“Do you own a scarce Olympic 50p?” UPDATE: Triathlon kicks Football off Olympic 50p top spot

In August last year, we reported the Football 50p to be the scarcest of the Olympic 50p designs according to our Olympic 50p Swap Centre data.  So how have things changed over the last 6 months?

Triathlon is now the most in demand Olympic 50p

Triathlon is now the most in demand Olympic 50p

Well the news is that Triathlon has kicked Football off the top-spot with the latest information revealing the following are the top 5 most requested designs:

  1. Triathlon
  2. Wresting
  3. Judo
  4. Football
  5. Rowing

The Brownlee Effect?

Of course you might be forgiven for thinking that Brownlee brothers’ success at the Olympics boosted demand and perhaps it played a small part.  However, the biggest influence is how the Royal Mint has released the coins into circulation.

Unfortunately, we are unlikely to know the final figures of how many of each coin was distributed for another 3 and a half years, when the Royal Mint releases mintage information but I am pretty sure top 5 most wanted will be amongst the lowest mintage numbers.

Of course, in the meantime, if you are looking to complete your Olympic 50p Collection you can register to find other collectors to swap with absolutely FREE at the Olympic 50p Swap Centre.




About Sarah Leavesley

Online Editor for The Westminster Collection, the UK's leading mail order business selling coins, stamps and other collectables.
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8 Responses to “Do you own a scarce Olympic 50p?” UPDATE: Triathlon kicks Football off Olympic 50p top spot

  1. Chris Goodwin says:

    I av 2 triathlon 1judo 1netball 1rowing. and 2 comenwelth games Glasgow triathlon 3 Peter rabbit and ex £13.50 in unusual 50p.s. and £ 20 in£2coins


  2. I got the basketball 5p coin .OLIMPIC 2011


  3. Huw jones says:

    I have most 50pence also two pounds Irish coins notes old banks old coins gold silver old worlds banks noes.but not to swap sori bee a collecter for years thanks huw


  4. Amina says:

    Hi, I have the boxing, swimming and cycling Olympic 50p coin and I am wanting to sell them as well. If anyone is interested then please contact me.


  5. Huw coins says:

    Sorry I must have read your repay two my last massage my regards huw but i do have 50p two pounds coins two sell I’m not subsidiing he’s my list if eny one is interesting 50p coins triathlon tennis football boxing garden wheelchair rugby and mot of other 50p and two pounds rare coins meny thanks ask eny questions meny thanks huw s coins


  6. Huw coins says:

    I have a 50p. Triathlon and most others football I would like two sell them menu thanks huw


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