With the arrival of a new season of Star Trek: Discovery this month, and the brand new series Picard which launched earlier this year, there’s a lot for Star Trek fans to celebrate this year.

And now – in what you might say is the final frontier of stamp collecting – fans can get their hands on a brand new official Royal Mail stamp release comprising of some of the franchise’s most famous faces.

DN 2020 star trek royal mail stamps social media 2 - Introducing the brand new Star Trek stamps! Boldly collect where no UK collector has collected before!

The stamps are officially released on November 13th, 2020, but you can shop our full range here and pre-order yours whilst stocks last. There are strict edition limits across our product range, so be quick if you’d like to secure yours.

Born from the mind of Gene Roddenberry, the Star Trek franchise began 54 years ago and has amassed a huge, global fanbase. It is a cultural phenomenon that’s influence spans across many generations of devoted fans, creating a global community unlike any other.

Often praised for its impact on storytelling and its influence on modern-day technology, fans and scholars alike consider Star Trek to be highly progressive in its approach to social and political issues, offering the viewer a reflective view on historic and current affairs.

This culturally significant franchise has now been celebrated for the very first time on UK stamps.

“For more than 50 years Star Trek has enthralled and inspired generations of loyal fans with extraordinary adventures and an optimistic vision of humanity’s future.

We celebrate the Star Trek Universe with stylish new stamps of its iconic characters.”

Philip Parker, Royal Mail

There are several ways to own these new issue stamps, with each stamp presentation framed and ready to display, and will be officially postmarked by Royal Mail on the day of the stamps release.

Here’s your guide to each of the products available and how you can be one of the limited number of collectors to own one of these limited edition pieces…

The Star Trek Collectors Frame

The Star Trek Collectors Frame features Royal Mail’s Collector Sheet, and only 1,995 framed editions are available worldwide.

2020 star trek stamps collectors frame A4 with stamps - Introducing the brand new Star Trek stamps! Boldly collect where no UK collector has collected before!

These stamps bring together captains from six Star Trek TV series, including Captains Kirk, Picard, and Archer. Each of the stamps featured is accompanied by an Officially Licenced Philatelic Label featuring scenes from the corresponding series.

Your Collector Sheet is A4 in size and is set against a dramatic space scene – perfect for displaying in your home!

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The Star Trek Definitive Frame

Collect every Royal Mail Star Trek Stamp issue with The Star Trek Definitive Frame! This framed presentation features 12 Star Trek First Class Stamps , alongside the Movie Stamp Miniature Sheet.

2020 star trek stamps definitive edition in frame - Introducing the brand new Star Trek stamps! Boldly collect where no UK collector has collected before!

These 12 brand new stamps feature every captain, alongside other famous crew members from across the six principal TV series. Each character is set against a themed backdrop inspired by the series they are from.

As well as these new issue stamps, The Star Trek Definitive Frame also includes the Movie Stamp Miniature Sheet, which showcases British stars from the Star Trek movie series.

2020 star trek stamps definitive edition A4 minisheet edited - Introducing the brand new Star Trek stamps! Boldly collect where no UK collector has collected before!

Your frame is A4 in size and ready to display. But with only 995 available worldwide, you’ll have to be quick to snap this up for your collection.

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The Star Trek Ultimate Frame

While this is the first time Star Trek has featured on any UK stamp issue, it’s not the first time the franchise has been celebrated on commemorative stamps! To honour the 50th anniversary in 2016, a range of Star Trek stamps was issued in the United States.

DN 2020 star trek stamps ultimate edition A4 product images 1 edited - Introducing the brand new Star Trek stamps! Boldly collect where no UK collector has collected before!

As of last year, the stamps are no longer available to buy from the US Postal Service, but you can find a selection of these stamps within The Star Trek Ultimate Frame.

DN 2020 star trek stamps ultimate edition A4 product images 3 - Introducing the brand new Star Trek stamps! Boldly collect where no UK collector has collected before!

This really is the ultimate Star Trek stamp presentation, featuring every UK stamp issue alongside the no longer available US Star Trek Forever stamps.

