The Battle of the Atlantic £2 Coin Set

The Battle of the Atlantic was a pivotal campaign during the Second World War, spanning from 1939 to 1945. It was the longest-lasting battle of the entire conflict, and 2023 marks the 80th anniversary of a crucial turning point known as ‘Black May.’ During this period, 25 percent of the German U-boat fleet was destroyed, signalling a significant shift in the tide of the war. To honour this historic event, a special three-coin Brilliant Uncirculated £2 set has been released.

Use the interactive image below to explore this brand new set and witness a Battle in the Atlantic.

Three Unique Designs

Renowned coin artist David Lawrence has crafted three distinct designs for this special set, each depicting a crucial moment from the Battle of the Atlantic. These designs not only serve as a testament to the bravery and sacrifices made by those who participated but also as an educational tool, reminding us of the importance of this historical event. Each coin tells a story.


Merchant ships are being targeted by a U-boat. You can see the periscope viewfinder as part of the design. By May 1945, in the Atlantic alone, over 2,200 British and Allied merchant ships had been sunk, totalling well over 13 million tons, as well as 100 Allied naval vessels and 600 RAF Coastal Command aircraft. Of these ships, no less than 2003 had been sunk by U-boats.


This design shows a map of the shipping lane main routes. There are silhouettes of the ships and U-boats; it also shows the key action zones during the ongoing battle.


The third coin depicts a scene of destruction where a U-boat has succeeded. A lifeboat is picking up survivors from the wreck as the burning ship sinks in the background.

Interactive image 2 - The Battle of the Atlantic £2 Coin Set
Various scenes from one of the many battles in the Atlantic

The coins in this set have been struck to a superior Brilliant Uncirculated quality. This means they are in pristine condition, free from the wear and tear found on circulating coins.

To preserve the quality of these commemorative coins for generations to come, they are presented in a stunning presentation pack. This protective housing not only adds to their visual appeal but also safeguards them from potential damage.

By owning this set, you not only possess a piece of history but also contribute to preserving the memory of those who fought valiantly during this critical campaign of World War II. Don’t miss the opportunity to reserve yours today and honour the heroes of the Battle of the Atlantic.

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The RBL’s specialist service: How collectors can make a difference

Since 2004 The Westminster Collection has been proud partners with the Royal British Legion, and throughout that time collectors like you have raised a remarkable £1.25 MILLION for the organisation!

This is an incredible amount that could enable the RBL’s dedicated frontline advisors to help over 7,590 people in the Armed Forces community and their families get access to the help that they need.

To mark this milestone, earlier this year we had the pleasure of presenting the Royal British Legion with a cheque from collectors for the staggering amount.

We also had the pleasure of meeting Robert Benham, Regional Lead – Admiral Nursing – Hampshire, who told us all about the important work of the RBL Admiral Nurse Service.

The Westminster Collection raises 1.25 million for The Royal British Legion - The RBL’s specialist service: How collectors can make a difference

And in today’s blog, we explain more about the specialist Admiral Nurse Service and share the story of Dorothy and Angus Weir…

What is the Admiral Nurses Service?

The Royal British Legion works in partnership with Dementia UK to provide Admiral Nurses – a specialist service helping the Armed Forces community and their families living with dementia.

RBL’s Admiral Nurses Service has been supporting families living with dementia since 2012, giving personalised and holistic support to the whole family. RBL Admiral Nurses give one-to-one support, expert guidance, and practical solutions to help the family to live well with their diagnosis and face the future with more confidence.

RBL nurses work in the community, supporting families through home visits and through telephone and video contact. Each family we support is under the care of a dedicated Admiral Nurse, who will support them throughout their time with the service.

Dorothy and Helen RBL Admiral Nurse Service - The RBL’s specialist service: How collectors can make a difference

Each nurse provides a range of support, advice, advocacy, and education to families, including:

  • Identifying potential needs amongst carers (such as depression and anxiety) that are often pushed into the background and arrange for or provide appropriate support.
  • Working with carers to build their confidence in their caring role and improve their mental wellbeing (for example reducing their feelings of loneliness and isolation… We support them to re-establish their relationship as a spouse, as well as supporting their role as a carer.
  • Listening to families’ concerns, helping to identify practical solutions to reduce the fear and stress faced by carers.
  • Explaining the reasoning behind advice given to the family by other professionals, helping to make complex information easily understandable during times of great difficulty.
  • Advocating for families, liaising with other bodies (such as GPs and community mental health teams) to make sure all the necessary support is in place.
  • Helping families prepare for end-of-life care or a move into a care home, and supporting them to transition and adjust to their new circumstances.

