The Shortcut to an Iconic Silver Collection from Across the Globe

Silver Bullion coins have been a flagship contribution to numismatic history for generations, serving not only as a form of investment but also a piece of art, history, and culture.

Issued every year by the world’s most renowned Mints, a collection of Silver Bullion coins from across the globe is extremely hard to come by.

But today, The Westminster Collection are offering just 250 collectors worldwide the chance to secure a set of five 2023-dated 1oz Silver Bullion coins from the UK, U.S.A, South Africa, Australia, and Canada.

Read on to learn about the history of the 1oz Silver Bullion coin, what makes it so sought-after, and why this collection has taken years to create…

Box - The Shortcut to an Iconic Silver Collection from Across the Globe

History of the Silver Bullion Coin

The history of Silver as a form of currency dates back to ancient civilizations. From the Greek drachma to the Roman denarius, Silver played a crucial role in shaping monetary systems across the globe.

In more recent times, the circulation of Silver coins was widespread in various countries. While the world has shifted away from Silver-based monetary systems, the legacy of Silver coins lives on through the modern Bullion coin.

The Britannia from The Royal Mint

The Silver Britannia coin, minted by The Royal Mint, holds a special place in numismatic history. It can be traced back to Roman times when the figure of Britannia personified Great Britain and its virtues.

The modern Silver Britannia coin, first issued in 1997, showcases the majestic image of Britannia as a symbol of strength, protection, and unity.

Each annual release features new and intricate designs, making it a true treasure for collectors. But, this exclusive collection houses the 2023-dated Silver Britannia, which happens to be the world’s first bullion coin to feature the official portrait of King Charles III.

PB 2023 Britannia Everslab Bullion OBV REV - The Shortcut to an Iconic Silver Collection from Across the Globe

The Krugerrand from the South African Mint

Stepping onto the African continent, we greet the iconic Krugerrand Bullion coin, which hails from the South African Mint.

Introduced in 1967, the Krugerrand was the world’s first modern Bullion coin. Initially minted in Gold, South Africa produced nearly 70% of Gold across the world during the 1960’s.

Silver editions shortly followed, and the Krugerrand’s widespread recognition and historical significance have made it one of the most sought-after coins among collectors worldwide.

PB 2023 Krugerrand Everslab Bullion OBV REV - The Shortcut to an Iconic Silver Collection from Across the Globe

The Kangaroo coin from The Perth Mint

Traveling all the way to Australia, we encounter the Kangaroo coin, minted by The Perth Mint. The Kangaroo series, first released in 1986, celebrates one of Australia’s most beloved and iconic creatures: the Kangaroo. Known for its unique design and exceptional purity, the Kangaroo coin is cherished for its representation of the vast Australian landscape and wildlife.

PB 2023 Kangeroo Everslab Bullion OBV REV - The Shortcut to an Iconic Silver Collection from Across the Globe

The Maple Leaf coin from The Royal Canadian Mint

Heading north to Canada, we encounter the renowned Maple Leaf coin, produced by The Royal Canadian Mint.

Launched in 1979 to compete with the Krugerrand while South Africa suffered economic sanctions, the Maple Leaf was the first Bullion coin to achieve 999.9 Fineness!

The Maple Leaf coin depicts Canada’s national symbol, a design which is synonymous with Canada’s flag, natural beauty and vibrant seasons.

PB 2023 Maple Everslab Bullion OBV REV - The Shortcut to an Iconic Silver Collection from Across the Globe

The American Eagle coin from the United States Mint

Finally, we journey to the United States to explore the American Eagle coin – also regarded as the most popular coin in the world!

First crafted by the United States Mint in 1986, the Silver Eagle sold-out its entire 5,393,005 mintage in its first year of issue. Since then, this iconic coin has continued to break records, selling out of 91 million coins in 2014 and 2015.

PB 2023 Eagle Everslab Bullion OBV REV - The Shortcut to an Iconic Silver Collection from Across the Globe

Secure Your Iconic Silver Coins of the World Collection

Today, you can secure a collection of these five iconic Silver Bullion coins – which are all 2023-dated!

It is a collection that has taken years to create; such sought-after Silver coins from the world’s leading Mints aren’t easy to get hold of. Especially the brand-new issues.

In fact, just 250 collectors will have this rare opportunity, and it’s not one you want to miss…

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A collection like nothing you’ve ever seen…

As any collector knows, coins tell the story of our history. But sometimes, they only give a small insight. That’s why it’s been so important for us to find a collection that shows the whole picture. 

