Secure the East India Company’s FIRST Sovereign range to feature King Charles III

Renowned for their intricate minting, stunning designs and innovative concepts, The East India company is at the height of numismatic craftsmanship.

And every year, The East India Company issue their Gold Sovereign coin range.

Released to celebrate key events, anniversaries and the history of the British Monarchy, these coins are steeped in tradition, artistry, and inspired by Sovereigns from the past and present.

But this year, collectors have waited for arguably the most anticipated East India Company release in decades: the first Sovereign range to feature our new monarch, King Charles III.

Read on to learn why The East India Company’s yearly Sovereign releases are so sought-after, why this year’s issue has already created a collecting buzz, and how you can secure one…

The Range

The East India Company’s renowned Sovereign range is known for its spectacular designs and detailed minting techniques. Historically, each coin has thoughtfully depicted part of the Royal Coat of Arms, paying tribute to the British Monarchy.

This year, in May 2023, the world witnessed the crowning of King Charles III. This was the first Coronation celebrated for a British monarch in over 70 years.

So, collectors anticipated The East India Company’s 2023 Sovereign range to be more spectacular than ever…

EIC 2023 Sovereign Blog Image 1 - Secure the East India Company’s FIRST Sovereign range to feature King Charles III

Included in this brand-new Sovereign range from the East India Company is:

  • The Sovereign
  • The Double Sovereign
  • The Three-Sovereign Set
  • The Five-Sovereign Set

Insatiable Demand

These are the FIRST East India Company Sovereigns to feature King Charles III on the obverse.

This official effigy has been designed by Glyn Davies, which also features on the new British Isles coin releases.

CL EIC 2023 Sovereign launch single sov 1 002 - Secure the East India Company’s FIRST Sovereign range to feature King Charles III

All struck from 22 carat Gold, each Sovereign in this range features the unique East India Company Privy Mark which depicts a portrayal of St. Edward’s Crown bearing the initials CR.

But, this Sovereign range has been given strict worldwide edition limits.

In fact, The East India Company’s 2023 Sovereign is nearly 24 times more limited than the SOLD-OUT UK 2022 Memorial Sovereign, which was also the first to feature King Charles III.

What’s more, the 2021 Gold Sovereign and the 2022 Five-Sovereign set completely sold-out.

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How to secure yours…

The emphasis on this being the first Sovereign range from The East India Company to feature King Charles III cannot be overstated.

When you consider past sell-outs combined with demand collectors demonstrated for the first UK Sovereigns to feature His Majesty, demand is expected to be unmatched.

But, The Westminster Collection has been lucky enough to secure a small number of Sovereigns from this brand-new range. Although, looking at the edition limits, they are unlikely to be available for long…

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Celebrate 75 years of Windrush with the BRAND-NEW UK coin range!

2023 marks 75 years of the Windrush Generation.

And to celebrate, The Royal Mint have released a BRAND-NEW UK coin range!

But what is the Windrush Generation? Carry on reading to learn more and find out how you can commemorate this historic occasion…

England, 1948

The term ‘Windrush Generation’ is coined from the arrival of individuals onboard the HMT Empire Windrush ship, travelling from the Caribbean to the UK between 1948 and 1973.

After UK migration laws changed in 1948, the HMT Empire Windrush docked in England for the first time whilst carrying over 1,000 Caribbean passengers.

The aim was to help reduce British labour shortages and to prevent an economic collapse post-Second World War, with the individuals who travelled to the UK becoming known as the Windrush Generation.

The movement was successful in rebuilding the nation after WWII, and their contributions to the UK have helped to shape modern British society and culture to this day.

In fact, the voyage became a symbol of the mass-migration movement altogether, and in 2023, we celebrate 75 years since the Windrush ship first docked in England.

The Windrush 50p

To celebrate the 75th anniversary, The Royal Mint have released a brand-new 50p coin in a range of specifications.

From the collector’s favourite – Brilliant Uncirculated – to the stunning 92.50% Silver Proof and double thickness Silver Piedfort in vivid colour, there is something for everyone.

75 Years of the Windrush Generation Social Image 1024x1024 - Celebrate 75 years of Windrush with the BRAND-NEW UK coin range!

In fact, this is the perfect opportunity to preserve such a key period of British history for generations to come.

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Everything you need to know about the King’s first Trooping the Colour…

On Saturday 17th June 2023, the UK will witness King Charles III’s FIRST Trooping the Colour ceremony as our monarch.

Whether you’re tuning in on the television or travelling to see the spectacle in person, we can all expect to see a stunning display of military precision and horsemanship as the procession makes it way from Buckingham Palace to Horse Guards Parade.

But what exactly is Trooping the Colour, and why do we celebrate it? Continue reading to find out more…

The origins of the ceremony

Trooping the Colour is an annual ceremony held in June to celebrate the official birthday of the British Sovereign, originating as far back as 260 years ago.

The service was first believed to have been performed during King Charles II’s reign, however it wasn’t until 1760 that it became an annual event to commemorate the British Monarch’s official birthday under the reign of King George III.

This historical parade was named in tribute to the British Army’s regiment flags, which are referred to as ‘Colours’ due to the different coloured insignia displayed on each one. Young officers would then march the Colours between the line of troops, giving us the ‘Trooping the Colour’ title, and the colourful celebration we still see to this day.

TTC1 1024x478 - Everything you need to know about the King’s first Trooping the Colour…
Trooping the Colour Flags on Horse Guards Parade
Credit: The British Army

The British Sovereign’s Official Birthday

But why does the British Sovereign have an official birthday?

The answer to having two birthdays is simply down to British weather being better for the parade in the month of June.

Unless the Monarch already has a summer birthday, their second ‘official’ one will always be in June to line up with when Trooping the Colour takes place and to maximise the chances of good weather conditions.

So, although King Charles III’s actual day of birth is 14th November, he will be celebrating his very first King’s Birthday Parade on 17th June this year.

What to expect on the day

TTC2 1024x683 - Everything you need to know about the King’s first Trooping the Colour…
The Trooping the Colour Parade Making its Way Down The Mall

On the day, you can expect to see an impressive display of pageantry as His Majesty’s personal troops march down The Mall from Buckingham Palace to Horse Guards Parade, where the ceremony will begin.

There will be over 1400 parading soldiers, 400 musicians and 200 horses, alongside members of the Royal Family on horseback or in carriages – and of course, with King Charles III himself taking the salute.

As the procession takes place, mass crowds with waving flags are expected to line the streets, with many more around the world viewing the spectacle on television.

And with this year’s Trooping the Colour ceremony being King Charles III’s FIRST as Sovereign, it will certainly be a historical event to remember.

The Trooping the Colour 2023 Silver Coin Cover

To commemorate this special occasion, we have released the Trooping the Colour 2023 Silver Coin Cover in ode to Charles III’s King’s Birthday Parade.

Silver 1oz Trooping the Colour Cover Social Image 1024x1024 - Everything you need to know about the King’s first Trooping the Colour…

Featuring His Majesty’s first Silver Britannia coin alongside his first Royal Mail definitive stamps, this Cover will have a one-day-only postmark of 17th June 2023 – a fitting tribute to the first Trooping the Colour of King Charles’ reign.

But with only 200 available worldwide, make sure to secure yours now by clicking here >>