National UK £5 Coin Ballot Announced

A national ballot has just been announced to enable 1,000 lucky collectors the chance to own the Queen’s 90th Birthday £5 Coin for its face value.

273w 2016 uk 5 coin ballot 1 - National UK £5 Coin Ballot Announced

The 2016 Queen’s 90th Birthday £5 Coin

The Royal Mint stopped making the nation’s flagship £5 coins available for its face value in 2012. However, the new ballot means that the British public once again has the chance to own the new UK £5 coin for £5.

The History of the £5 Coin

Traditionally, major British events were celebrated with commemorative crowns, which had a face value of 25p, or 5 shillings prior to decimalisation in February 1971.  But in 1990 the face value was increased to £5 to give the coin a value consistent with its weight and size.

coins - National UK £5 Coin Ballot Announced

£5 coins are the flagship coins of the UK and are used to commemorate some of our most important royal events and anniversaries.

The first ever £5 Crown Coin was The Queen Mother’s 90th Birthday Crown Coin, with other popular issues include The Queen and Prince Philip’s 50th Golden Wedding in 1997, The Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Crown in 1999, and the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar in 2005.

Commenting on the launch of the ballot, The Westminster Collection Chairman, Stephen Allen said: “I’m delighted to finally be able to offer at least some UK collectors the chance to own the UK £5 coin for its face value”

The ballot opens at 10am on Friday 15th January and will close at 5pm on 29th February.

The ONLY way to own Britain’s new UK £5 for £5

Click here to find out how you can own the 2016 UK 90th Birthday £5 for it’s face value.