metal detector - How far would you go to guard your coin collection?

Could you be next?

Devon man Laurence Egerton decided to camp outside for THREE DAYS to protect his coins from potential thieves – however, he had just discovered the third largest hoard of Roman coins ever uncovered in the UK.

Almost 22,000 Roman coins from the reign of Emperor Constantine were discovered by the amateur metal detectorist in Seaton, East Devon.  Now called the ‘Seaton Down Hoard’, it was declared treasure at a Devon Coroner’s inquest on Friday 12th September 2014.

His discovery is one of the biggest hoards of 4th century Roman coins to ever be recorded in Britain – after the Frome Hoard of 52,503 found in 2010, and 22,703 coins found in Dorset in 1989.

The copper alloy coins also happen to be one of the best preserved 4th century collections to have been excavated.

The asking price for the hoard will be decided by the British Museum’s Treasure Valuation Committee later this year, but it just goes to show, there could even be a Roman hoard in your back garden!

imagegen 5 - How far would you go to guard your coin collection?

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