BRAND-NEW UK Snowman™ 50p released!

Today, the Royal Mint have launched their brand-new SnowmanTM 50p coin, just in time for Christmas.

It’s safe to say this coin is destined for sell-outs, given that in the last five years EVERY edition has sold out in record time.

Read on to find out more about this year’s designs, and those tiny edition limits optimize 4 - BRAND-NEW UK Snowman™ 50p released!

Designed by Robin Shaw

This years design features ‘The Boy’, James, and the Snowman dancing in a snowy forest in front of the Northern Lights.

It has been carefully illustrated by Robin Shaw, a renowned animator who has famously produced all of the images that have appeared on the Snowman UK 50p coins. The design is especially eye-catching in Silver, due to the advance colour-application that brings the Northern Lights to life.

Although the design may be stunning , it’s the edition limits that will be catching the eye of collectors…

Sell-outs expected…

The limited-edition Silver Proof coin has an edition limit of just 5,000.

To put that into context, the 2018 SnowmanTM Silver 50p sold out an edition limit of 15,000.

That means this year’s coin is three times as limited. When you think about it, should every collector who secured the first coin want this latest release, we are already 10,000 short.

And that’s not all, the Gold Proof coin has had a drastic edition limit cut from 300 coins last year, to a minute 100. Again, this coin has sold-out year on year and the small numbers wont be enough to satisfy demand.

How to secure yours

This UK 50p coin is available in three specifications: Gold Proof, Colour-Printed Silver Proof, and Brilliant Uncirculated Quality. A specification for every collector. Click here to secure the perfect christmas present before it’s too late >

Snowman blog image 3 1024x386 - BRAND-NEW UK Snowman™ 50p released!

Why 8,000 collectors are set to miss out on this festive favourite.

The Christmas countdown has started at The Royal Mint!

Yes, it may only be October… but THE SNOWMAN™ IS BACK, and ANOTHER sell out is on the cards with 8,000 collectors set to miss out!

You see, the UK 2021 Silver Proof 50p has under HALF the edition limit of the SOLD OUT 2018 Snowman 50p. It also means that many collectors who already own previous The Snowman Silver 50ps are set to miss out on completing their collection.

If, and I’m sure they will, the same collectors buy this Snowman coin, well – we’re 8,000 short already.

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