New United Kingdom £5 coin released to celebrate the Queen’s 70th Wedding Anniversary

On the 20th November, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh will celebrate their Platinum Wedding Anniversary – that’s an incredible 70 years of marriage and a first in British royal history. To mark this important milestone, The Royal Mint has released a brand new £5 coin in tribute to the longest marriage in royal history.


Dual Portrait

Dual Portrait

The obverse features a special double portrait of the royal couple by sculptor Etienne Millner. The traditional design depicts Her Majesty wearing a royal coronet and Prince Philip shown in the supporting position of a royal consort.

Two reverse designs

Artist John Bergdahl has created two reverse designs, the equestrian design and the double shield design.

The first design depicts Her Majesty and Prince Philip at the Trooping the Colour. The Queen is riding her favourite horse Burmese.

Over the years, designs that feature mounted figures have become a traditional way to mark important royal occasions, such as the Golden and Diamond Jubilee £5 Coins


The Diamond and Golden Jubilee UK £5 Coins

The second design, the double shield, was inspired by the official programme of events for state occasions at the time that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and HRH the Duke of Edinburgh were married. It comprises double arms which depict the heraldic lineage of both families at the time of their union.


UK 2017 Platinum Wedding 5oz Silver Proof

Available in precious metal and base metal, here’s your guide to the new 2017 United Kingdom Platinum Wedding Anniversary £5 coin range.

Perfect Quality. Very Affordable.


Change Checker Certified BU Collector Card

The Royal Mint is releasing a brilliant uncirculated base metal version of the Platinum Wedding Anniversary £5 coin. These coins have been specially struck and carefully handled to ensure that they are free of scratches and chips found amongst circulating coins.

Known as Brilliant Uncirculated (BU), they are available for £13.00 in a Royal Mint Presentation Pack or £10.99 in a Change Checker Certified Brilliant Uncirculated Collector Card.

Silver Proof – the Collector’s Favourite.


UK 2017 Platinum Wedding Silver Proof £5

The Silver Proof £5 coin is firmly established as the most sought-after coin amongst collectors because they have all the qualities that collectors really desire.

Precious metal content – struck from 925/1000 Sterling Silver

Strictly Limited Edition – just 15,000 coins. The Sapphire Jubilee Silver £5 with an edition limit of 8,000 sold out in just one week. This one looks to sell out quickly too.

The perfect Proof Finish – even better than Brilliant Uncirculated. Proof coins are struck several times using specially polished dies to create a flawless finish with a perfect mirrored background. The ultimate coin quality.

The Gold Standard


The Platinum Wedding Anniversary UK Gold Proof Coin

For the ultimate limited edition, a Gold Proof coin has also been issued. Struck in 22 carat Gold, just 1,250 individual coins have been authorised for release.


The UK Platinum Wedding Anniversary Coin Range

If you’re interested … 

You can own one of the special Collector Edition UK Platinum Wedding Anniversary Coins today.

Click here to view the full range >>

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New one-year only double portrait released to celebrate The Queen and Prince Philip’s 70 years of marriage

On the 20th November, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and HRH the Duke of Edinburgh will celebrate their Platinum Wedding Anniversary – that’s an incredible 70 years of marriage and a first in British royal history. 


The Platinum Wedding Anniversary Five Pound Proof Coin

In honour of the occasion a new coin has been issued – featuring a specially commissioned one-year-only double portrait.

The coin has been officially approved by both Her Majesty the Queen and Prince Philip, and proudly displays their initials surrounded by a design inspired by the North Rose Window of Westminster Abbey – where their wedding took place in 1947.

But it is the new double portrait that will turn heads and have collectors rushing to secure theirs. Designed by renowned sculptor Luigi Badia, it features both The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh and will only ever be seen on Platinum Wedding Anniversary Coins.

It’s not very often that one-year-only portraits are released, not to mention a double portrait. They really are only issued for the most important Royal anniversaries.


New one-year-only obverse design

As you’ll appreciate, designing a new effigy is not a simple process, with an extremely rigorous approval procedure.

That’s why special portraits such as this are few and far between and are so popular with collectors.

Luigi, from New York, explains the concept behind the design:

“I was extremely honored to be commissioned to sculpt a brand new portrait to celebrate Her Majesty The Queen’s and HRH The Duke of Edinburgh’s 70th wedding anniversary.  I was inspired to use a contemporary image of the royal couple to capture both their achievement of reaching such a milestone and to reflect on the long life they have shared together.”

The design process…


The design is intricately engraved onto the die

Careful consideration has to be put into the shape and size of the coin. Luigi painstakingly hand-engraved the design – with the added complication of retaining the typesetting within the circular shape.

The finalised ‘plaster’ engraving is then ready to be reduced down into a die (shown opposite) – which is hardened and used to mint the commemorative coins collectors can own.

Struck to a variety of specifications…

The new coin is to be struck in a range of different specifications, from a face value version right up to a staggering 10oz platinum edition – which has already sold out.

And the other coins are likely to prove just as popular – with a highly collectable proof coin, a pure silver coin, and a 5oz gold coin amongst those available, there is something to suit everyone.

These coins really do make a fitting tribute to Her Majesty and Prince Philip’s 70 years of marriage, and the stunning double portrait marks them out as truly prestigious commemoratives to forever remember this once-in-a-lifetime celebration.


The Platinum Wedding Five Pound Proof Coin

If you are interested…

You can mark the occasion by adding the Platinum Wedding Anniversary Proof £5 Coin to your collection today. It’s limited to just 4,950 worldwide and a sell-out is expected, especially as it features the new one-year-only double portrait.

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The Anatomy of the UK’s NEW Polymer £10 Banknote…

Today the UK’s new Polymer £10 Note will enter circulation. Just like the polymer £5 back last year, the new Polymer £10 Note is sure to create excitement across the UK as people get their hands on the new note for the first time, so here’s everything you need to know:

The new polymer banknote, which is 15% smaller than the current £10, features a portrait image of Jane Austen (commissioned by her nephew James Edward Austen Leigh in 1870), alongside the famous quotation from her novel Pride and Prejudice: ‘I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading!” 

It also incorporates enhanced security features, here are the ones to look out for:



If you’re interested…


The First Polymer £10 Banknote DateStamp Issue

Just 5,000 new UK Polymer £10 Notes have been reserved for a Limited Edition DateStamp™ issue.

First issues are always valued by collectors and by owning the Limited Edition DateStamp™ release you will be one of just 5,000 collectors able to forever mark the date the new £10 polymer banknote entered circulation.

Click here for more details >>

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