Available in an A4 frame, there are only 295 of this very special stamp presentation available worldwide.

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Remember, all framed editions of the Star Trek stamps are strictly limited. Shop the full range here to pre-order and secure yours ahead of their official release on November 13th.

A symbol of royal power for nearly 1,000 years, the Tower of London remains one of Britain’s most iconic attractions.

But did you know that for over 500 years The Tower of London housed The Royal Mint?

It’s safe to say that during The Royal Mint’s time in The Tower, making coins was hot, noisy and dangerous affair. So much so that tampering with coins was considered treason, and the threat of gruesome punishment alone was enough to deter most, if not all, forgers and thieves.

For me, there’s no coin stories as fascinating as the ones that originate from The Royal Mint’s time a at The Tower. Here’s a selection of my very favourite ones…

Health and Safety was not a concern

In stark comparison to the society we live in today, the health and safety of Mint workers was not a top priority during the Mint’s time in The Tower.

Tower of London from London Past and Present vol2 1 1024x675 - Tales from The Tower’s maximum security Mint – where making coins was a dangerous business
The Royal Mint was housed in The Tower of London for over 500 years, from 1279 to 1810. Image courtesy of Regency History.

Mechanisation in the 1600’s was welcome relief for Mint workers, as up until this point, all coins were made by hand. As a result, it wasn’t unusual for workers to be injured, and the loss of fingers and eyes was not uncommon.

When it came to striking the coins, split second timing and staying alert could mean the difference between making a coin and losing a finger! That’s because in order to strike a coin, one worker would place a handmade piece of metal between two engraved stamps – called dies – and a second worker would then strike it with a hammer. This procedure would stamp the coin design on to the metal, but if both parties were not on the ball sometimes a finger would be removed in the process.

Even then, it actually wasn’t until screw-operated presses were introduced in the 1700’s that life for Mint workers became relatively safe.

Dirty, deadly money

Working in the Mint was dirty and dangerous work. Huge furnaces were used to melt down precious metal, and the air was full of deadly chemicals and poisonous gases. This made the coin making process a real hazard.

London Tower Hill old photo of the Royal Mint Silver Melting House 1024x643 - Tales from The Tower’s maximum security Mint – where making coins was a dangerous business
The Silver Melting House at The Royal Mint. Image courtesy of Old UK Photos.

In the 1560’s a group of unfortunate German workers learned this the hard way. Several of them were suspected to have been poisoned by clouds of noxious gas, and they fell incredibly ill. Seasoned workers at the Mint advised them of the cure – to drink milk from a human skull! Despite the so called ‘cure’, several men died.

The mysterious case of Sleeping Beauty

Several decades prior to this, in the 1540’s, William Foxley was another victim of the Mint’s lax health and safety. Though how exactly, still no one to this day knows for sure! Foxley was a potter at the Mint, and one day he fell asleep over his pots and no one could wake him up.

https   historicroyalpalaces.picturepark - Tales from The Tower’s maximum security Mint – where making coins was a dangerous business
Engraving of The Mint Engraving by John Bluck after artwork by Thomas Rowlandson & Auguste Charles Puginm from the publication ‘The Microcosm of London’. Image courtesy of The Tower of London.

It’s unclear what exactly caused Foxley’s coma, and allegedly King Henry VIII himself swung by The Tower to check out the mysterious sleeping beauty. For the majority of the British population, the only way they knew what their monarch looked like was thanks to the obverse of the coin. So Foxley will have been disappointed to have slept through his audience with the King.

This case perplexed physicians for 14 days, after which Foxley woke up and was the picture of perfect health. Remarkably he lived for another 40 years.

Tampering with coins was considered treason

Treason was not taken lightly. In fact any tampering with coins, such as shaving silver from the edge of a coin to steal it, was classed as treason and the severe punishments that awaited thieves and forgers was nearly enough in most instances to put them off.

During medieval times, the sentence for a first-time convicted counterfeiter was to remove their right hand. Any second offences were punishable by castration. It’s unknown exactly what followed this particularly gruesome punishment for a third or even a fourth offence.

