2023 UK Darth Vader™ and Emperor Palpatine™ 50p coin design

Take a look at what makes the Dark Side so appealing…

So much thought and effort go into making coins the miniature works of art they are and designers will often include details for eagle-eyed collectors or knowing fans.

That’s true of the brand-new UK Darth Vader 50p. The coin, which features Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine, carries an authentic depiction of the two iconic villains, but the designer goes beyond that.

Click on the points below to learn more about the coin’s design and the Star Wars universe that inspired it.

Which specification are you choosing?

The UK Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine 50p coin is available in a range of different specifications. Click on the points below to find out more about each one.

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SIX new Coins celebrate 40 years since the Empire Strikes Back


You see, SIX brand new coins have been issued to celebrate the recent 40th anniversary of the release of the legendary STAR WARS film, The Empire Strikes Back!

And in my latest video I tell you everything you need to know!

If you’re interested…

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