Pink Floyd, David Bowie, the Beatles.  Giants of the international music scene, and most importantly, all home-grown talent.

Pink Floyd Stamp - The Framed Presentations celebrating the UK’s Music Giants – selling so fast they’ve gone Platinum!

The Official Royal Mail Dark Side of the Moon Stamp

That’s why all of these artists have been commemorated at one point by Royal Mail, with their own set of official postage stamps, featuring a selection of their most famous albums.
But what I, and many others like me, love most about the original albums is the artwork that adorns their covers.  The prism on Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon.  The Beatles crossing Abbey Road – two of the most famous images in British popular culture.

Abbey Road Vinyl 1200x628 3 - The Framed Presentations celebrating the UK’s Music Giants – selling so fast they’ve gone Platinum!

Abbey Road Framed Vinyl Presentation


And I know I’m not alone when I say “they don’t make them like they used to!”  But it’s true.
My point is that after vinyl fell out of fashion (it still pains me!), many of these classic albums, these heavyweights of British culture, ended up in lofts, given to charity shops or just binned!  Criminal! The fact is they should be presented, shown-off and displayed – like the pieces of art they are.

Framed Vinyl Classics

Aladdin Sane over sofa 300x208 - The Framed Presentations celebrating the UK’s Music Giants – selling so fast they’ve gone Platinum!

Aladdin Sane Framed Vinyl Presentation

This was the driving force behind Framed Vinyl Classics.  To give vinyl its place back in the home. Definitive tributes to some of the greatest artists and albums the UK has ever produced.

With our background in stamps, we were able to pair together the stamp and matching classic vinyl album to make a genuinely superb wall display.  Giving each iconic cover the place it deserves in your home or office.

Multiple Sell-outs

Ziggy Sold Out - The Framed Presentations celebrating the UK’s Music Giants – selling so fast they’ve gone Platinum!

Ziggy Stardust Framed Vinyl Presentation – Sold Out

So we can’t say we’ve been surprised by how popular they have been with collectors.  Because we collect them too.  Editions for The Dark Side of the Moon, Ziggy Stardust and Abbey Road have all SOLD OUT, catapulting Framed Vinyl Classics from humble beginnings as art for enthusiasts to a genuine piece of must-have memorabilia for the fans.


First Look – Brand New Releases

Led Zep IV Full Mock Up - The Framed Presentations celebrating the UK’s Music Giants – selling so fast they’ve gone Platinum!

New: Led Zeppelin IV Framed Vinyl Presentation

Now, after listening to many requests for other albums, I’m very pleased to be able to show you for the very first time, more definitive tributes to some other of the all time classic Brit artists. The Clash, Led Zeppelin, Blur, Coldplay and Mike Oldfield are now available to order – all set to worldwide editions of JUST 250Click here to see all the available presentations >>>

Coldplay Full Mock Up - The Framed Presentations celebrating the UK’s Music Giants – selling so fast they’ve gone Platinum!

New: Coldplay Framed Vinyl Presentation


If you click on one the links above or below, you’ll view a gallery of all the past and present Framed Vinyl Classics.  Some have sold out of their strictly limited worldwide editions, some are on their way to doing just that, and some, like today, are brand-new – hot off the press.


And what further adds to the limited status of each framed presentation – the element highly desired by collectors – are the official postage stamps.  Not only are they among the few issues to feature album covers, but some of the stamps are extremely scarce and are only available on the secondary market – you can’t get them from the post office and won’t see them on your letters.

You see, the stamps for the new presentations were released back in 2010, as part of Royal Mail’s Classic Album Covers issue.  Significantly, these stamps were issued before Facebook and Google – and the more effective means of showing these fantastic commemoratives direct to the fans.  In other words, many fans of these bands probably still aren’t aware these delightful pieces of memorabilia even exist!  Which I guess makes this, a bit of an inside track (no pun intended). 

