The day a Hawker Hurricane SAVED Buckingham Palace

On 15th September 1940 (later known as Battle of Britain Day), the Luftwaffe launched its largest and most concentrated attack against London in the hope of drawing the RAF to annihilation.

One German Dornier lagged behind and then started heading straight for Buckingham Palace. Sergeant Pilot Ray Holmes attempted to shoot it down before running out of ammunition. Without hesitation, he knew what he had to do; he had to hit it. At speeds in excess of 400mph, they collided.

nose dive - The day a Hawker Hurricane SAVED Buckingham Palace
The Dornier falling on Victoria Station after being rammed by Sergeant Pilot Ray Holmes

The Dornier crashed to earth, prevented from destroying the Palace. The Hurricane TM-B was also critically damaged and entered a vertical dive. Seeing there was no way to save the aircraft, an injured Holmes ejected to safety while the Hurricane plummeted to the ground, crashing where Buckingham Palace Road meets Pimlico Road and Ebury Bridge. Amazingly, these were the only two aircraft to crash on the City of London throughout the entire war.

The recovery of the remains…

Chris Bennett, a veteran of several aircraft excavations, decided to take on the project of excavating this famous aircraft; which was no easy task considering the Hurricane was buried underneath one of London’s busiest roads. After 13 years of planning and setbacks, he finally got the go-ahead to begin excavation, as well as TV production company Mentorn securing a spot on Channel 5 for a live broadcast!

engine uncovered - The day a Hawker Hurricane SAVED Buckingham Palace
The Merlin engine from the Hurricane was discovered in 2012 under Buckingham Palace Road

The recovered Merlin engine, along with other parts, were exhibited at the ‘Westminster at War’ exhibition in Leicester Square and then at the Imperial War Museum. The aluminium engine casing however, was melted down and cast into sculptures, the first two of which were presented to Ray Holme’s family and Her Majesty the Queen.

Queen with sculpture - The day a Hawker Hurricane SAVED Buckingham Palace
Her Majesty the Queen and His Royal Highness Prince Philip were presented with a sculpture of the Hurricane cast from the aluminium engine casing

The BRAND NEW Hawker Hurricane Provenance Medal

And now, a small number of collectors have the chance to own a BRAND NEW Commemorative featuring an ACTUAL piece of the plane that Ray Holmes was flying on the 15th September 1940 when he saved Buckingham Palace!

Hurricane Medal LIFESTYLE CLOSE UP - The day a Hawker Hurricane SAVED Buckingham Palace
The Hawker Hurricane P2725 TM-B Commemorative

This incredible commemorative features an original piece of Hawker Hurricane, meticulously hand-sculpted into the shape of the iconic plane and precision set into the deluxe SUPERSIZE 70mm Medal.

Even without the genuine piece of Hawker Hurricane, this medal is a work of engineering art in its own right. Combined with the original piece of the Hawker Hurricane, you’d have to look for many years to find something better.

Just 250 lucky collectors have the chance to own this special new commemorative. Last year’s Provenance medal featuring a piece of Spitfire SOLD OUT in a matter of days. Click here to secure your Hurricane Commemorative while you still can!

Hurricane Medal BOX - The day a Hawker Hurricane SAVED Buckingham Palace


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    An amazing story!

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    When are we going to see the wellington boomers many of whom went down in the sea off the Egyptian cost in 2nd world war my uncle , one of the first pilots to join the war. Went down with all soles never to be seen again. His memorial is so far away the family have never seen it. And all we hear is spitfires and huricans.
    Can we have a coin remembering those who lost their live or fort in the good old WELLINGTONS Please

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    Good story, well told, but perhaps a bit flawed. Buckingham Palace would never have been a target for bombers, as it was used as a guide for night raids to help crews get their bearings.

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    What a great story we need more of these to keep the memories alive

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