp releases are sure to play a part in that.

If you’re interested:

Prince Philip Memorial Historic Coin and Stamp Collection: JUST 250 AUTHORISED.

You can pre-order the brand new Prince Philip stamps, postmarked on the first day of issue, the 2017 sold out £5 coin, and a collection of historic coins issued in the year of the Prince’s birth – but only 250 will ever be issued. Click here to find out more.

As if by magic…Mr Benn 50p coins appeared!

‘As if by magic the shopkeeper appeared…’

For the generation of children who watched Mr Benn, those words heralded the beginning of yet another magical adventure for Mr Benn.

Incredibly it’s been 50 years since the postman first arrived at No 52 Festive Road with Mr Benn’s invitation to a fancy dress party… and so started his first adventure. Since then Mr Benn has fascinated millions of children with his adventures as he walked through that magical changing room doorway.

And so, to celebrate the 50th Anniversary year, a special set of British Isles 50p coins have been released by Guernsey Treasury and fully approved by Her Majesty the Queen.

Check out the coins below and all the information you will need to order. They are certainly something that Mr Benn would have been sure to “keep carefully just to remind me”.

The Complete Brilliant Uncirculated 50p Set

This stunning collection features all five new 50p coins, each struck to a Brilliant Uncirculated quality and featuring Mr Benn on four of his most popular adventuresthe Red Night, Clown, Cook and Spaceman. These go perfectly with the official Mr Benn centrepiece coin.

Mr Benn 50th Anniversary BU 50p Coin Set Product Images Main Image - As if by magic…Mr Benn 50p coins appeared!

What’s more, the coins will come protectively housed in bespoke presentation pack that has also been designed specifically for your coins.

This complete set is a must-have for anyone who grew up watching Mr Benn, so if you’d like to secure one for your collection for JUST £31.25 (+p&p) then click here >>

The STRICTLY LIMITED Mr Benn Silver 50p Coin

The Silver Proof version of the 50p coin features a nostalgic design of Mr Benn, alongside a stylised ’50’ with colours inspired by Festive Road. The obverse features the Queen’s effigy by Jody Clark.

The coin has been struck to a flawless Proof finish from .925 Sterling Silver with selective vivid colour printing to bring the design to life – this really is a must-have for any Mr Benn fans.

Mr Benn 50th Anniversary Silver Proof 50p Coin Product Images Coin with Packaging - As if by magic…Mr Benn 50p coins appeared!

The Silver Proof editions are without a doubt the collector’s favourite and almost always acquire fast sell-outs and with an edition limit of JUST 4,995 coins, time is short to secure one for your collection…

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The ULTIMATE Mr Benn Silver Proof 50p Collection

One of the most limited way to own these brand new coins is the Silver Proof Collection. With only 1,995 available to collectors worldwide, a sell-out in inevitable. In fact, it’s the same edition as the first Peter Pan Silver Proof 50p Set which completely SOLD OUT.

Mr Benn 50th Anniversary Silver Proof 50p Set Product Images Coins with Packaging - As if by magic…Mr Benn 50p coins appeared!

Each coin is struck from .925 Silver, to a Proof finish, with the addition of colour and comes ready to present in case with numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

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The Complete Brilliant Uncirculated 50p Cover Collection – JUST 495 available

If you are looking for something truly special and unique, look no further than the Complete Mr Benn Cover Collection. Limited strictly to just 495, each collection features all five Mr Benn Brilliant Uncirculated 50p coins alongside specially licensed philatelic label from Royal Mail on individual covers.

The Official Mr Benn Complete 50p Coin Cover Collection Product Images Main Image - As if by magic…Mr Benn 50p coins appeared!

Almost certainly, this is the smallest edition presentation of the new 50p coins that you’re likely to see and they are exclusively available from The Westminster Collection.

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