But if you think this is severe, in later years and right up until the 1700’s male forgers suffered a traitor’s death – that is to be hung, drawn and quartered. Meanwhile, female forgers were either burned at the stake or transported on one of the infamous convict ships to their designated place of exile.

If you’re interested…

The Royal Mint has just released a BRAND NEW UK £5 coin to celebrate its longstanding and fascinating history with The Tower of London.

UK 2020 The Royal Mint Silver Proof 5 Pound Coin Product Images Coin Obverse Reverse - Tales from The Tower’s maximum security Mint – where making coins was a dangerous business

The coin is available in a range of specifications, including Brilliant Uncirculated and extremely limited edition Silver Proof and Silver Proof Piedfort. Given the historical significance of this commemorative, it is expected to be highly sought-after by serious collectors now and in years to come. That said, we do not expect to be able to offer it for long.

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The Berlin Wall is perhaps the most iconic symbol of the Cold War. A tall concrete barricade that divided the citizens of Germany for almost three decades. Numerous people risked their lives to cross the wall, whether digging tunnels underneath, flying over in a hot air balloon, or even driving cars under checkpoint barriers! But in 1989 that all changed when the world watched a press conference that all went a bit wrong…

A press conference that went wrong

For many months throughout 1989, there was mounting pressure on the government to adjust the restrictions around the boarder wall in Berlin. On the evening of November 9th 1989, the East German Party leader held a press conference announcing some loosening of the restrictions. But he hadn’t been briefed properly.

Gunter Schabowski broadcast the relaxing of some of the travel laws, but when asked when the freedom of movement would happen, he simply shrugged his shoulders, glanced at his notes, and said “right away.”

And that was it. A single moment, the most iconic in recent history, caused by an accident.

93221855 e442b76ff8 - How a political blunder led to the Fall of the Berlin Wall
Image Credit: “Fall of the Berlin Wall 1989” by gavinandrewstewart is licensed under CC BY 2.0

After almost 30 years of physical separation, crowds of people swarmed to the Berlin Wall checkpoints in anticipation of reuniting with loved ones and passing into the West freely.

Because of the confusion, the East German border guards had not been warned and were utterly overwhelmed by the crowds. At first they were told to stamp passports with symbols that effectively revoked East German citizenship, but as the crowds grew larger it became clear that unless lethal force was used, that the wall was no longer impassable. And no one was willing to give that order.

The Night the wall fell

That evening saw celebrations throughout Berlin, with people climbing the wall and taking pickaxes and hammers to break it apart and pull it down. Pieces and fragments of the wall were chipped away, with many pocketing pieces as souvenirs.

Families and loved ones reunited, as those from East Berlin were greeted with flowers and food. After years with limited contact, media censorship and restrictions, the people of Berlin were free to travel as and where they wanted.

The official reunification

Almost a year later, on 3rd October 1990, the German flag was raised over the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. It symbolised the moment at which the two German countries were finally reunified as the unification treaty became official.

5261315154 8748505640 b - How a political blunder led to the Fall of the Berlin Wall
BERLIN — Fireworks illuminate Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate as Germans celebrate the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, Nov. 9. U.S. Army Europe members participated in many of the events saluting the anniversary. (Photo by Richard Bumgardner)

Every year the German Day of Unity is celebrated throughout the country, with fireworks, meals, concerts speeches, and of course commemoratives. This year marks the 30th anniversary, and despite the coronavirus restrictions around the world, the people of Germany will still be celebrating and remembering the moment the country was untied again.

If you’re interested…

Today you can commemorate the historic moment in which Germany was brought together again by owning THREE commemorative coins alongside an original piece of the Berlin Wall in the Reunification of Germany Collection.

ls german reunification set lifestyle 2 - How a political blunder led to the Fall of the Berlin Wall

This collection has a tiny edition limit of JUST 200. Considering the anniversary this year, and the popularity of difficult to source one-off historic products like this, the edition limit is expected to sell out completely.

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