And today, we have something unlike anything ever offered to Westminster collectors.

A collection comprised not only of historic coins, but also a real bullet, a patriotic token and a 150-year-old newspaper…

It is the set that finally shows the whole picture – and that picture is of the American Civil War.

America, 1861

After decades of conflict between the modernised northern states and the rural southern states of America, Abraham Lincoln’s accession to presidency hoped to end the slavery which fuelled the divide.

This ironically instigated the opposite effect, as eleven American nations formed an opposing government: the Confederate States of America.

So in April 1861, both ‘Americas’ went to war. This ended in 1865 and became the costliest and bloodiest war ever fought on American soil.

And here’s how you can preserve its history…

The Ultimate American Civil War Commemorative Collection

After searching for a whole year, we have finally been able to source a collection of the most collectable artefacts from the American Civil War.

This set is your rare chance to secure a genuine piece of history, which includes:

  • 1861-1865 Seated Liberty Quarter Dollar
  • 1825-1869 Mexican 1 Reale
  • A REAL BULLET taken straight from the battlegrounds of the American Civil War
  • An original newspaper printed at the time of the American Civil War
  • An ‘Army and Navy’ Patriotic Token


This is an opportunity that doesn’t come around often, especially when you consider that we have only been able to build 70 sets…

And given the time it has taken us to source this small number, it will be even longer before we can get our hands on any more.

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The most popular original coin in the world could be yours… Can you guess what it is?

A few weeks ago, I returned from the American Numismatic Association’s World Fair of Money in Chicago. Not only is Chicago famed for its bold architecture, a skyline punctuated by skyscrapers and a rich history of jazz, but it is also the home to international coin trading and developing. And I returned to British turf with more than just my suitcase…

image 16 - The most popular original coin in the world could be yours… Can you guess what it is?
2022 World’s Fair of Money. Credit: American Numismatic Association

As any collector will know, the original 1986 U.S. Silver Coins are one of the most difficult products to secure. In fact, across decades of SELL-OUTS and over 500 million sales, I have tried for years to get my hands on these coins but was always left disappointed. Until now…

My American partner has FINALLY helped me to specially source just 400 of the original 1986 U.S. Silver Eagle 1oz Silver Coins!


Read on to travel back to 1986 America and uncover what makes this coin so sought-after, its consistent sell-out history, and why it is one of the scarcest products we have ever had available…


In the U.S., coin collecting is one of the most competitive global markets! This is no surprise when you consider some of the most exquisite and iconic designs emerge from the coins of our American cousins. For years we have seen the increasing demand for U.S. coins, especially in the UK where they are rarely seen, let alone secured.

And November 24th 1986 was no exception! This was the date that the U.S. Mint released 5,393,005 of the original 1986 U.S. Silver Eagle coins with an iconic and patriotic design, never before seen by the American public. In fact, John Mercanti’s innovative reverse design which uses the eagle and thirteen stars to symbolise the strength and unity of the American colonies became the most sought-after design the country had ever seen.

What’s more, records were broken when this entire mintage SOLD-OUT immediately from the U.S. Mint!

1986 US Silver Eagle 1oz Obv 03 - The most popular original coin in the world could be yours… Can you guess what it is?


The Silver Eagles are undeniably the most sought-after products in coin collecting. And whilst 1986 marked the first year of SELL-OUTS at the U.S. Mint, 36 years later the pattern continues…

For example, the 2021 edition SOLD-OUT 175,000 Silver coins in just 3 days. This followed on from the record-breaking success of 2014 and 2015, which SOLD-OUT 91 million U.S. Silver Eagles over both years…

Interestingly though, during arguably the toughest month we have seen in decades (March 2020), U.S. Silver Eagle sales skyrocketed. In fact, the U.S. Mint ran out of its trademark Silver Eagle bullion coins as revenue increased by a whopping 300%!

JUST £29 Deposit…

But now, we are giving just 400 lucky Westminster collectors the chance to secure the very first edition of the U.S. Silver Eagle in exclusive packaging to guarantee and preserve its authenticity! Considering its title as one of the world’s most popular coins combined with a consistent sell-out history, you must act now to add this record-breaking product to your collection before it inevitably follows suit…

1986 US Silver Eagle 1oz Product image02 - The most popular original coin in the world could be yours… Can you guess what it is?

The good news is you can secure yours today with an initial deposit of just £29 (+p&p), followed by four further equal interest-free monthly instalments. This is undeniably the most cost-effective way to secure the first EVER U.S. Silver Eagle and preserve a significant piece of American history…

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