Will this Heraldic Beast follow the SELL-OUT History?

Today, The Royal Mint have finally unleashed a BRAND-NEW UK 2023 coin to celebrate the most peculiar piece of the mighty Tudor dynasty: The Yale of Beaufort!

Join me and travel back to Henry VIII’s England to discover the origins of the Yale itself, what makes it the most eccentric creature in the Royal Tudor Beasts series so far, and how you can secure it in your favourite specification!

image - Will this Heraldic Beast follow the SELL-OUT History?

Landing in Tudor England…

If you have ever had the fortunate opportunity to visit Hampton Court Palace, you will know the heraldic creatures as more than just the reverse design of the Tudor Beasts coins. In fact, the stone sculptures of these ten formidable beasts that guard the Moat Bridge are one of the first things guests will see! However, back in the early 16th century, they were used for more than just spectacle…

In fact, they were originally erected to establish Henry VIII’s power and guard his right to rule.

image 1 - Will this Heraldic Beast follow the SELL-OUT History?

The Series

To commemorate the heraldic importance of these royal protectors, The Royal Mint’s regal ten-part Royal Tudor Beasts series feature reverse designs of the mythical creatures who represent the lineage of Henry VIII and his third wife Jane Seymour.

2022 saw the launch of the first coin in the series, The Seymour Panther. Symbolic of the strong union between Henry VIII and Jane Seymour, this coin SOLD-OUT in FIVE specifications!

The second coin of the collection, which features the oldest and most iconic beasts in heraldic art – The Lion of England – draws upon imagery of courage from as far back as the twelfth century!

And finally, the third coin in the series emphasises the most peculiar royal protector of them all: The Yale of Beaufort. With an antelope-like body, lion’s tail, and tusks of a boar, you can see why this creature is the most striking…

Yale of Beaufort

The Yale of Beaufort, the third beast to feature on the UK Tudor Beasts coin series, was closely associated with the powerful Beaufort family and helped to reinforce Jane Seymour’s authority and influence as the king’s new wife. If you look closely, you can see the creature holding the Arms of Jane Seymour

image 2 - Will this Heraldic Beast follow the SELL-OUT History?

The Yale of Beaufort £5 BU Pack

Created in collaboration with the experts at Historic Royal Palaces, this coin is available in the collector’s favourite specification – Brilliant Uncirculated quality to ensure it is free of the marks and scratches found on regular circulating coinage.

Tudor Beasts Yale of Beaufort BU Pack Inside - Will this Heraldic Beast follow the SELL-OUT History?

What’s more, each £5 coin will arrive protectively sealed in a bespoke Royal Mint presentation pack which delves deeper into the Yale of Beaufort’s history and heraldic importance!

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The EXTREMELY LIMITED 1oz Silver Proof edition

Struck from .999 silver to a stunning proof finish, David Lawrence’s imaginative reverse design is brought to life with such detailed minting!

However, The Yale of Beaufort 1oz Silver Proof coin has only 5,000 available worldwide, meaning it is 20% more rare than the previous Tudor Beasts’ release.

In fact, I have one more warning for you…

We only have 300 available for our most dedicated collectors!

To put this into context, the UK 2022 Seymour Panther coin’s larger worldwide edition limit of 6,000 SOLD-OUT within mere hours of release at The Royal Mint!

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