The Sixpence: 5 Burning Questions Answered

Why is the Sixpence placed in Wedding Shoes and Christmas Puddings? Today we will explore some of the top questions surrounding the Sixpence coin, uncover the stories and traditions behind this tiny yet iconic coin.

1. What is a Sixpence Coin?

The Sixpence was once widely circulated in the United Kingdom and its former colonies. Worth 2.5p, it remained in circulation until 1980. The coin’s design and composition have evolved over the centuries, reflecting the changing faces of monarchs and the artistic trends of each era.

2. Why is the Sixpence Coin Associated with Weddings?

One of the most enduring traditions involving the Sixpence coin is its association with weddings. For many years, the father of the bride would slip a Sixpence into his daughter’s shoe before she walked down the aisle. The Sixpence stood for good luck, and to show that the father wished his daughter prosperity in her marriage.

Sixpence in wedding shoe - The Sixpence: 5 Burning Questions Answered
A Sixpence coin embedded in a wedding shoe

3. What is the Meaning Behind the Rhyme “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, and a Silver Sixpence in Her Shoe”?

This famous wedding rhyme includes a set of superstitions and customs believed to bring good luck to the bride on her wedding day. The inclusion of a Sixpence in her shoe represents wealth and financial prosperity in the marriage.

4. What is the Sixpence Christmas Tradition?

Sixpence in christmas pudding image - The Sixpence: 5 Burning Questions Answered
Sixpence coins were placed into Christmas puddings to give luck and prosperity

Beyond weddings and everyday circulation, the Sixpence coin has found its way into another cherished tradition – Christmas puddings. Dating back to Victorian England, it became a popular custom to include a silver coin in the mixture when preparing the Christmas pudding. The thought behind this was not only to add a bit of festive surprise but also to give luck and prosperity to the person fortunate enough to find the coin in their serving of Christmas pudding.

5. Are Sixpence Coins Still in Circulation?

In the United Kingdom, Sixpence coins ceased to be legal tender in 1980. However, these coins are still cherished by collectors and are often found in antique markets and online auctions. The historical value and unique designs of these coins make them sought-after items for all collectors.

The christmas sixpence frame - The Sixpence: 5 Burning Questions Answered
The Christmas Sixpence Frame – which contains an ORIGINAL Sixpence

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Celebrating the Women Who Shaped History: The Suffragettes

The 19th century saw many political changes, but there was always one constant: women were not allowed to vote in national elections.

It took decades and many different campaign groups to raise awareness of the inequality. In fact, it wasn’t until 1918 that women over thirty were granted the right to vote.

But now, over 100 years later, we can reflect on the brave work of the Suffragettes who have shaped the modern world into what is today.

Read on to learn about the importance of the Suffragettes movement and how you can preserve their story for generations to come with this Historic Collection

The Suffragettes Historic Coin Collection Lifestyle 02 - Celebrating the Women Who Shaped History: The Suffragettes

Who were the Suffragettes and What Did They Do?

Following the 1867 vote, the London Society for Women’s Suffrage was formed to peacefully protest for the right for women’s votes. In 1897, their group expanded to form the National Union of Women’s Suffrage Societies (NUWSS). This campaign group was led by Millicent Fawcett, the sister of Elizabeth Garrett-Anderson, the first female doctor in the UK.

After little success from both groups, Emmeline Pankhurst and her daughters Christabel and Sylvie, formed the Women’s Social and Political Union (WSPU) in 1903. They became known as the Suffragettes, as they used harsher, more direct tactics to raise awareness.

The movement saw great success, granting women over thirty the right to vote as part of the Representation of the People Act in 1918.

Suffragettes BBC Blog - Celebrating the Women Who Shaped History: The Suffragettes
Source: BBC News, 2018

The SELL-OUT Royal Mint Coins

In 2003, The Royal Mint issued a Silver Proof 50p coin to commemorate the centenary of the establishment of the Women’s Social and Political Union.

