World exclusive Poppy-shaped coins to raise money for The Royal British Legion

At this time of year, millions of us wear our Poppies with pride as a mark of respect to the bravery of the Armed Forces and in remembrance of those who have paid the ultimate price in the defence of their country.

The Poppy appeal is the highest-profile campaign organised each year by leading UK charity The Royal British Legion to raise funds and to highlight the care and support they provide to serving military personnel and their families.

The Westminster Collection is delighted to support the charity’s work again this year. Since 2004, sales of its commemorative coins have helped to raise over £185,000 in donations – a figure set to rise further this year.

The first ever 22 Carat Gold RBL Coin to feature a poppy textured finish

New for 2012
Issued by Jersey in a number of specifications, 2012’s stunning range includes two world exclusives  the first ever RBL Gold coin to feature a poppy textured finish plus the largest ever Poppy-shaped coin struck in ten full ounces of Sterling Silver

The world’s largest ever Poppy-shaped Coin

 Jersey: pioneer of the Poppy-shaped coin
The unique Poppy-shaped coin has proved popular since it was introduced in 2008; only the designs have varied slightly. In 2008, ‘1918’ was included to mark ninety years since the end of World War I.

Similarly, the reverse of the 2011 coin featured a central ‘90’ in gold ink in recognition of The Legion’s 90th anniversary.

The £5 Silver coin from the first ever Poppy-shaped range launched in 2008

Struck to mark The Legion’s 90th anniversary

Lest we forget
The Poppy-shaped coin continues to be acollector’s favourite due to its unique shape and the money it raises for The Royal British Legion, who in its commitment to conflicts past and present, remains as relevant today as it was 90 years ago.

See The Westminster Collection’s full range of Commemorative Poppy Coins


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3 Responses to World exclusive Poppy-shaped coins to raise money for The Royal British Legion

  1. Calvin Fagg says:

    Is it possible to buy the £50 poppy coin from anywhere, as would love to own, as a gift for my son(Freddie), either to appreciate it or help him later in life as a investment for him. Would be very much appreciated if you know the answer. Yours sincerely Calvin Fagg.

  2. D.J.Ward-Wilkinson says:

    As an ex R.A.F. Aircraft Electrical Fitter who went in when King George VI (Elizabeth”s dad) was on the throne (Feb1952 )and served 28yrs feel very proud to support The Royal British Legion who I know will be there if I ever need their help.God Bless.

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