Royal Mint confirms lowest ever edition limit for new Piedfort release

The Royal Mint has confirmed the release of the LOWEST EVER edition limit for a Silver Proof Piedfort £5 Coin.

This release marks HRH the Duke of Edinburgh’s record-breaking 70 years of service to Her Majesty the Queen and the United Kingdom and comes on the heels of the standard £5 Silver Proof’s 24 hour recent sell out.

Piedfort coins are the pinnacle for serious collectors. Struck on superior double-thickness blanks finished to the very highest proof standard, they are always popular and usually sell-out at the Mint quickly upon release.

The UK 2017 Prince Philip Silver Piedfort £5

Importantly, it coin has been strictly limited to just 1,250 pieces worldwide, a tiny amount, especially when you consider the popularity of the other specifications. In fact, it’s actually the lowest EVER edition limit for a UK £5 Piedfort coin.

We expect a full sell-out. And fast.



The UK Prince Philip Silver Piedfort will be available from 10th November but can be pre-ordered now.

The UK 2017 Prince Philip Silver Piedfort £5

If you’re interested…

You can pre-order one of the Prince Philip Silver Piedfort Coins by clicking here now >>

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9 Responses to Royal Mint confirms lowest ever edition limit for new Piedfort release

  1. APEX Tangible Assets says:

    There’s at least two main perspectives one can view ever smaller mintage limits…
    – On the optimistic side, one could view such a low mintage as being The Royal Mint utilising one of the few ways within their control providing Serious Collectors an opportunity to own a truly rare modern coin (standard proof for standard collectors, Piedfort for the Numismatist by occupation as well as hobby etc)
    – As the Perth Mint discovered in the late 1990’s, if an issuing authority is careless about ensuring the demand for the products they already release exceeds that of the mintage limit, it is one thing to Mint 10 slightly different versions of the same coin (take Privy Kookaburras for example), each with a “Strictly Limited Worldwide Mintage” however not only does the mint inadvertently devalue the original product by making the central image far more common, versions of the coins that never “sold out” (demand meeting supply) initially become less valuable than those that have reached their mintage limit creating a vicious cycle wherein the fact a coin isn’t selling becomes the very reason it’s not selling.
    Regardless, even these “unwanted” coins still have some upside potential for the long term as once the official mintage have been declared & the oversupply long forgotten, these can become amongst some of the lowest mintage coins ever released by the mint in question.
    It is far better to have a very low mintage and ensure a sellout than overestimate and have customers assume that nobody wants them.

  2. Thuy-Sokhon Hong says:

    I have been trying to look for five images of the old rounded £1. coins which is at its end of value of the circulation on 15th October 2017.

    I knew that now even the bank do not keep this old rounded £1.coin longer than one day.
    I wonder if you could please arrange to send it me and I will pay you its values as soon as I receive those 5 images £1. coins: Crown, Edinburgh, London, cadiff & two types of flowers. Note those coins all have Queen’s face on other side of coin.

  3. Marc bates says:

    How much for this please marc bates


    Thank you for your offer for these coins,I do not wish to purchase them, nor do I
    want anymore offers.
    Please take both my email address and home address off your mailing list as it no longer of any use to yourselves as I do not require any further correspondence

  5. John L. Peel says:

    Yes I would like to buy this coin please.

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