Battle of Waterloo commemorative issued… by France!

The Battle of Waterloo This year will mark the bi-centennial anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo in 1815. But, despite Napoleon’s defeat taking place a distant 200 years ago, it seems that it is still a delicate subject for the French… or is it?

In March, Belgium planned to issue a €2 commemorative Waterloo coin in honour of the historic event. However, after 180,000 coins were minted with the design, France voiced such objection that Belgium destroyed the coins to avoid upsetting their neighboring country.

The coin was subject of many tweets...

But earlier this week Belgium crushed the French resistance by invoking a little-known European Union rule.  It allows countries to issue euro coins of their choice, provided they are in an irregular denomination – cue a new €2.50 coin – a first in Belgium.

The coin displays the Lion Hill memorial that marks the battle, with dotted-lines indicating the position of the troops when forces led by Britain and Prussia defeated Napoleon in the countryside near Brussels.


But, ironically, it was the French who issued one of the first Waterloo Commemoratives…

French Battle of Waterloo Medal

Remarkably, the French State Mint issued a Battle of Waterloo Medal after Napoleon’s defeat in 1815. It was designed for sale in the British market by renowned French sculptor Emile Rogat, depicting a fallen eagle on the reverse, symbolising the French Army.

The eagle is encircled by four vultures to represent the victorious British, Prussians, Austrians and Dutch and the obverse features an official effigy of Napoleon. It became a piece of history, stored in the British Museum.

It’s a great time for collectors during huge anniversaries such as this, as there are so many fascinating coins and commemoratives issued. But perhaps it’s time France looked back at their own history before they complain again!

If you’re interested… ST-Waterloo-200th-Bronze-Medal-Web-Images

You can actually own a replica of the 1815 French Medal now in the British Museum, reproduced using the original dies.

Click here to find out more…

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12 Responses to Battle of Waterloo commemorative issued… by France!

  1. William McCoy says:

    great news thanks so much, how will i go about doing this


  2. william mccoy says:

    Hi Terry
    i am having a lot of trouble finding any info on the Battle of Waterloo medals,,,,such as napoleon, emperor Francis 1, Tsar Alex 1 ,and King Frederick William 111, can you help


  3. Steven young says:

    Am interested off owning one Pls
    Also owning a 2.50 Belgium euro coin


  4. Terry Mc says:

    What about the 2.50 Belgium Euro Waterloo coin, can we purchase that ?


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