Meet the FOUR new Beatrix Potter 50p coins…

Four new Beatrix Potter 50p silver coins have been revealed by The Royal Mint. Benjamin Bunny, Mr. Jeremy Fisher, and Tom Kitten all feature for the first time on UK coinage – whilst Peter Rabbit scampers back onto our currency for the second year in a row.

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The four coins issued in 2016 created a collecting frenzy, crashing The Royal Mint’s website and selling out within days. And these new character coins are just as cute, just as evocative, and importantly – just as collectable.

Here’s a first look at the new silver coins, with details of when they are available…

peter rabbit 2017 ag proof - Meet the FOUR new Beatrix Potter 50p coins...

The 2017 Peter Rabbit UK Silver 50p Coin

2017 Peter Rabbit 50p

Everyone’s favourite mischievous bunny is back – pictured in a familiar pose dashing away… presumably from Mr McGregor’s garden.

Probably Beatrix Potter’s most familiar character, the coin is bound to be sought-after.

Last year’s Silver Proof Peter Rabbit coloured coin now changes hands on Ebay for up to £400, underlining its collectability.

jeremy fisher 2017 silver proof - Meet the FOUR new Beatrix Potter 50p coins...

The 2017 Jeremy Fisher UK Silver 50p Coin

2017 Mr. Jeremy Fisher 50p

This silver 50p, due to be released in June, pictures the unlucky frog Mr. Jeremy Fisher – who only wanted to catch some fish for dinner for his friends but ends up almost being eaten by a trout.

Each of the Silver Proof editions is limited to just 30,000 coins. Given the level of demand for last year’s series this may well not be enough for everyone that wants one.


tom kitten 2017 silver proof - Meet the FOUR new Beatrix Potter 50p coins...

The 2017 Tom Kitten UK Silver 50p Coin

2017 Tom Kitten 50p

Available late July, the Tom Kitten Silver 50p features the original illustration from the front cover of Beatrix Potter’s book. The naughty kitten appeals to children everywhere with his  antics and is another favourite character from the series.

All four coins have been struck to a fine ‘proof finish.’ It really brings the designs to life – and is often referred to as ‘the collector’s favourite’ due the high level of craftmanship required to achieve the result.

benjamin bunny 2017 silver proof - Meet the FOUR new Beatrix Potter 50p coins...

The 2017 Benajmin Bunny UK Silver 50p Coin

2017 Benjamin Bunny 50p

The last coin to be made available (slated for September) introduces another of the Rabbit family. Benjamin Bunny is Peter’s Cousin and leads him on another jaunt into Mr. McGregor’s garden. The illustration featured on the coin is taken from the original front cover.

I’m sure you’ll agree, these four coins are the perfect continuation of the series, and really capture the nostalgic charm of Beatrix Potter’s original stories.

But if there’s one lesson you can take from last year, make sure you get yours early – before they sell out!

peter rabbit certified bu - Meet the FOUR new Beatrix Potter 50p coins...If you’re interested…

You can see the full range of Certified BU UK coins here…

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  1. alan says:

    are all 9 silver proof beatrix potter one thought it wos last 4

  2. Abdulkadir Patel says:

    Hi i m interested to buy coin .will you plz send me email every time when is due to order please

  3. wayne burgess says:

    great iam looking fourward to getting my hands on some

  4. ray burns says:

    when can I place my order for the ..four new Beatrice potter 50p coins minted in silver,,please advise

  5. Karl says:

    Hi i ordered the new coins holder and was told I’ll receive a free Peter rabbit but it doesn’t show on my order form will i still receive this? Thanks

  6. William Hutchin says:

    Will each of these new Beatrix Potter 50ps be available to by as a regular coin please?

  7. Donna says:

    Hi just placed an order but is it for coloured coins

  8. Christina sheridan says:

    I just reserved mine from westminster off facebook

  9. Sandra Graveson says:

    When will the new beatrix potter 50p coins on release to the public thank you

  10. Sandra Graveson says:

    When are the new beatrix potter 50p coin on sale for general release please

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