The historic collection celebrating England’s World Cup wins

Many look back fondly at 1966, when Bobby Moore’s team beat West Germany 4-2 in the Football World Cup final, securing the coveted trophy.

In 2003, rugby fans cheered as England defeated Australia in the nail-biting Rugby World Cup final.

And, the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup saw the England team claim victory over rivals New Zealand.

All 3 sporting events have been forever engraved into England’s history books, and they are revisited by fans each time the World Cup tournaments come back around.

Celebrating the legacy of our sporting achievements, the Sovereign World Cup Winners Collection brings together 3 historic Sovereigns.

Each represents the 3 years that England’s sporting teams were victorious in a World Cup competition have been hand selected to form this magnificent collection.

These have been incredibly difficult to source – particularly the 1966 Sovereign, owing to the fact it is over 50 years old.

Because of this scarcity, only 25 collections are available. And, when you consider their precious metal content and the great significance of these years, they surely won’t be available for long.

If you become one of just 25 collectors to own this sporting Sovereign trio, you’ll be able to stylishly present them in a luxurious wooden display case for all to see.

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Is this the most famous coin in the world?

Did you know that the Gold Sovereign has an incredibly rich history stretching back over 530 years!

Known as the flagship coin of Great Britain, it’s easily one of the most famous coins in the world.

And in my latest video I tell you everything you need to know spanning from 1489 to the modern day.

If you’re interested…

Sovereign Picture - Is this the most famous coin in the world?

BREAKING: The Sovereign which sold out in less than a day

The UK 2022 Gold Proof Sovereign was released at 9am yesterday. In less than a day, the whole range was sold out at the Royal mint.  

That makes it the fastest selling sovereign. Ever.

And this isn’t by chance. Here’s how the 2022 Sovereign has already become the UK’s fastest selling ever.

Special one-year-only design

UK 2021 Gold Sovereign product images 2021 vs 2022 sovereign - BREAKING: The Sovereign which sold out in less than a day

This year, The Royal Mint took the decision to issue a special one-year-only design to commemorate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee next year. Sovereign design changes don’t come around often, and this is the first time since 2002 that the iconic St George and the Dragon design was removed from the reverse.

Once in a lifetime Sovereign

The Sovereign was issued to mark the Platinum Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The Queen will mark an impressive 70 years on the throne in February next year – something that we are unlikely to ever see again in our lifetime.

Edition limit

Importantly, the edition limit of the 2022 Sovereign was just 10,500 – this is the same as the 2017 Sovereign which also featured a one year only design change. The 2017 sovereign sold out in just a few days due to unprecedented collector demand, so there was already huge demand expected for this release.

We still have a limited number of the UK 2022 Sovereign available for customers. If you’d like to order the UK 2022 Gold Proof Sovereign, please enter your details below and a member of our team will contact you.

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