Coins and Stamps in Investment Top 10 List

Coutts – bankers to the Queen –  have confirmed coins and stamps as lucrative hobby investments…

The Coutts Passion index tracks the rate at which the price of hobby investments has risen, and its increase of 80% between 2005 and 2014 proves that there is money to be made for those who decide to turn their hobby into an investment.

Stamp and coin collecting both made the top 10 in recent news, despite having been around for hundreds of years these collecting pastimes remain just as popular today…

200 Million Collectors

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Postage stamp collecting is still enjoyed by around 200 million people worldwide

In fact, it’s estimated that around 200 million people worldwide still enjoy collecting stamps to this very day. An impressive figure considering the technological advances that the world has seen over the years and new fads and crazes that have developed.

Ranked in 9th place by Coutts – philately is still widely recognised by many as a popular collectible hobby.

Postage stamp collecting began at the same time that stamps were first issued, and by the 1860’s thousands of collectors and stamp dealers were appearing around the world as this new study and hobby spread across Europe.

Collecting stamps for investment purposes is viewed as a hedge against inflation and devalued currencies. Perhaps not as popular for younger audiences as it once was, stamp collecting is still considered to be a worthwhile hobby – which can be both rewarding and profitable to the collector.

Ranked at number 3 in the Coutts top 12 list, is coin collecting. Last year prices for old coins grew at a rate of 9% and over the 10 year period between 2005 and 2014 they have risen a staggering 176%

Top 3 Position

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The Kew Gardens 50p often sells for up to £30 (60 times its face value)

People have kept coins for their bullion value for as long as coins have been minted, however, the collection of coins for their artistic value came much later.

Today, coin enthusiasts are still hunting for collectible coins to add to their collections. There are many different areas within numismatics which range from theme, metal, currency, era and country.

Keith Heddle of Stanley Gibbons, puts coins’ enduring popularity down to “their tangibility and literal link to money, wealth and precious metals”.

So, it’s good news for collectors. With coins like the undated 20p and the Kew Gardens 50p which can simply be found in loose change, the return on their investment stands to be even higher in percentage terms.

Stamps, along with coins, are the only two alternative investments on the Telegraph’s list that have not lost money in any given year since 2005.

Whilst it’s always nice to hear about coin and stamp values rising, we always recommend that you collect first and foremost for the enjoyment of the hobby.

The most lucrative ‘hobby investments’ over 10 years

  1. Classic cars
  2. Old Master and 19th Century art
  3. Old coins
  4. Rare musical instruments
  5. Post-war and contemporary art
  6. Jewellery
  7. Rugs and carpets
  8. Impressionist and modern art
  9. Stamps
  10. Fine wine
  11. Traditional Chinese works
  12. Watches

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