New 50p coins to enter circulation for Platinum Wedding Anniversary

In just a few weeks’ time something remarkable happens.  Her Majesty the Queen and HRH Prince Philip celebrate 70 years of marriage – their Platinum Wedding Anniversary

You probably know someone who has celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary (50 years of marriage).  You may even know someone who has reached 60 years – their Diamond Wedding Anniversary.  But I’d be happy to place a small wager that you don’t know anyone who has managed 70 years of marriage.

platinum wedding iom 50p all amends 1 - New 50p coins to enter circulation for Platinum Wedding Anniversary

4 of the 8 Platinum Wedding 50p Coins

That’s because only around 30 couples in the whole of the UK ever reach that milestone each year.  Or to put it another way – the Queen and Prince Philip are literally one in a million.

And to mark the occasion, eight special commemorative 50p coins have been issued. It is the VERY FIRST time that British Isles specification 50p coins have been struck to mark a key royal wedding anniversary such as this.

Most importantly, these coins have been authorised by the Isle of Man Treasury, have full legal status AND a very limited number will enter circulation in the Isle of Man.

The UK’s most collectable coins…

The 50p coin has rapidly become the UK’s most collectable coin spurred on by the release of the Olympic 50p coins and, more recently, the incredible demand for the UK’s Beatrix Potter coins.

platinum wedding iom 50p all amends 2 - New 50p coins to enter circulation for Platinum Wedding Anniversary

The further 4 Platinum Wedding 50p Coins

And that’s why these issues are so important. 

British Isles 50p coins like this rarely turn up in your change in the UK, making them some of the most sought-after circulating coins around.

As the first major Royal wedding anniversary to feature on any British Isles standard specification 50p coins, this is a very significant moment.

A moment that’s made even more important due to the incredible milestone 70 years of marriage represents.

platinum wedding 50p coin - New 50p coins to enter circulation for Platinum Wedding Anniversary

The first of the eight Platinum Wedding 50p coins can be yours for just £3.99.

How you can own the new coins…

Start collecting the new Platinum Wedding 50p coins, struck to superior Brilliant Uncirculated Collector Quality for your special introductory price of just £3.99.

Click here to secure yours now >>

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45 Responses to New 50p coins to enter circulation for Platinum Wedding Anniversary

  1. Ray Heathcote says:

    Again could you please forward me the correct arrangement for placing them in the album. Also my delivery yesterday states that it is the last ,along with the free coin but I don’t appear to have the one which depicts the royal couple riding in the carriage or the one where they are looking at the wedding picture albums.
    If there are eight coins in the set I only have three intermediate insertion panels which only hold six coins.
    Many thanks and look forward to your reply.

  2. CARL SNEWIN says:

    Hi I have purchased a second hand Platinum Royal Wedding album and coins and could do with the sheet to match coins to album many thanx Carl

  3. John Rankin says:

    Hi Robin, Could you let me know the mintage figures as well as the order the coins should go in also. I was also wondering how I would go about ordering the coins again? I only see the first coin on the website.

    • Robin Parkes says:

      Hi John, it’s actually a monthly collection, so if you order the first coin you will receive the rest in due course. You can see more details about monthly collections here: I will certainly arrange for the ordering info to be sent to you. The first coin has an edition limit of 70,000. Thanks, Robin.

  4. Carl Hinchcliffe says:

    Hi, same question as every one else i’m afraid.
    Just got my last three coins today and don’t know the order they go in.
    Also, does anyone know the mintage figures for each yet?

    • Robin Parkes says:

      Hi Carl, no worries I’ll get a copy emailed to you. The Brilliant Uncirculated coins in the collection have an edition limit of 60k each, apart from the first coin which is 70k. Thanks, Robin.

  5. Rob Cann says:


    I have now completed my Platinum Wedding 50p Collection. Unfortunately, upon unwrapping them all things got very mixed up.
    Please can you advise me as to which coin goes where on the sheets?

    Kind regards

    • Robin Parkes says:

      Hi Rob, glad to hear you’ve completed the set! I will get an info sheet emailed to you with the ordering. Thanks! Robin.

  6. Stein James says:

    Hello I already have some of these coins and I just want to fill my collections where is best to get these specific coins from?

  7. Robert says:

    Hi Robin, I have just received the final Platinum wedding coins, but could you please tell me in what order do they go in the album. Thanks.

  8. Steve says:

    Morning Robin, I also have the same query as others of which order these wedding 50p coins go in. also when will the 6, 7 and 8th coin be posting as I haven’t received them yet

    • Robin Parkes says:

      Hi Steve, no worries I will get it forwarded to you. The coins should be despatched on a roughly monthly basis so depending on when you last had one it should be a month after that. Thanks, Robin.

  9. stacey elkington says:

    Hi there could I also have some info regarding the order etc please .. many thanks

  10. Pete Allwood says:

    I have purchased the album and coins. What order do the coins go in the album as I can’t match them up to the description? Thanks

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