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SEVEN brand new Victory 50p Coins revealed!

This year we mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day. The day which marked the end of World War II in Europe and brought long-awaited peace to our nation.

To commemorate this historic anniversary, and one of the most important dates of the 20th century, a BRAND NEW collection of 50p coins have been authorised for release.

LS 2020 IOM silver Proof 50p Victory All faces lifestyle - SEVEN brand new Victory 50p Coins revealed!

Issued by the Isle of Man, these SEVEN official new 50p coins are a timeless tribute to the thousands of allied troops who fought tirelessly and sacrificed their lives for our freedom.

There are a number of ways you can add these poignant 50p coins to your collection today, with prices starting from JUST £6.25 (+p&p).

Whether you’re looking for the new centrepiece for your collection, you’re an avid 50p collector, a military enthusiast, or looking for the perfect way to mark this important 75th anniversary, there’s bound to be something within the range for you.

The Complete Victory Silver Proof 50p Coin Collection

LS 2020 IOM Silver Proof 50p Victory Product all - SEVEN brand new Victory 50p Coins revealed!

Are you after the perfect new centrepiece for your collection? Then look no further. The Silver Proof 50p Collection is perhaps the ultimate way to own these brand new coins. Each 50p has been struck in Silver to an immaculate Proof Finish and features one of seven designs that have been expertly highlighted with 24 Carat Gold Plating – together spelling out VICTORY:

  • V – Churchill with his iconic V for Victory stance.
  • I – Citizens of the Isle of Man celebrating the end of WWII.
  • C – Soldiers shaking hands in front of Trafalgar Square.
  • T – HMS Dido Battleship returning home after the war.
  • O – Spitfires flying over St. Paul’s Cathedral in London
  • R – Street Party celebrations
  • Y – A soldier returning home to his family

In recent years, 50p coins sparked a collecting craze and I’ve seen new releases with edition limits as high as 30,000 selling out in a matter hours. This prestigious collection has however been given a strict edition limit of JUST 2,020 sets worldwide, so demand is expected to exceed availability. Click here to secure yours today while stocks last >>

The Complete Victory Brilliant Uncirculated 50p Coin Collection

LS 2020 IOM BU 50p Victory All faces together with packaging - SEVEN brand new Victory 50p Coins revealed!

This set is the one of the only ways you can own ALL SEVEN Victory 50p coins in Brilliant Uncirculated Quality. Each of the coins within this remarkable collection depicts a specially commissioned design and letter reflecting victory during this important time in our history.  Together come presented in a stunning VE Day 75th Anniversary pack that you can cherish for generations to come.

What’s more, each of the Victory 50p coins are legal tender in the Isle of Man and a limited number of each will enter circulation.

New 50p collections such as this prove extremely popular with collectors and we expect these are going to fly out. If you’d like to secure one for your collection you’ll need to be quick. Click here for more details >>

The Official VE Day 75th Anniversary Gold Proof 50p

LS 2020 IOM Gold V 50p Victory Lifestyle - SEVEN brand new Victory 50p Coins revealed!

The crème de la crème of the range you could say. If you’re looking for the most premium and limited way to own one of these brand new Victory 50p coins, then this is it.

The coin has been struck from 22 Carat Gold to a perfect Proof Finish, and features a stunning engraving of Churchill alongside the letter ‘V’ for Victory. Importantly, this is the FIRST EVER 50p to carry a portrait of Winston Churchill and this fact alone will mean the coin is highly sought-after by collectors.

New Gold Proof 50p’s have a strong sell-out history and high demand is expected. If you’d like to join one of JUST 250 lucky collectors worldwide to own this prestigious new coin, then please don’t delay. Click here for more information>

The Official VE Day 75th Anniversary Silver Proof 50p

LS 2020 IOM Silver Proof V single 50p Victory lifestyle - SEVEN brand new Victory 50p Coins revealed!

Silver 50p coins are amongst the most popular coins released each year and this is guaranteed to be no exception.

The coin has been struck from Sterling Silver to a pristine Proof Finish, with the design being accentuated in stunning 24 Carat Gold Plating. This is the perfect heirloom to pass down to children and grandchildren, especially given it’s the FIRST TIME Winston Churchill has ever featured on a 50p.

Only 5,000 coins are being issued for worldwide distribution so a prompt response is advised to avoid missing out. Click here to find out more and secure yours today >>

The Official VE Day 75th Anniversary Brilliant Uncirculated 50p

LS IOM BU CuNi Rupert 50p Victory Churchill single pack both sides - SEVEN brand new Victory 50p Coins revealed!

This is the perfect piece for those new to collecting or if you’re looking for the first coin to start your collection. The 50p has been struck to a Brilliant Uncirculated quality – a superior finish sought-after by collectors – and features a poignant design of Churchill alongside the letter ‘V’ for victory.

The coin comes presented in a bespoke presentation pack, meaning it will be protected for years to come. And best yet, it can be yours today for JUST £6.25 (+p&p). Order yours today by clicking here>>

The Ultimate Victory 50p Coin Cover

2020 VE DAY BU ultimate 50p PNC cover product images full cover - SEVEN brand new Victory 50p Coins revealed!

For all the stamp collectors out there, this could be the perfect piece for you! As today, you can secure ALL SEVEN of the Victory 50p Coins in superior Brilliant Uncirculated Quality, on this exclusive cover alongside sought-after Royal Mail VE Day Stamps.

Only 750 covers are being issued worldwide. An edition limit that is confirmed by the one-day-only postmark – 27th February 2020 – the official release date of the new 50p coins. Given the limited number available a sell out is expected, so please order yours as soon as you can to avoid disappointment. Click here to find out more >>

The Complete VE Day 75th Anniversary 50p Coin Cover Collection

2020 VE DAY Victory 50p Covers PNC set Product images full cover collection - SEVEN brand new Victory 50p Coins revealed!

Last but certainly not least, is this fantastic collection of SEVEN covers that each feature one of the Victory 50p Coins alongside a specially commissioned Royal Mail VE Day Philatelic Label.

The collection provides you with unique way to own these poignant 50p coins, which is available exclusively from The Westminster Collection. Only 750 of these collections are being released so if you’re interested, a prompt response is recommended. Click here to secure yours now >>

If you’re interested, you can check out the complete range of Victory 50p commemoratives by clicking here >>

Five facts you didn’t know about World War II

January saw the release of some incredible coins marking the 75th Anniversary of VE Day, from the beautiful Silver 5oz to a Gold Proof Sovereign that’s 15 times rarer than the UK’s most recent Gold Proof Sovereign!

And it got me thinking about VE Day and World War II… so much so that I started to do some research and I very quickly discovered these INCREDIBLE five facts, that I knew I had to share with you in our latest video!

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CL VE Day Homepage Banners ALL 1024x386 - Five facts you didn't know about World War II

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