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Take a look at the history of the British crown coin…

Discover the journey of the crown coin and how it became the UK’s flagship £5 commemorative coin

blog infographic idea amends 5 011 - Take a look at the history of the British crown coin...

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Do you own the UK’s rarest 50p piece? And it’s not Kew Gardens.

Last week a 50p coin that many thousands of people have found in their daily pocket change started to be sold on e-Bay for prices upward of £100.00. Or to put it another way, 200 times its actual value!

50p graph1 - Do you own the UK’s rarest 50p piece?  And it’s not Kew Gardens.

Only 109,000 1992 EC 50p were issued into circulation – roughly half of the Kew Gardens 50p.

It was all because the Royal Mint announced that the Kew Gardens 50p coins is the UK’s most scarce circulation coin, with just 210,000 pieces ever been placed into circulation. The result was a media storm and the inevitable overnight ramping of prices.

Half the circulation of the Kew Gardens 50p

But what few people realise is that there is an even rarer UK 50p piece that was issued in half the number of the Kew Gardens coin – just 109,000 coins.

The coin was issued in 1992 to mark the EC Single Market and the UK presidency of the Council of Ministers – perhaps not the most popular of topics, which maybe was the reason so very few were pushed out into circulation. But of course, its lack of popularity at the time, is the very thing that now makes its Britain’s rarest 50p coin.

Sadly, however hard you search, unlike the Kew Gardens 50p, you will not find this one in your change. That’s because it is one of the old-sized 50p coins that were demonetised in 1998.

The coin itself was designed by Mary Milner Dickens and pictures the UK’s place at the head of the Council of Ministers’ conference table. The stars represent each of the nations’ capital cities placed in their relative geographical position.

But it won’t be the coin’s clever design that will guarantee its numismatic interest for years to come. It is its status as the UK’s most rare circulation 50p is what will intrigue collectors and have them searching and saving up in years to come.

Are you interested in owning the UK’s rarest 50p coin?

ec 50p - Do you own the UK’s rarest 50p piece?  And it’s not Kew Gardens.

The 1992 EC Single Market 50p

Limited stocks of the 1992 EC 50p coin are available from The Westminster Collection for £20.


Ground-breaking new coin reveals Ancient Egyptian secret

Ninety years since Howard Carter discovered Tutankhumun’s tomb in the Valley of the Kings, a unique 5oz Silver Coin uncovers its very own hidden treasures of Ancient Egypt.

egypt 5oz - Ground-breaking new coin reveals Ancient Egyptian secret

Reveal the hidden treasures of the Ancient Egypt Silver 5oz Coin

Struck from pure Sterling Silver to the finest proof finish, this incredible coin is richly evocative of Ancient Egypt.

Notice the beautiful 24 Carat Gold centrepiece – Pyramid-shaped, naturally – beautifully engraved with symbols and hieroglyphics from Tutankhamun’s sarcophagus in which the teenage king’s body lay undisturbed for nearly three thousand years.

triangle coin - Ground-breaking new coin reveals Ancient Egyptian secret

When is a coin not a coin? A beautiful 24 Carat Gold Pyramid sits at its centrepiece

Triangular it may be but it’s still a coin. To prove it, Ian Rank-Broadley’s portrait of the Queen appears on the obverse – alongside the Egyptian gods Hathor and Anubis.

Remove the Pyramid altogether and you’ll uncover another numismatic gem – Tutankhamun’s burial mask in glorious technicolour.

coin and triangle coin1 - Ground-breaking new coin reveals Ancient Egyptian secret

Remove the Gold Pyramid to reveal Tutankhamun’s burial mask

And I should of course mention the size of the Ancient Egypt 5oz Coin. With a 65mm diameter, this mesmerising coin fills the palm of your hand.

Just 450 Ancient Egypt 5oz Coins were struck worldwide to mark the 90th anniversary of the most exciting archaeological discovery of the last century.