Britain’s most popular EVER 50p – and how you can WIN one…

The 2016 Peter Rabbit Silver Proof Coloured 50p Coin

The 2016 Peter Rabbit Silver Proof Coloured 50p Coin

29 February 2016 – the release date of the Peter Rabbit 50p – will go down in the record books as one of the most remarkable days in coin collecting history. 

Because in just a few days all 15,000 coloured Silver Proof Peter Rabbit 50ps had SOLD OUT – making it the fastest selling and most popular Silver UK 50p coin EVER.

And they could have sold more – thousands of collectors were left disappointed. Nowadays, on the rare occasion a coin comes up for sale, it will go for around £400 on Ebay. Not a bad return for a coin that originally cost £55!

WIN this Peter Rabbit Coloured Silver 50p!

WIN this Peter Rabbit coloured Silver Proof 50p!

You can win this Peter Rabbit 50p – they change hands for up to £500 on Ebay!

Now, one year on, we have managed to get hold of one of these ultra-rare coins in pristine condition (with all original packaging) and here’s how you can WIN it…

Simply enter your details below and we will draw one luck winner out of the hat on 5 April 2017. It’s that easy – so good luck and fingers crossed!

Unfortunately the competition is now closed – the winner has been notified by email.

Terms & Conditions

1. No purchase is necessary to enter.
2. The draw will take place on 5 April and the winner will be notified on that day by email to the email address provided.
3. The winner will receive the “Peter Rabbit Coloured Silver 50p”.  There is no cash alternative.
4. Participants agree to meet reasonable requests to assist publicity if required.
5. The prize draw is promoted by The Westminster Collection, trading division of 288 Group Ltd.
6. Employees of 288 Group and their families are not eligible to enter.

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288 Responses to Britain’s most popular EVER 50p – and how you can WIN one…

  1. Terry McElligott says:

    So who won this on the 5th April?


  2. Paul says:

    Just a money making racket. You’ve got to be a millionaire to collect these days.


  3. Robert Cairns says:

    I have a new boy in my life and his name is Isaac , he would love this in his time capsule am doing for him xx


  4. linda says:

    It would be great to win a coin. I’m a huge Beatrix potter fan and would love to own this coin


  5. Chris Carter says:

    Hello. I have managed to get 2 2017 silver proof coloured peter rabbit coins. They are due to be delivered. I was wondering if you could by any chance do a swap 🙏 I have 2 granddaughters and have the rest of the set in 2016 but not Peter rabbit ☹️ I would love to do a swap so I have a set of each for granddaughters.


  6. hayley storr says:

    Today is the day! Still waiting for that o so special email from peter rabbit. ! 😕


  7. Mrs M Rowell says:

    Would be a lovely addition for our great granddaughter ‘s collection this Christmas Day .
    We have already purchased her the Beatrix Potter Celebration 150th year box set .
    We also bought all 22 coloured Peter Rabbit book set on Kindle
    And the 3 grandchildren are getting the new 50p sets .
    A family crazy for Peter Rabbit.


  8. Julie chester says:

    I have my fingers and toes crossed


  9. Emma Kerrigan says:

    How cute! I hope i win 🙂


  10. Daz says:

    One coin “ONLY” up for grabs, we’re all hoping for a lot arnt we !! 99% Don’t hold ya breathe, coz we are all in for a big disappointment.


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