Each RBL Admiral Nurse supports approximately 45 families at any one time.

You can find out more about the RBL Admiral Nurses Service here.

Dorothy and Angus Weir

Dorothy lives in Swansea with her husband of 49 years, Angus. Dorothy’s family is steeped in military history, going back five generations. She grew up with a father who served in the Second World War, and a grandfather who served too.

Angus served in the Army with the 15th 19th The Kings Road Hussars for around 10 years, with postings in Germany, France, Norway and Libya.

Sadly, Angus has several health problems including bipolar disorder, vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Dorothy is his sole carer.

“Caring for Angus impacts my life massively,” says Dorothy. “His long-term memory is brilliant – he can talk about his time in the Army until the cows come home! But, he can’t tell you what happened yesterday.”

Dorothy and Angus RBL Admiral Nursing - The RBL’s specialist service: How collectors can make a difference

Last year, Dorothy was put in touch with the RBL’s Admiral Nurse service and since then they have provided her with practical advice, and emotional and psychological support.

Dorothy says: “When you become a carer for someone, that’s what identifies you. Even my children would describe me as ‘Dad’s carer’, so you lose some of who you are. The mental health team treated me as a carer, not as a wife, but Helen my Admiral Nurse focuses on me as me, as my own person.”

“She [Helen] talks to me about dementia, how it works, and has given me a lot of information I didn’t know.

“That helps me cope because I can understand what Angus is doing.

“We don’t just talk about Angus, we talk about crafting and our similar interests, which I don’t normally get to talk to about with anybody.

“I also talk to her about feeling lonely,” Dorothy adds. “I can have all the children here and still feel a bit lonely, and she understands that.

The funds raised by The Westminster Collection through sales of the Poppy Coins helps the Royal British Legion continue to provide its life-changing services like the Admiral Nurses.

Introducing the Official 2023 RBL Coin Range

For nearly 20 years, we’ve been proud to support the Royal British Legion, issuing coins and commemoratives in partnership of the organisation.

And we have just revealed this year’s, fully approved, one-year-only design

By ordering today, you’ll be directly supporting the RBL, allowing the charity to continue its incredible work providing financial, social and life-long support for the Armed Forces community.

AT RBL Poppy 2023 Coin Range Images V2 1 1024x386 - The RBL’s specialist service: How collectors can make a difference

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Monnaie de Paris’ Coronation Gift to King Charles III: A Solid Gold Medal

In 1953, when Queen Elizabeth II acceded the throne, the President of the French Republic – Vincent Auriol – gifted her a special Coronation present: a pure Gold medal.

There was just one produced worldwide, and it was struck in the workshops of Monnaie de Paris.

And now, in the Coronation year of King Charles III, President Emmanuel Macron has asked that the tradition be continued for His Majesty.

So, over 70 years later, Monnaie de Paris have curated a new special Gold medal as a Coronation present for the King.

King Charles III Gifting 1024x683 - Monnaie de Paris’ Coronation Gift to King Charles III: A Solid Gold Medal
Source: Monnaie de Paris

A Golden Gift: The Coronation Medal

The Chief General Engraver of Monnaie de Paris, Joaquin Jimenez, was elected to design the medal, turning his hand to what he said to be an “immense honour”.

Conforming to the tradition, Jimenez decided to depict King Charles III’s portrait facing to the left, the opposite side to Elizabeth II.

This unique portrait of King Charles III on the medal’s obverse presents His Majesty wearing his Navy Uniform.

The reverse design innovatively captures the intricacy of Highgrove House, where King Charles III mostly resides. The Royal Cypher also features, thoughtfully set against intertwining ivy which is symbolic of His Majesty’s affiliation for the Gordon Highlanders.

The Royal State Visit

The medal was presented to His Majesty King Charles III by President Emmanuel Macron on the King’s Royal State Visit to France.

King Charles III Gifting 2 1024x683 - Monnaie de Paris’ Coronation Gift to King Charles III: A Solid Gold Medal
Source: Monnaie de Paris

The three-day visit began with a ceremony at the Arc de Triomphe where a flypast from the Red Arrows and the French Air Force counterparts marked alliance between the two nations.

The King and President Macron went on to lay a wreath at the Eternal Flame, symbolising the endless sacrifices of French and British troops.

Monnaie de Paris’ Gift to Collectors…

But despite there being just one medal in the possession of King Charles III, Monnaie de Paris also wanted to create a gift for collectors too.

They designed and crafted replicas of the exact medal gifted to His Majesty, struck from solid Bronze and Sterling Silver.

And The Westminster Collection have been given worldwide exclusivity to sell them.

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