500 Years of Kings and Queens… on coins!

The history of the British Isles has been defined by many different monarchs, all of which have had an impact on our nation’s rich heritage. And all of them (except King Edward VIII) have had coins issued bearing their likeness, whether they be silver, bronze or gold.

So I put together the timeline below to give you a glimpse of currency from centuries ago and take you on a historic numismatic journey...

A Numismatic Timeline of British and English King & Queens - featuring 22 coins

22 coins from 22 monarchs. Leave a comment below and tell us which one is your favourite.

If you’re interested… Coins of the Realm

You can own all of this history in this exclusive framed set, ready to hang straight away. It features five original coins alongside specially cast replicas of the rarer issues.

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4 Responses to 500 Years of Kings and Queens… on coins!

  1. John Baxter says:

    Should it read William IV not William VI (1830) and George IV not George VI (1820)

  2. Valerie Snow says:

    Nice idea. Pity you couldn’t get the Roman numerals correct for all of the monarchs.

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