Why you have just days to secure the new 2018 Gold Proof Sovereign

The UK 2018 Gold Proof Sovereign

The new 2018 Proof Sovereign has been released today, but you may only have days to own one. Let me tell you why…

We’re in the golden age of the Proof Sovereign. In 2017, the UK Proof Sovereign, issued to mark 200 years of the Sovereign, sold out at The Royal Mint in just 4 weeks, and in July, this year, the entire mintage of Piedfort Sovereigns sold out on its FIRST DAY of issue.

First ever one-year-only mintmark

First ever one-year-only mintmark

Next year Her Majesty the Queen will celebrate the 65th anniversary of her coronation, becoming the first British monarch ever to do so. So to mark the anniversary, the Proof Sovereign features a special one-year-only mintmark for the very first time.

One-year-only mintmarks are only applied to coins for the most significant events and anniversaries and this is certainly an important one. In fact, it’s unlikely we’ll ever see a Royal anniversary as significant as this in our lifetimes.

22 Carat Gold Pedigree

The 2018 Sovereign is minted from 22 Carat Gold and it is this historical pedigree that makes the coin so admired and sought-after around the world.

It is also one of the finest examples of British craftsmanship. The exceptional ‘proof’ finish is the result of the coin being struck up to 4 times using specially polished dies.

The time and effort required to produce the frosted relief and mirrored background of the coin is why a proof finish is considered the pinnacle of the mint-masters art – and the most sought-after by collectors.

And with an edition limit of just 10,500 worldwide – the same edition limit as last year’s sell-out Proof Sovereign – the 2018 Gold Proof Sovereign has all the elements to be the most collectable gold coin of the year.

The UK 2018 Gold Proof Sovereign

If you’re interested…

You can secure the 2018 Gold Proof Sovereign now, but you’ll have to act quickly.

Click here to find out how you can secure one today with an initial deposit of just £49.50 >>

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The Framed Presentations celebrating the UK’s Music Giants – selling so fast they’ve gone Platinum!

Pink Floyd, David Bowie, the Beatles.  Giants of the international music scene, and most importantly, all home-grown talent.

The Official Royal Mail Dark Side of the Moon Stamp

That’s why all of these artists have been commemorated at one point by Royal Mail, with their own set of official postage stamps, featuring a selection of their most famous albums.
But what I, and many others like me, love most about the original albums is the artwork that adorns their covers.  The prism on Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon.  The Beatles crossing Abbey Road – two of the most famous images in British popular culture.

Abbey Road Framed Vinyl Presentation


And I know I’m not alone when I say “they don’t make them like they used to!”  But it’s true.
My point is that after vinyl fell out of fashion (it still pains me!), many of these classic albums, these heavyweights of British culture, ended up in lofts, given to charity shops or just binned!  Criminal! The fact is they should be presented, shown-off and displayed – like the pieces of art they are.

Framed Vinyl Classics

Aladdin Sane Framed Vinyl Presentation

This was the driving force behind Framed Vinyl Classics.  To give vinyl its place back in the home. Definitive tributes to some of the greatest artists and albums the UK has ever produced.

With our background in stamps, we were able to pair together the stamp and matching classic vinyl album to make a genuinely superb wall display.  Giving each iconic cover the place it deserves in your home or office.

Multiple Sell-outs

Ziggy Stardust Framed Vinyl Presentation – Sold Out

So we can’t say we’ve been surprised by how popular they have been with collectors.  Because we collect them too.  Editions for The Dark Side of the Moon, Ziggy Stardust and Abbey Road have all SOLD OUT, catapulting Framed Vinyl Classics from humble beginnings as art for enthusiasts to a genuine piece of must-have memorabilia for the fans.


First Look – Brand New Releases

New: Led Zeppelin IV Framed Vinyl Presentation

Now, after listening to many requests for other albums, I’m very pleased to be able to show you for the very first time, more definitive tributes to some other of the all time classic Brit artists. The Clash, Led Zeppelin, Blur, Coldplay and Mike Oldfield are now available to order – all set to worldwide editions of JUST 250Click here to see all the available presentations >>>

New: Coldplay Framed Vinyl Presentation


If you click on one the links above or below, you’ll view a gallery of all the past and present Framed Vinyl Classics.  Some have sold out of their strictly limited worldwide editions, some are on their way to doing just that, and some, like today, are brand-new – hot off the press.


