If like me, you’re fascinated by Ancient Egypt, this is a video you can’t afford to miss!

As in my latest video I unbox an Ancient Egyptian masterpiece that’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before! But before I tell you anymore, you should know this…

It’s SOLD OUT at the Mint.

And I have ONLY 50 available.

So I wanted to show you just why this exceptional coin is proving to be such a hit with collectors…

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DN 2021 Pyramid of Khafre Coin email banner - Unboxing an Ancient Egyptian masterpiece that’s SOLD OUT Worldwide

The UK’s FIRST domed coin has just been released!

And in my latest video I tell you everything you need to know about this MUST-HAVE release.

Be warned though, ONLY 3,500 are available worldwide, so a sell-out is expected!

If you’re interested…

UK 2021 Royal Albert Hall Coin Homepage Banner with flash 1024x386 - Everything you need to know about the UK’s FIRST domed coin!

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In today’s video I’d like to introduce you to a limited edition coin collection that truly is a work of art.

You see the complete Frieze of American History has been struck across 18 fan-shaped, high relief coins with a stunning Antique finish, which when assembled creates a breath-taking circular design.

From the Declaration of Independence to the Discovery of Gold and the Birth of Aviation, the moments that have shaped America have been immortalised, first in fine art and now on legal tender coins.

I’ll be amazed if you’ve ever seen a collection quite like this one!

If you’re interested…

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American Frieze LAID OPEN - An American masterpiece in perfect miniature