Celebrate Fourth of July with America’s most iconic coins

US coin collecting is one of the most competitive markets globally, which is no surprise given that the coins have some of the most interesting and iconic stories in the coin collecting world. US coins are in extremely high demand, especially in the UK where they rarely make it onto our shores.

As Americans celebrate their independence this week, I have picked out 5 of my favourite US coins to share with you.

The Flowing Hair Dollar

8 of the top 10 most expensive coins ever sold are American, with the Flowing Hair Dollar (1794-5) taking the top spot after it sold for an impressive $10,016,875. It’s thought that only 140 of these remarkable coins exist, so it is near on impossible to find one.

NNC US 1795 1 Flowing hair - Celebrate Fourth of July with America’s most iconic coins
The flowing hair dollar was the first ever dollar minted by the United States government

This coin was the first dollar coin ever issued by the United States Federal Government and featured an eagle and the bust of Liberty with flowing hair. It was minted in silver and its size and weight were based on the Spanish dollar, which was traded with regularly in the Americas.

The Morgan Dollar 1878-1921

The Silver Morgan Dollar has forever been associated with cowboys and outlaws. These coins could have been used for gambling by train robbers like Butch Cassidy or Jesse James. It’s even rumoured that cowboys would place them in their canteens to preserve water on long journeys.

US Morgan Dollar Philadelphia - Celebrate Fourth of July with America’s most iconic coins
1886 Morgan Dollar

The dollar drew its name from its designer “George T Morgan”, who created an effigy of Lady Liberty as a Goddess, and a reverse which included an eagle with outstretched wings. It’s said that less than 1 in 5 of these coins remain today, making them incredibly collectable and difficult to source.

‘No Cents’ Liberty Head Nickel 1883

Infamous Notorious and Scandalous U.S. Coin Set product page 1883 Liberty Head nickel - Celebrate Fourth of July with America’s most iconic coins
1883 Liberty Head Nickel

The first design for the No Cents Nickel failed to include the denomination and instead it included the Roman Numeral ‘V’. As the coins were the same size as a $5 coin, swindlers seized the opportunity to gold plate these coins and pass them off as $5 coins. Within the year the US Mint added the denomination to the coin.

The Roosevelt Dime 1946-64

Infamous Notorious and Scandalous U.S. Coin Set product page 1946 Roosevelt Dime - Celebrate Fourth of July with America’s most iconic coins
1946 Roosevelt Dime

After the death of Franklin Roosevelt in 1945, the nation’s only four term president, his portrait was subsequently used on Dimes as a memorial.

During his presidency, Roosevelt founded ‘March of the Dimes’, a charity founded in response to polio epidemics. Roosevelt’s image was chosen for the Dime in honour of his work with the charity, and his own battle with polio. This coin was symbolic for a nation in mourning, and many people collected the coin from their change.

The Franklin Half Dollar 1948-1964

Infamous Notorious and Scandalous U.S. Coin Set product page 1948 Franklin half dollar - Celebrate Fourth of July with America’s most iconic coins
1948 Franklin Half Dollar

This was the first half dollar to feature the portrait of a non-president on American Coinage. The words ‘Liberty, in God we trust’ surround a portrait of Benjamin Franklin, with the Liberty Bell on the reverse. This was initially a controversial coin, and there were public concerns about the initials of the designer ‘JRS’ being a reference to Stalin and communism, as well as the small eagle placed next to the bell. 

American coins give us some of the most interesting stories in history, and provide us with some of the most fascinating and collectable coins in the world. It’s no wonder that US coin collecting is becoming increasingly popular.

Infamous Notorious and Scandalous U.S. Coin Set product page box 300x208 - Celebrate Fourth of July with America’s most iconic coins

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  1. Mr. P. Beverton. on July 5, 2019 at 2:54 pm

    I find it hard to belIeve that a Silver Dollar could be worth over a Million Dollors at
    auction. It begs the question. Who was the valuer & what was the original value ?
    Also interesting is. How many bidders were there ? Fascinating stuff !
    Also. If you thought you had a rare coin where would you start to get it valued by
    a expert who could be trusted ? The British Museum ?

    • Kathryn Thompson on July 24, 2019 at 5:00 pm

      It’s a tough one with valuations as it’s very much subjective and comes down to what an individual collector is willing to pay to own that coin.
      The Royal Mint offers an authentication and valuation service for UK pre decimal coins, or you can contact a member of the British Numismatics Trade association, where you can find dealers specialising in world coins.
      Hope that helps! Kathryn

  2. Gordon Fairbairn on July 5, 2019 at 4:53 am

    Guys when I was in New York recently I got coins after buying ticket from subway machines. My change consisted of mostly $1 dollar coins with heads from past presidents up till I think Regan? I only have a few but would like to obtain a full set. Please tell me in the future you will consider minting or selling through these coins, I think the dollars might be as popular this side of the water? When buying items in a deli in Chelsea area the coins were scrutinised by shop assistants as if they dont see these much and are more used to $1 notes. Regards Gordon F

    • Kathryn Thompson on July 17, 2019 at 3:39 pm

      Wow that’s really interesting! It’s definitely something for us to consider. Thanks! Kathryn

  3. Abel Kwizera on July 4, 2019 at 3:28 pm

    I’ve really liked the coins,they look very nice.though very expensive

  4. Abel Kwizera on July 4, 2019 at 3:25 pm

    Very nice coins!!!
    When you look at them they look unique!!!!

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