What’s your coin of the year?

Coin of the Year 2014

We have selected our top ten shortlist of the most popular coin designs of the year – which one is your favourite?

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A) The Jersey 2014 70th Anniversary of D-Day £5

Jersey 2014 70th Anniversary of D-Day £5

Celebrating 70 years since the heroics of D-Day, this £5 coin from Jersey depicted a soldier landing on the beaches during the epic conflict.

B) The Canada 2014 Royal Generations 1oz Silver Coin

2014 Canada 2014 Royal Generations 1oz Silver Coin

For the first time ever, four generations of the Royal Family were engraved on this Canadian $20 coin. Also of note is the fact that the coin shows the direct line of succession for the throne.

C) The Jersey 2014 ‘100 Poppies’ £5 Coin

The 2014 '100' Poppies 5 Pound Coin

Issued in support of the Royal British Legion, this coin grabbed the headlines with its 100 engraved poppies, one for each year since the outbreak of World War I in 1914.

E) The Guernsey 2014 First World War Centenary £5 Coin

The 2014 Guernsey First World War Centenary £5 Coin

Issued to commemorate the Centenary of World War I, this emotive coin from Guernsey features lines from Laurence Binyon’s famous poem ‘For the Fallen’ alongside a uniformed soldier.

F) The UK 2014 Commonwealth Games 50p

The 2014 UK Commonwealth Games 50p

In July the Commonwealth Games was held in Glasgow – and the nation really got behind ‘the friendly games.’ The Royal Mint issued this 50p featuring a runner and a cyclist alongside text in the ‘arts and crafts’ style.

G) The Cook Islands 2014 Moldavite Meteorite Impact Coin

The Moldavite Meteorite Impact Coin

Surely one of the most innovative coins of the year – this remarkable concave coin features a real piece of Moldavite – a mineral created during a meteorite collision with the Earth millions of years ago.

H) The UK 2014 ‘Year of the Horse’ Silver Coin

The 2014 UK Year of the Horse Silver £2 Coin

In 2014 the Royal Mint decided to copy the other established mints of the world and introduce a ‘lunar’ coin, principally for export to China. An unusual departure for our coinage, it’s nonetheless an energetic and lively depiction of a horse.

I) The Cook Islands 2014 Tyrannosaurus Rex Coin

The Tyrannosaurus Rex Coin

Containing a hidden secret, this photographic T-Rex coin reveals the skeleton of the dinosaur when a UV light is shone over the surface.

J) The Guernsey 2014 Reflections of a Reign Coronation Coin

The Reflections of a Reign Coronation Coin

Looking back at some of the key moments of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign, this Guernsey coin features an engraving of the young Queen, alongside a full colour photograph of her Coronation ceremony.

K) The UK 2014 Lord Kitchener £2 Coin

The 2014 UK First World War Centenary Lord Kitchener £2

One of the most talked about coins of the year, this British £2 coin reproduced the iconic ‘Your Country Needs You’ poster which symbolised the early years of the First World War.

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15 Responses to What’s your coin of the year?

  1. sharon safe says:

    Definitely the year of the horse

  2. susan Balderson says:

    It was hard to choose all the coins are really good .

  3. pat H says:

    Very fitting and a good design

  4. lynda higgins says:

    I love the anual poppy coin and bargain at 5 pound for 5 pound

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