Everything you need to know about the 2022 Annual Coins…


Each year, The Royal Mint marks important British anniversaries, events or accomplishments on our coins and today I’m delighted to reveal the UK’s new coin designs for 2022.

This year’s collection includes TWO special tributes to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II as she marks her Platinum Jubilee in 2022 – including the UK’s FIRST EVER Royal 50p.

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There are 5 new commemorative coins, paired alongside the eight definitive coins from the 1p to the £2, all newly dated for 2022. 

The commemorative coins are:

  • Platinum Jubilee 50p – the UK’s first ever Royal 50p!
  • Commonwealth Games 50p – issued to commemorate the 22nd Commonwealth Games in Birmingham this year
  • Alexander Graham Bell £2 – issued to mark 100 years since the passing of Scottish-born inventor, scientist, and engineer who invented the first telephone
  • Dame Vera Lynn £2 – issued to commemorate the iconic wartime singer, famed for boosting morale and supporting British troops during the Second World War
  • Platinum Jubilee £5 – issued to commemorate 70 years of Her Majesty the Queen’s reign

What’s more, you have the opportunity today to secure them in a variety of different presentations or specifications – there’s sure to be something for everyone…

UK 2022 Annual Coin Set BU Pack

2022 Annual Commemorative BU Coin Set pack with coins - Everything you need to know about the 2022 Annual Coins...

To give as many collectors as possible the chance to own these highly sought-after coins, The Royal Mint has issued them in Brilliant Uncirculated quality, which is coveted by collectors as it means each coin is free from any marks you would find on circulated coins.

In this BU Pack you’ll find the five brand new commemorative coins alongside the eight definitive coins from the 1p to the £2, all newly dated for 2022.

Each one is protectively encapsulated in its attractive original packaging from The Royal Mint to preserve its quality for generations to come.

 What’s more, you can secure this BU Pack for The Royal Mint’s official issue price of just £60 (+p&p). Click here to find out more >>

This set of coins is also available as a Change Checker CERTIFIED BU Commemorative Coin Set for £40 (+p&p). Click here to find out more >>

UK 2022 Annual Collector Proof Coin Set

2022 Base Proof Coin Set - Everything you need to know about the 2022 Annual Coins...

Whilst being struck from base metal, the coins in this set have been struck to a stunning superior Proof finish.

Including all 5 commemorative coins alongside the new definitive coins for 2022, these sets are always extremely sought after.

You can order the UK 2022 Annual Collector Proof Coin Set here with a down payment of just £15.50 (+p&p) followed by 9 further interest-free instalments – that’s the Royal Mint issue price. Click here to find out more >>

UK 2022 DateStamp™ Specimen Set

DN DateStamp™ UK 2022 Commemorative Set BU coin set product images 1 - Everything you need to know about the 2022 Annual Coins...

The most limited way to own the five new 2022 commemorative coins is by securing the UK 2022 DateStamp™ Specimen Set. In fact, JUST 995 collectors worldwide can own this unique set.

What truly sets the 2022 Specimen Year Set apart from all other 2022 Annual Sets is the fact that it is forever set in time by the official Royal Mail postmark that marks the coins’ first day of release – 4th January 2022.

Each coin is struck to the highly desirable Brilliant Uncirculated quality, and come individually presented in tamper-proof capsules. What’s more, each set has a unique serial number, confirming its place in the tiny edition limit, and you can even register your set online to guarantee its provenance!

This DateStamp set has a track record of completely selling out within a matter of days, so if you want to secure a set for yourself you’ll need to be quick. You can reserve yours with a deposit of just £22. Click here to find out more >>


In just 70 days the Queen will be celebrating her Platinum Jubilee. Her Majesty the Queen has confirmed that it will be celebrated with the nation’s FIRST EVER Royal 50p coin.

The design has been revealed today, and it certainly is something to look forward to

DN 2021 Platinum Jubliee 50 design reveal landing page banners and images 4 - EXCLUSIVE DESIGN REVEAL: THE UK’s FIRST ROYAL 50P
The UK 2022 Platinum Jubilee 50p Reverse Design Reveal

The new design features the all-important number ‘70’, representing the 70 years that the Queen has been our Sovereign.

The Royal Proclamation has confirmed that the nation’s FIRST Royal 50p will be issued in a range of specifications (including Platinum, Gold, Silver and of course Cupro-nickel).

We’re really hoping that we’ll see these 50p coins in circulation, and we’re expecting serious collector demand rivalling that seen in 1977 and 2002.

And that’s not all!

Intriguing alternative Queen’s head design

It has also been confirmed there will be an exciting alternative Queen’s Head design.

For now, that design still remains TOP SECRET, but we do know that it’s going to portray Her Majesty on horseback, in what appears to be a nod to her original 1953 Coronation Crown

1953 Coronation Crown


As we mentioned, we’re expecting serious collector demand as Britain’s most popular coin will be used to commemorate this once in a lifetime moment.

The first UK coin released to mark the Platinum Jubilee (The UK 2022 Sovereign) SOLD OUT in UNDER A DAY. We’re expecting the next Royal release to go the same way.

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