Why this year’s official Poppy coin is one of the most poignant yet…

The official new Poppy Coin has just been issued in support of The Royal British Legion and this year the design features the stylised poppy that’s synonymous with the Legion with particularly poignant wording from the ‘Ode of Remembrance’.

I caught up with designer Christopher Lloyd to ask him about the story behind his design:


Christopher Lloyd, designer of the Official Poppy Coin 2017

“As the coin is the only official coin to support The Royal British Legion, the most important part of the coin had to be the Legion’s stylised poppy. I wanted to make this the centrepiece of the coin so decided to highlight the poppy in full colour.”

“The brief this year was to use the wording from Laurence Binyon’s famous poem ‘For the Fallen’ which was written during the First World War. I felt the words ‘We Will Remember Them’ were particularly poignant, especially as it forms part of the ‘Ode of Remembrance’ which is recited at remembrance services across the world, so I gave these special words the same red highlighting as the poppy itself to make it really stand out”.

Designing the 2017 Remembrance Poppy Coin

2017 Remembrance Poppy Coin Design Sketches

“It has been an honour to design the 2017 Poppy coin and I hope it helps to support the important work of The Royal British Legion.”

A coin for every collection

A whole range of different coin specifications are to be struck, meaning there is a coin for every collection. From a special Proof quality cupro-nickel £5 coin – right up to an astonishing 5oz Gold edition, the new Poppy Coin is undoubtedly a moving tribute for Remembrance Day and it’s certainly one of my favourites.

Officially issued in support of The Royal British Legion

To support the work of The Royal British Legion, The Westminster Collection have organised for a donation from the sale of each coin to go directly to the charity, helping them to continue to provide financial, social and emotional support to all who have served and are currently serving in the British Armed Forces and their families.


2017 Remembrance Poppy Gold-Plated Proof Coin

If you’re interested…

The 2017 Remembrance Gold-Plated Proof £5 Poppy Coin is available now.

Click here for more details and to add one to your collection today…

A donation from the sale of each coin will go directly to The Royal British Legion.

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  1. Marion says:

    Is there a limit to how many I can buy

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