How to Secure Canada’s FIRST King Charles III Coins

Credit: The Westminster Collection YouTube Channel – The Royal Canadian Mint’s King Charles III Uncirculated Sets

The Royal Canadian Mint have just unveiled their official effigy of His Majesty King Charles III with a brand-new coin set.

Read on to find out what makes this set so sought-after, and how you can secure one…

Canada Blog Image - How to Secure Canada’s FIRST King Charles III Coins

As the first set to feature the Canadian effigy of King Charles III, demand has already been extremely be high.

In fact, Canada’s First King Charles III 50 Cent Rolls sold-out a whopping edition limit of 25,000 in JUST 4 hours.

These uncirculated sets include the sought-after Canadian coins in uncirculated quality, ensuring they are free of any marks or blemishes. All six denominations are housed in this exclusive set; from the 25 Cents to the 2 Dollars and even the sought-after 50-cent piece.

Your six coins come sealed and packaged in a specially designed folder, marking the first Uncirculated Set of His Majesty’s reign with a distinctive green-and-gold colour scheme.

But, considering these coins are travelling over 3,000 miles to the UK, only 400 are available for Westminster Collectors.

To secure the first Canadian Uncirculated Coin set of King Charles III, please click here >>