The Spectacular Sir Winston Churchill Silver Kilo with an innovative 8-Layer technique

The release of a new and innovative Silver issue is always a cause for excitement in the numismatic community. And The Prestigious Sir Winston Churchill 8-Layer Silver Kilo Coin is no different…

Painstakingly struck from Pure Silver to an Antique finish using a cutting edge minting technique, this incredible release is the pinnacle of craftsmanship and, as such, ONLY 150 pieces have been commissioned for worldwide release.

And each piece has been struck using an innovative 8-Layer technique that not only creates a three-dimensional effect but elevates it to a league of its own

Watch below to see for yourself…

Featuring a personal nod to Britain’s wartime leader

Released to mark 150 years since the birth of Britain’s recognisable wartime leader, Sir Winston Churchill, and the design includes a nod to this important anniversary.

The clock face that sits behind a portrait of Churchill is set to 11:30, which was specifically chosen to represent his Date of Birth – 30th November 1874.

Churchill 1KG Coin Lifestyle 01 - The Spectacular Sir Winston Churchill Silver Kilo with an innovative 8-Layer technique

Churchill’s impact on the nation has been acknowledged on multiple coins over the years – in fact, he was the first individual other than a monarch to appear on a British coin when The Royal Mint issued the 1965 Churchill Crown. And significantly, this year also marks the 80th anniversary of the D-Day Landings – the epitome of Churchill’s wartime success.

But this piece stands out as one of the most impressive and innovative tributes to his pivotal leadership…

Struck EIGHT times

The complex design features an instantly recognisable depiction of Sir Winston Churchill as a senior statesman with his signature cane in hand upon the outset of a clock. And the design was carefully considered with special attention paid to placement and intricacies of each layer.

Churchill 1KG Coin Close up 01 - The Spectacular Sir Winston Churchill Silver Kilo with an innovative 8-Layer technique

That’s because a proprietary multi-layered technique was applied to bring the design to life – that means each piece has been struck EIGHT times

The result is an impressive layered Pure Silver construction with each layer revealing even more details and creating an impressive three-dimensional effect on the coin.

The Sir Winston Churchill 8-Layer Silver Kilo Coin

This piece is only available to UK collectors from The Westminster Collection.

Churchill 1KG Coin Lifestyle 04 - The Spectacular Sir Winston Churchill Silver Kilo with an innovative 8-Layer technique

And due to its quality, scarcity and exclusivity, the Sir Winston Churchill 8-Layer Silver Kilo Coin is only available by application…

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The blend of fact and fiction that resulted in the world’s most beautiful coin

Storytelling is one of humanity’s oldest pastimes, with events being captured and passed on for centuries though art, music and dance long before we were writing them down. And one of the oldest and most reliable ways a country can tell its stories is through its coins.

This should come as no surprise. If you think about it, currency is the constant that has always been around in one form or another. It’s continually evolving and adapting to the next chapter in the story.

But there’s one coin in particular that holds more meaning than most – as it blends fact with fiction to produce the world’s most beautiful coin, Una and the Lion.  

Controversial, yet beyond improvement

In 1839 William Wyon was commissioned to design a new coin to commemorate the anniversary of Queen Victoria’s coronation.

But it made headlines. It was controversial.

Una and the Lion origianl Obverse Reverse - The blend of fact and fiction that resulted in the world’s most beautiful coin
Image courtesy of National Numismatic Collection, National Museum of American History.

In a bold move it depicted Queen Victoria as the fictional character Lady Una, from Edmund Spenser’s epic poem The Faerie Queene. Never before had someone, let alone a ruler, been featured on a coin as a fictional character.

The design shows Lady Una walking alongside her guardian and symbol of England, the lion. It is symbolic of the young monarch leading her vast empire.

Whilst a daring move, the coin was an instant success. Critics hailed it as “beyond improvement”, and to this day it’s regarded as one of the most beautiful coins to have ever been struck.

Part of its beauty was the high relief, providing exquisite intricate detail to the fictional design. But in many ways this was also its downfall, as it meant the coin could not be struck with any consistency. As a result the commemorative was only struck for one year, producing just 400 coins. This makes it extremely rare!    

The inspiration: a princess and her protector

Published in 1590, The Faerie Queene, is one of the longest and most distinguished poems in the English language. It was written during the height of the Renaissance when England had just broken away from the Catholic Church and formed its own Protestant Church. Set against the backdrop of this turbulent religious landscape, The Faerie Queene draws on history and myth to deliver numerous tales of romance, adventure, battles, morality and religion.

Una and the Lion Painting - The blend of fact and fiction that resulted in the world’s most beautiful coin
Una and the Lion, 1860, William Bell Scott

The first book of the epic poem follows the trials and tribulations of Lady Una – the young and beautiful daughter of a king and queen who have been imprisoned by a ferocious dragon. In a bid to save her parents she embarks on a quest, but on her journey she encounters a fierce lion who plans to eat her.

In a twist of events the lion is so captivated by Una’s beauty and innocence that he abandons his plans to eat her, and instead he becomes her protector and companion.

Together, the iconic pair have become a symbol of beauty, strength and endurance.

The most beautiful coin just became even more exquisite

The Royal Mint has just released a brand new UK Una and the Lion 2oz Silver Proof coin, featuring this iconic and highly sought-after design motif.

Una the Lion product images 1 - The blend of fact and fiction that resulted in the world’s most beautiful coin

Finding an original Una and the Lion coin is virtually impossible, so this may be one of the only ways to secure this design motif for your own collection.

But with an edition limit of just 3,000 worldwide, there aren’t many available for collectors.

As an official Royal Mint distributor, we have secured a limited number for Westminster collectors.

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