Sgt Pepper Stamp - The Framed Presentations celebrating the UK’s Music Giants – selling so fast they’ve gone Platinum!

The official Royal Mail Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band Stamp

One final point of interest to collectors, many of these stamps are so limited that Stanley Gibbons, the authority on everything stamp related, state that the Classic Album Covers stamps have increased in value by over 100% since their release, whilst the Beatles stamps from 2007 have increased in value by whopping 200%!*

But don’t just take my word for it, nor the hundreds of collectors who have snapped up their own Framed Vinyl Classic.  See for yourself by clicking the link here and view the Framed Vinyl Classics gallery.

* Stanley Gibbons, Collect British Stamps 2016.

If you’re interested…

Click here to view the full Framed Vinyl Classics Gallery

Google has the answer to everything.  Well actually not quite everything, it seems…

qeii and prince philip wedding - Why the Queen & Prince Philip are literally 1 in a million (and Google doesn’t even know the answer)…

Her Majesty the Queen and HRH The Duke of Edinburgh at their Wedding in 1947

That’s because when I sat down to write this blog about the Queen and Prince Philip’s Platinum Wedding Anniversary in November this year, I thought it would be interesting to see how many couples actually celebrate 70 years of marriage.

The answer is Google doesn’t know.

And the more I dug around, the more I realised the reason why.  It’s incredibly rare.

So if Google can’t tell us, let’s see if we can come up with an answer.

Fundamental to the problem is that there is simply no central record of how long marriages last until one of the couple passes away.  But perhaps we can make some assumptions based on some of the statistics that the Office for National Statistics (ONS) do publish.

How likely are two people to both make it past their 90th Birthday?

In 1947 the median age for marriage was 23.7 for men and 20.5 for women[i], making Princess Elizabeth and Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten pretty typical of their generation, marrying aged 21 and 26.  It also means it’s fair to work on the basis that for nearly any couple celebrating their Platinum Wedding Anniversary, they are both going to be in their nineties.

So the chances for making it past the age of 90 in England and Wales is 0.8%[ii].  That means that the chances of two people BOTH making it is:

0.008 x 0.008 = 0.000064
0.0064% chance of two people both making it past their 90th birthday.

How many people were married in 1947?

Fortunately, it is much easier to uncover how many people married in 1947.  In fact 1947 is the very first year that the ONS not only holds data for the total number of marriages in England and Wales but also in which month they took place.[iii]

Certainly by choosing November, they were not following the trend.  In fact with fewer than 30,000 marriages that month, it was the third least popular month for weddings that year.

platinum wedding jersey proof five pound coin1 - Why the Queen & Prince Philip are literally 1 in a million (and Google doesn’t even know the answer)…

Overall, the young princess and her naval officer beau were one of 401,210 couples to tie the knot that year.  Statistics for Scotland and Northern Ireland appear more difficult to track down but it would be reasonable to extrapolate the numbers based on the overall UK population split, which suggests a figure for the whole of the UK.

466,000 UK marriages in 1947.

But what about divorces?

Data is not easily available for 1947 but it can be found for English and Welsh marriages in 1950[iv].  According to the ONS, 8.6% of marriages at that time ended in divorce, so we should discount them out from our 466,000 UK marriages.

466,000 x 91.4% = 426,000 non-divorce marriages in 1947.

How many Platinum Wedding Anniversaries might we expect this year?

So we have now have two critical pieces of data.  The chances of two people making it past the age of 90 – the realistic milestone age to celebrate a Platinum Wedding Anniversary – and the number of marriages in 1947 that did not end in divorce.

Based on that we can multiply the two numbers together to give us a pretty reasonable estimate of the number of couples who will celebrate 70 years of marriage this year.

426,000 x 0.0064% = 27 Platinum Wedding Anniversaries

So, although there are no official statistics to back it up, it seems likely that only around 30 couples will join the Queen and Prince Philip in celebrating their Platinum Wedding Anniversary this year.  Or to put it another way – just 60 people in the UK will mark 70 years of marriage in 2017 – that’s 1 in a million.

