What would you do with the Gold Sovereign?

We’re just a few weeks away from the Royal Mint releasing the details of the new 2013 Gold Sovereign – but what will they do for 2013 – 60th Anniversary of the Coronation Year?

2012 Gold Sovereign

The 2012 Gold Sovereign featured a new one-year-only St George & the Dragon design to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee.

This year has seen one of the most popular years ever for the Gold Sovereign with the Proof Coin and key sets selling out in little more than a few weeks.

But what was the cause?  The fact it was Diamond Jubilee Year?  The new one-year-only St George & the Dragon design?

All Change for 2013?

And, more importantly, what should the Royal Mint do this year?  Return to the classic Benedetto Pistrucci’s classic St. George & the Dragon or create a new design to celebrate the Coronation Anniversary?

Have your say below…

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5 Responses to What would you do with the Gold Sovereign?

  1. Michael Macur says:

    Keep it in my collection for my kids and grandchildren when I


  2. Marcus Nicholson says:

    I would like to see an exceedingly low mintage limit. As for the design, I don’t see this as particularly important. However, If I am pushed to decide one way or the other, keep the design as of 2011, and change it again after QE2 exceeds QV’s reign.


  3. Perhaps the Royal Mail could take @a gold leaf from the Royal Mint and reproduce a few images
    of the three gold soverieigns issued during the reign of ‘ Our Queen ‘ as a tribute we all would
    be able to appreciate .


  4. NeilBrown says:

    There have been a few changes to the Sovereign because of the Jubilees. Keep,Your ideas simple. Changes do not happen very often but do a suprise for when the Queen reaches the next big mile stone in, Her history to equal Queen Victorias.


  5. Colin MacKenzie says:

    Aas it is a coronation anniversary, I think they should bring back the ‘shield back’ design


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