D-Day: The Epic Turning Point in World History

Discover what happened on D-day with our latest video. Listen to the message written by General Montgomery to all troops on the eve of battle

This year marks the 80th anniversary of D-Day, a pivotal event on June 6, 1944, that significantly altered the course of World War II and influenced the fate of nations.

D-Day, also known as Operation Overlord, was an immense Allied invasion executed by Land, Sea, and Air. The mission: secure a stable position in Western Europe, paving the way for the liberation of nations oppressed by Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich.

Normandy landings Dday - D-Day: The Epic Turning Point in World History
Allied troops wading ashore on Omaha Beach on the morning of 6 June 1944

A crucial element of D-Day involved the simultaneous landing of Allied forces on five Normandy beachheads: Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno, and Sword. This coordinated effort stands as the largest amphibious assault in the history of warfare.

Normandy landings beach plans 1024x597 - D-Day: The Epic Turning Point in World History
A graphic detailing the beach landings. Operations Greenwood and Pomegranate Normandy July 1944 EN.svg: Philg88Derivative work: Hogweard, CC BY 4.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

More than 156,000 Allied troops from Great Britain, the USA, Canada, and other nations participated in this invasion. These brave individuals worked together meticulously to establish a secure foothold in Western Europe.

Operation Overlord featured an extensive naval armada with over 5,000 vessels and air support from more than 11,000 aircraft. This combined effort was essential for the success of the landings.

Normandy landings Dday montage 1024x597 - D-Day: The Epic Turning Point in World History
The Allied invasion came from Land, Sea and Air.

In the lead-up to the beach landings, thousands of paratroopers were airdropped behind enemy lines to disrupt German defenses and secure strategic objectives, adding an extra layer of complexity to the plan.

The invasion force brought an unprecedented amount of firepower, including tanks, artillery, and well-equipped infantry. The objective was clear: to overwhelm German defenders and establish a secure beachhead.

However, the human cost of D-Day was immense. On that single day, thousands of Allied soldiers lost their lives, and many more were wounded. The beaches of Normandy hold a sacred place in history, symbolising the price paid for the pursuit of freedom.

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D day coin range 1024x386 - D-Day: The Epic Turning Point in World History

Exclusive Interview with Neil Roberts – The renowned military artist behind the NEW Britain at War Commemorative Collection

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Join us as we unravel the inspirations and creative journey that brought this remarkable project to life.


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Blog image 1 - Exclusive Interview with Neil Roberts – The renowned military artist behind the NEW Britain at War Commemorative Collection
A selection of Neil Roberts designs from the collection

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The day I carried coins on board an Original WWII Lancaster

On 14th June, Ben, our Concept Development Manager, had the opportunity to see the famous RAF Avro Lancaster up close and personal.

Here’s what Ben has to say about his experience retracing the steps of the legendary Dambusters and having the brand new £5 coins carried on board an original WWII Lancaster Bomber

To mark the 80th anniversary of Operation Chastise  – the legendary Dambusters Raid, I wanted to capture some of that history and somehow apply it to some of the superb coins issued for the anniversary. 

Following is my story of how our one day in Lincolnshire panned out. A story that makes each of these coins – in my opinion – uniquely collectable.  Here’s how it went…

I have come to rural Lincolnshire to a private museum and airstrip at the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre in East Kirkby, to take some of the Dambusters 80th Anniversary Coins on a ride of a lifetime.

But before that happened, it was an overnighter in a remarkable hotel, few know about. This part of the English countryside is awash with airfields, aircraft museums and RAF bases.

It was central to RAF and Bomber Command’s missions and in 1944 the skies would have been buzzing with Spitfires, Hurricanes and of course, Lancaster Bombers. And that’s why the hotel I stayed in has some fascinating Dambusters links.

The Petwood Hotel was where Wing Commander Guy Gibson and the hand picked 617 Squadron had  billeted during the war.

The squadron bar is now a museum shrine to the history of the squadron featuring artwork, photos and cabinets full of authentic 617 memorabilia. This is the exact room where Guy Gibson would have had a pint with his colleagues, as they discussed their missions past and present.

There is even a genuine prototype Bouncing Bomb in the garden… 

It’s a remarkable feeling to know you’re sat at the very bar they did.

Blog image 2 - The day I carried coins on board an Original WWII Lancaster
The Petwood Hotel, a shrine to the history of the famous squadron.

After an evening at the bar, it was up bright and early to head to the Lancaster Aviation Heritage Centre.  And it was here as I drove through the gates, I got my first glimpse of ‘Just Jane’, one of only FOUR operational Lancaster bombers in the entire world

Technically known as Avro Lancaster B. VII NX611, she was one of 150 Lancasters built in early 1945 for operations in the Far East.

She’s had a varied history. In the 1970s she stood as the Gate Guardian at RAF Scampton (home of Vulcan bombers and more recently, The Red Arrows) before being sold privately and moved to her current home in 1987. She is now a fantastic piece of aviation history, and the ongoing restoration program means hopefully soon we will see her take to the skies once more.

Blog image 3 - The day I carried coins on board an Original WWII Lancaster
Avro Lancaster B. VII NX611, technically known as ‘Just Jane‘.

It was a beautiful sunny day, as I arrived at the airfield early in the morning to get the coins onboard. She was still in her hangar alongside the De Havilland Mosquito and a B25 Mitchell.

Before the Lanc was fired up – the main part of our mission started. We were given permission to board and get the coins securely stashed. This in itself was a privilege, reserved usually for visitors who book the tour and the ride, something that gets booked up a year in advance.

Despite its size, there is not a lot of room inside a Lancaster for boxes of coins!

There’s barely room for people, and only once you are inside do you contemplate how it must have felt when heading on a bombing mission. It’s dark, cramped, and once you are in position, there’s no moving. With the engines running I imagine it is exceptionally loud.

The coins were loaded in with help from the crew who work at the LAHC, and I had a short amount of time to photograph them inside the plane before she was moved outside and prepared for the day’s events.

Blog image 4 - The day I carried coins on board an Original WWII Lancaster
The Dambusters £5 on board the Lancaster.

Then the magic happened

As the four huge Merlin engines spluttered into life, a deafening roar bellowed across the tarmac, debris flew across the airfield as the wind seemed to pick up as we stood in awe. Lancaster Bomber NX611 made her way along the tarmac and onto the grass airstrip, where the engines kicked up a few notches.

It really is a sight to behold. And there we had it, coins travelling on board a piece of aviation history in the anniversary year of the Lancaster’s most famous moment – adding to their own provenance forever. 

Blog image 1 - The day I carried coins on board an Original WWII Lancaster
Just Jane holds a place in aviation history as one of only four operational Lancasters in the world.

As the Lanc returned, the coins having been onboard a few hours, I had a five-minute window between runs to get onboard, remove the coins and stack them up on the airfield.

She had another group of guests to take for a ride. She wasn’t going to wait for us, and I wasn’t going to get in her way.  It was a day I shall never forget.  And thankfully, these coins now act as a lasting reminder of this epic and historic occasion.

If you’re interested

Blog image 5 - The day I carried coins on board an Original WWII Lancaster

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