the 100 poppies coin - The story behind the new '100 Poppies' coin

The new ‘100 Poppies’ £5 Proof Coin issued on behalf of the Bailiwick of Jersey

On Friday 10th October the new ‘100 Poppies’ coin was released, and the distinctive design has been turning heads.

Commemorative coins have been issued in support of the Royal British Legion since 2008, some of them even struck in the famous poppy shape.  But this year’s coin is a little different.

100 Poppies for 100 years

As 2014 marks the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War, digital artist Chris Lloyd wanted to subtly allude to the poignancy of the occasion.  He came up with countless designs, but nothing quite captured the moment in the way he wanted.

poppy designs - The story behind the new '100 Poppies' coin

Some of Chris’s ideas for the 2014 Poppy coin.

I asked Chris what gave him the inspiration to produce such a memorable coin after struggling for so long:

“It was only when I thought back to that moving part of the Royal British Legion’s Festival of Remembrance, when hundreds of poppies fall from the ceiling, that inspiration struck.  I decided that the best way to represent the centenary anniversary would be with 100 poppies, one for each year.  I even counted them by hand, marking each one, to make sure the right number are there!”

The only text on the obverse of the coin – ‘Lest we forget’ – taken from Laurence Binyon’s For the Fallen – serves as a starkly poignant reminder.

chris designing poppy coin - The story behind the new '100 Poppies' coin

Chris Lloyd designing the new ‘100 Poppies’ £5 Proof Coin

A coin for everyone, proof, silver and gold

The new coins are being made available in a range of metals, to suit any collection.  From a Proof condition £5 coin, right up an impressive 22 Carat Gold edition, all of the limited edition coins are available now.

A donation is made from the sale of each coin to the Royal British Legion.  So those who secure their coins will know they own an important piece of history, and they’re helping the Legion provide financial, social and emotional support to all who have served and are currently serving in the British Armed Forces and their families.

Get your coin in time for Remembrance Day

100 poppies coin in box - The story behind the new '100 Poppies' coinThe 2014 ‘100 Poppies’ £5 Proof Coin is available to order now.

Proud supporters of The Royal British Legion.

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Ninety years since Howard Carter discovered Tutankhumun’s tomb in the Valley of the Kings, a unique 5oz Silver Coin uncovers its very own hidden treasures of Ancient Egypt.

egypt 5oz - Ground-breaking new coin reveals Ancient Egyptian secret

Reveal the hidden treasures of the Ancient Egypt Silver 5oz Coin

Struck from pure Sterling Silver to the finest proof finish, this incredible coin is richly evocative of Ancient Egypt.

Notice the beautiful 24 Carat Gold centrepiece – Pyramid-shaped, naturally – beautifully engraved with symbols and hieroglyphics from Tutankhamun’s sarcophagus in which the teenage king’s body lay undisturbed for nearly three thousand years.

triangle coin - Ground-breaking new coin reveals Ancient Egyptian secret

When is a coin not a coin? A beautiful 24 Carat Gold Pyramid sits at its centrepiece

Triangular it may be but it’s still a coin. To prove it, Ian Rank-Broadley’s portrait of the Queen appears on the obverse – alongside the Egyptian gods Hathor and Anubis.

Remove the Pyramid altogether and you’ll uncover another numismatic gem – Tutankhamun’s burial mask in glorious technicolour.

coin and triangle coin1 - Ground-breaking new coin reveals Ancient Egyptian secret

Remove the Gold Pyramid to reveal Tutankhamun’s burial mask

And I should of course mention the size of the Ancient Egypt 5oz Coin. With a 65mm diameter, this mesmerising coin fills the palm of your hand.

Just 450 Ancient Egypt 5oz Coins were struck worldwide to mark the 90th anniversary of the most exciting archaeological discovery of the last century.