That’s why for me, forget the Jubilees; forget the birthdays.  For the Queen and Prince Philip their Platinum Wedding Anniversary is the pinnacle of their long list of incredible milestones.  And we, the British people, must join them in marking this historic moment.


platinum wedding commemoratives range banner1 - Why the Queen & Prince Philip are literally 1 in a million (and Google doesn’t even know the answer)…

poppy quote2 - How the Poppy Coin has raised over £450,000 for The Royal British Legion

Charles Byrne, Director of Fundraising at The Royal British Legion

As the distributor of the annual Poppy Coin we are proud to continue supporting The Royal British Legion each year.

The coins, which have often included colour or gold-plated elements, are some of the most innovative pieces struck for collectors over the last 6 years.

Yet owning a Poppy Coin means much more than simply collecting the latest interesting or historic commemorative coin.

Each coin owned by you has resulted in a donation to the work of The Royal British Legion providing financial, social and emotional support to all who have served and are currently serving in the British Armed Forces and their families.

rbl cheque presentation v3 e1429186207317 - How the Poppy Coin has raised over £450,000 for The Royal British Legion

The 2014 “100 Poppies” Coin broke all previous donation records

Last year we were delighted to raise a record amount of over £130,000 with the special First World War Centenary “100 Poppies” coin. And with over £450,000 raised for the RBL to date, we hope to break the £500,000 mark this year for total donations.

Louise Ajdukiewicz, Head of Corporate Partnerships at The Royal British Legion, says “These funds make a real difference to the charity and help us to continue our vital services supporting the whole Armed Forces community.”

Discover more about how the donations from the Poppy Coin helps The Royal British Legion support the Armed Services community.

But does owning a Poppy Coin provide an alternative to wearing a Poppy or donating directly to The Royal British Legion?  Of course not.

I’ll be making my annual donation to The Royal British Legion and wearing my Poppy with pride this year.  But I have also bought a silver Poppy Coin for each of my children in the knowledge that they will have a valuable reminder of the sacrifices of the First World War.

Own the new Remembrance Day £5 Poppy Coin for just £5 today

st 2015 poppy jersey cuni c2a35 for c2a35 coin both sides - How the Poppy Coin has raised over £450,000 for The Royal British Legion

The new 2015 Remembrance Day £5 Poppy Coin

New Poppy coins are made available during the Remembrance period from October each year and this year’s design will be a ‘numismatic ‘first’. The 2015 coin features a poppy wreath encircling the famous quote, ‘Lest we forget’ – the first time that a wreath design has been used on a poppy coin.

Click here to secure your coin for just £5 (postfree) – with a donation going directly to the Legion’s work.

Some examples of how The Royal British Legion supports the Armed Services community:

Care Homes – The Legion has six care homes to provide short and long term care for serving and ex-Service people and their dependants. Situated around the country, they offer a wide range of services including four with specialist dementia care. Care home communities include men and women of varied ages and abilities, and because these homes are exclusive to ex-Service people and their dependants, there is a unique camaraderie.

Break Centres – they offer much-needed breaks to ex-Service and serving personnel and their families, who may be recovering from an illness, bereavement or other life-affecting event. The Legion have four Break Centres located in prime locations around the country.

Handy Van Service – they provide essential and critical support to ex-service people who are unable to carry out household repairs or small jobs, helping them to remain independent in their own homes. The team of trusted handy people are also fully trained caseworkers enabling them to look out for other issues and people at risk in order to flag to the wider welfare team.

Benefits and Money Advice – they offer a confidential, face-to-face Benefits and Money Advice Service to help people manage their finances, including assisting them with making claims for state benefits and also dealing with money problems including debt.

Civvy Street – This service provides a range of information and advice on resettlement, learning and work. Civvy Street is designed to assist in-Service families, armed forces leavers and the veterans’ community adjust to civilian life and kick-start a new career.