One-year-only Design Change Revealed

It’s the coin release that collectors wait all year for. The new UK 2022 Gold Sovereign has just been released.

And it’s safe to say the collecting world has not been disappointed.

The Sovereign 2022 Gold Proof coin obverse tone with edge SV22.tif 1024x1024 - One-year-only Design Change Revealed
The UK 2022 Sovereign

For 2022, the Sovereign has been dedicated to the Platinum Jubilee of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. The iconic St George and the Dragon has been replaced by a reverse design depicting the Royal Coat of Arms by Timothy Noad. It’s said to represent the Queen’s unwavering grace and dedication to her country.

There are just two other Sovereigns issued under Queen Elizabeth II that do not have a depiction of St George and the Dragon (issued in 1989 and 2002). And that makes the 2022 Sovereign an incredibly rare and unique piece

UK 2021 Gold Sovereign product images 2021 vs 2022 sovereign - One-year-only Design Change Revealed
The UK 2021 Sovereign design and the new UK 2022 Sovereign design

Importantly for collectors, the edition limit of the 2022 Sovereign is just 10,500 – that matches that of the UK 2017 Bicentenary Sovereign (the last time we saw a design change) which sold out in record time.

Given the importance of next year for Her Majesty, and the fact that this design change is so rare, there’s expected to be a serious collector demand.

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THE UK 2022 SOVEREIGN: A Once in a lifetime coin with a once in a lifetime design…

The annual UK Gold Sovereign is always highly anticipated by collectors, and we’ve just had word that in 2022, it’s going to feature a one year only design change! The last time we saw a design change was in 2017 to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the iconic St George and the Dragon design.

The gold Sovereign is one of the most famous coins in the world. The flagship coin of Britain, it was minted throughout the Empire in the glory days, reaching as far as Australia, Canada, India, and even South Africa. It’s now become a staple for collectors throughout the world.

UK 2021 Gold Sovereign product images 2020 vs 2021 sovereign - THE UK 2022 SOVEREIGN: A Once in a lifetime coin with a once in a lifetime design…
Previous 2020 & 2021 Sovereigns

Design changes over the years

The first sovereign was struck in 1489 during the reign of Henry VII. A magnificent coin, on the obverse is the king sitting on a throne, hence the name “Sovereign.”

coin - THE UK 2022 SOVEREIGN: A Once in a lifetime coin with a once in a lifetime design…
An etching of the original Sovereign from 1489

Since then it has seen few design changes to celebrate important moments, and each issue is now highly sought after by collectors.  In 1989 the Sovereign saw a complete redesign to celebrate its 500th anniversary, and in 2002 we saw the reverse shift completely from the St George and the Dragon design to a Royal shield of arms to celebrate the Golden Jubilee.

BRAND NEW design for 2022

What’s important about the 2022 Sovereign is that the new design will feature an exclusive one year only reverse design –  a year dated depiction of the Royal Coat of Arms. What’s more is that the design will be dedicated to the Queen as she celebrates her historic Platinum Jubilee next year!

It’s rare that the Sovereign design changes from Pistrucci’s iconic St George and the Dragon, which makes this an extremely important for British and numismatic history.

And with a Jubilee next year that we are unlikely to see again for centuries, this sovereign is set to be a once in a lifetime coin.

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Why time is ticking for you to secure the NEW 2021 Gold Proof Sovereign…

The new 2021 Gold Proof Sovereign has been released today, and it’s sure to be the Sovereign release of the decade. But you may only have days to own one. Let me tell you why…

We’re in the golden age of the Proof Sovereign. As you may know, the Proof Sovereign has become the UK’s flagship annual release that’s highly sought-after worldwide.

UK 2021 Gold Sovereign product images table - Why time is ticking for you to secure the NEW 2021 Gold Proof Sovereign…

As you can see, recent UK Gold Proof Sovereigns have an undisputed track record of completely selling out. Many with a matter of weeks.

TWO special features to mark Her Majesty’s incredible reign

In 2021 we will mark the Her Majesty the Queen’s milestone 95th birthday.

To celebrate this, the Proof Sovereign features a special one-year-only unique ‘95’ privy mint mark. Sovereigns featuring privy marks are some of the most collectable Sovereigns around, so demand WILL be high.

UK 2021 Gold Sovereign product images privy mark - Why time is ticking for you to secure the NEW 2021 Gold Proof Sovereign…

One-year-only privy marks are only applied to coins for the most significant events and anniversaries and this is certainly an important one.

But that’s not all!

Most significantly, for the first time since the Proof Sovereign was first issued as a collector’s piece in 1979, the specification has been altered and just 95 mill marks have been precisely engraved on the edge of the coin. A Sovereign would usually have 108 mills. Each one of the 95 mill marks on this coin represents a year of Her Majesty’s life, and is an exceptional tribute to her incredible life and reign.

These TWO special features mean that this Sovereign will be a collecting priority and is sure to be the most sought-after yet.

The most significant Sovereign of this decade

Queen Elizabeth IIs’ reign is arguably one of the most important and impressive in Britain’s history.

That’s because she is longest reigning head of state the UK, and in fact the world, has ever seen. 81% of the British population have been born following her coronation, so she is the only monarch that the majority of us have ever known.

Not only that, only a mere 0.9% of British people are over the age of 90 – so our Queen is part of a very elite club! This could very well be the most significant Sovereign we see this decade – it’s forever a symbol of the Queen’s longevity.

22 Carat Gold Pedigree

UK 2021 Gold Sovereign product images coin obverse reverse - Why time is ticking for you to secure the NEW 2021 Gold Proof Sovereign…

The 2021 Sovereign is minted from 22 Carat Gold and it is this historical pedigree that makes the coin so admired and sought-after around the world.

It is also one of the finest examples of British craftsmanship. The exceptional ‘proof’ finish is the result of the coin being struck up to 4 times using specially polished dies.

The time and effort required to produce the frosted relief and mirrored background of the coin is why a proof finish is considered the pinnacle of the mint-masters art – and the most sought-after by collectors.

And with an edition limit of JUST 7,995 worldwide – the SAME edition limit as last year’s Sovereign that COMPLETELY SOLD OUT in a matter of weeks – this year’s Proof Sovereign has all the elements to be the most collectable gold coin of the year, if not decade.

If you’re interested…

uk 2021 gold sovereign product images coin in box - Why time is ticking for you to secure the NEW 2021 Gold Proof Sovereign…

You can secure the 2021 Gold Proof Sovereign now, but you’ll have to act quickly. You can secure yours today for a down payment of JUST £62.50 followed by nine further interest-free instalments – the most affordable way to own the new coin.

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