And what further adds to the limited status of each framed presentation – the element highly desired by collectors – are the official postage stamps.  Not only are they among the few issues to feature album covers, but some of the stamps are extremely scarce and are only available on the secondary market – you can’t get them from the post office and won’t see them on your letters.

You see, the stamps for the new presentations were released back in 2010, as part of Royal Mail’s Classic Album Covers issue.  Significantly, these stamps were issued before Facebook and Google – and the more effective means of showing these fantastic commemoratives direct to the fans.  In other words, many fans of these bands probably still aren’t aware these delightful pieces of memorabilia even exist!  Which I guess makes this, a bit of an inside track (no pun intended). 

The official Royal Mail Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band Stamp

One final point of interest to collectors, many of these stamps are so limited that Stanley Gibbons, the authority on everything stamp related, state that the Classic Album Covers stamps have increased in value by over 100% since their release, whilst the Beatles stamps from 2007 have increased in value by whopping 200%!*

But don’t just take my word for it, nor the hundreds of collectors who have snapped up their own Framed Vinyl Classic.  See for yourself by clicking the link here and view the Framed Vinyl Classics gallery.

* Stanley Gibbons, Collect British Stamps 2016.

If you’re interested…

Click here to view the full Framed Vinyl Classics Gallery

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The remarkable story of when a British 2 pence weighed the same as a Mars Bar…

Today I’d like to tell you the story behind my all-time favourite British coins – the Cartwheel Pennies. Not only are they the heaviest and largest coins ever issued for circulation, they were also issued for ONE-YEAR-ONLY. Here’s the story…

Throughout the 18th century silver prices increased, which resulted in a substantial decrease in the amount of silver pennies that were being minted. This led to a lack of small change and businesses were finding it difficult to pay their employees with the current coinage.

Two of the largest coins ever issued in British history

Subsequently, a trend began where independent Mints started striking copper half penny and penny tokens. Most of these tokens were being minted at the ‘Soho Mint’ in Birmingham, which was actually the very first Mint to be powered by Steam.

Whilst this was not legitimate money it solved the issue and it took off – companies all over Britain were ordering personalised tokens.

However, the ‘solution’ meant there was a problem…

The British Government had lost control of the coinage. In an attempt to regain control, they instructed Soho Mint to strike 480 tonnes of copper pennies and 20 tonnes of copper twopences. These were to be the first regal British coins of the denominations to be made of copper, and the very first official British coins to be struck using steam power. 

8 times heavier than today’s 1p and 2p coins

The coins were large! In fact, the 1 pence weighed an incredible 1oz and the 2 pence weighed 2oz – that’s the same weight as a Mars Bar and almost 8 times heavier than the current 1p and 2p coins. At that size, it’s hard to believe these ever jangled in the pocket of our ancestors! 

The coins weighed so much becauses they  were struck in pure copper and their intrinsic value corresponded to their actual face value. Their design was simple – a  portrait of the monarch at the time, King George III on the obverse and Britannia on the reverse.

The dramatic size of these coins and their unusually wide raised rim is why they became known as ‘Cartwheel’ pennies.

Issued for one-year-only

The modern 1p coin compared to the 2oz 2p coin

The ‘Cartwheel’ pennies were designed this way to prevent counterfeiting, but their size and weight made them cumbersome and unwieldy. They were immediately unpopular with the public as people didn’t like carrying them around – the two-pence was an INCH and three-quarters in diameter and a quarter inch thick. There were soon calls for them to be discontinued and shortly after, the coins were redesigned.

Due to the rise in the price of copper, the intrinsic value of the coins soon exceeded their face value and subsequently the majority of these coins were melted down.

This meant, the coins were issued for one-year-only, which automatically makes them two of the must-have modern coins and key coins in any British collection.

1797 George III ‘Cartwheel’ Coin Set

If you’re interested…

We have been able to source a small number of sets containing the original 200 year old ‘Cartwheel’ coins – the two pence and the penny. They come presented in a deluxe presentation case with an accompanying Certificate of Authenticity. They really are key must-have coins in any British collection.

Click here for more details >>

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