Even with an edition limit of 15,000, they all swiftly sold-out at The Mint.

Following this success, The Royal Mint issued a new UK 50p in 2018, this time marking 100 years since the passing of the Representation of the People Act, and it was just as popular.

In fact, all of the 2018 Representation of the People Act 50p coin specifications are no longer available at The Mint.

But today, you can secure BOTH coins in a complete Suffragettes collection alongside an extra special historic coin…

The Suffragettes Historic Coin Collection Lifestyle 03 - Celebrating the Women Who Shaped History: The Suffragettes

The Historic 1918 Half Crown

Also included in this Suffragettes Historic Collection is a genuine UK 1918 Half Crown. Struck from Sterling Silver, this coin was issued in the year that the Representation of the People Act was passed.

But, considering this coin was also struck in the final year of World War One, they are extremely scarce and rarely appear on the secondary market.

Suffragettes Memorabilia

But this collection doesn’t stop there, as this historic set also houses replicas of Suffragettes memorabilia, truly transporting you back to the time when women made history.

Whether it’s a 1915 Votes for Women newspaper, Suffragettes Membership card, jail letter, a relic of Emily Davidson’s tragic demise at Epsom, or even the flyer of the Buckingham Palace protest – these replicas capture the most poignant moments of the Suffragettes movement.

The Suffragettes Historic Coin Collection Lifestyle 01 - Celebrating the Women Who Shaped History: The Suffragettes

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Considering these coins are either no longer available to buy from the Mint or extremely hard to source on the secondary market, this collection was nearly impossible to create.

And with just 41 remaining, this is one you don’t want to miss out on.

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ONLY 50 collectors can own a genuine piece of HMS Victory…

A few years back, one of my contacts at HMS Victory presented me with a very special opportunity. It was the chance to secure genuine wood from HMS Victory, removed during restoration.

What an incredible opportunity to own such a fascinating piece of history.

This was real wood from the most famous ship from possibly the most important naval victory in British history.

Of course, I had to say yes!

Since then I’ve wanted to create a really special collector item with this piece of history. But I’ve never found a coin issue I considered worthy of including such a treasured artefact.

Until now.

Introducing the Masterpiece Silver 5oz 50p Coin

This limited edition Silver Antique Finish 5oz 50p coin celebrates the history of HMS Victory and Admiral Nelson.

And 50 of these brand-new coins include an actual piece of wood from HMS Victory.

HMS Victory Masterpiece Lifestyle 01 - ONLY 50 collectors can own a genuine piece of HMS Victory…
The Masterpiece Silver 5oz 50p with real wood from HMS Victory

This British Isles 50p has been struck from five ounces of .999 Pure Silver to an Antique finish and features a glorious depiction of HMS Victory with selective gold plating.  

Also, it spans a huge diameter of 54.60mm and weighs a hefty 5oz. That’s twice the size of a standard 50p and more than 17 times heavier.

Collecting opportunity – strictly limited to only 50 pieces

What’s more, alongside this Silver Antique Finish 5oz 50p is a genuine piece of wood from HMS Victory — sealed in a tamper-proof capsule to preserve it forever.

HMS Victory Masterpiece Close up 01 - ONLY 50 collectors can own a genuine piece of HMS Victory…
Twice the size of a standard 50p!

This is an incredible opportunity, but you’ll need to act now as 95% of these limited edition pieces have already sold.

You can secure yours today with an initial payment of just £69.50 followed by 9 interest-free instalments of £69.50.

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PS. By owning one of only 50 of these unique presentations you will be helping to maintain HMS Victory. £41.66 from each coin sold will be donated to the National Museum of the Royal Navy.

You can watch our unveiling of the HMS Victory Masterpiece Silver 5oz 50p coin in our video below.

You may also be interested in our blog on the HMS Victory Silver Proof 50ps, taken on board HMS Victory as we explore the famous ship.