Five facts you didn’t know about the Battle of Britain

Fancy yourself as a history buff? Well, our latest video could be the perfect thing to test your knowledge!

You see this year marks the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, and we’ve been busy compiling some interesting and hidden facts that you may (or may not) know about the battle…

Did you know all of these amazing facts or have you got some of your own? Let us know in the comments below!

If you’re interested

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The day I met the Red Arrows – and the ultimate silver tribute, fully-endorsed by all 9 pilots

Mint Editions Blog Banner 2018 - The day I met the Red Arrows – and the ultimate silver tribute, fully-endorsed by all 9 pilots

Last month I had the honour of meeting all 9 Red Arrows pilots at the Bournemouth Air Festival to present them with a very special gift…

Red Arrows Pilots Blog Images3 - The day I met the Red Arrows – and the ultimate silver tribute, fully-endorsed by all 9 pilots
The Red Arrows pilots

A lifelong fan of the Reds, I was delighted to be given the chance of personally presenting them with the Official 2018 Red Arrows Signature Medal.

Struck in 5oz of Pure 999/1000 Silver, the medal features the intricate engravings of all 9 Red Arrows pilots’ signatures, and has been fully endorsed by the team.

What’s more, their medal is one of JUST 450 that have been issued for worldwide distribution, with the last number in that edition being presented to the Reds.

And so they didn’t have to share, I also brought along an extra 9 Official 2018 Red Arrows Silver 1oz Medals, for each of the team to take home.

Each signature on the 5oz Silver Medal is meticulously engraved above their team number. To complete the piece, each member’s iconic Hawk jet with the RAF roundel at the centre is highlighted in vivid colour, surrounded by an altimeter inspired pattern – the most fitting piece to present to the Reds today.

If you’re interested…

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The day I took 800 coins to the sky in a WWII Spitfire

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to see the RAF’s most famous plane up close and personal. That’s because on the 24th March I drove up to the historic Duxford Aerodrome to have 800 of the brand new Spitfire £2 coins flown in an original WWII Spitfire.

I arrived at 9am but unfortunately the chance of flying was in doubt because of the poor visibility caused by low lying clouds. The rest of the morning was spent nervously looking at the sky waiting for enough visibility for the pilot to safely take the 74 year old warbird into the air.

Our pilot for the day was Flight Lieutenant Anthony Parkinson MBE, known as Parky. The delay caused by the weather gave me the opportunity to talk with Parky about his time in the RAF and how the Spitfire compares to the modern jets he has flown during his time with the RAF. You can see Parky discussing his career and the Spitfire in the video below.

The wait for take-off also gave me the opportunity to sit in the cockpit of the famous fighter plane and experience some of what it would have been like for the young pilots who sat in the same cockpit to defend Britain in the skies over 70 years ago.

Finally at 2.00pm the cloud cleared enough for a small pocket of visibility to take the Spitfire into the air. We quickly pushed the Spitfire out of the hanger and Parky secured the 800 Spitfire £2 coins into the wing bays which would have once held the plane’s armaments.

At 2.20 Parky prepared the plane for take-off. Standing a few yards from the plane whilst it’s famous Rolls Royce engine fired up was brilliant, and the Spitfire TD314 drew in a crowd nearby while it taxied along the runway.

Parky swiftly took the famous plane into the sky and gave me and the rest of the crowd a fly by. Despite the cloud cover it was still fantastic to see the Spitfire race through the sky at the hands of a former Red Arrows display pilot.

The brand new Spitfire £2 coin is a fantastic commemoration of the famous plane and I am grateful that I had the opportunity to mark the 100th anniversary of the RAF with such a fitting tribute.

Thank you to Ben Perkins, Flight Lieutenant Anthony Parkinson MBE and the rest of the team at Aerolegends for helping to take the Spitfire £2 coins to the sky and for giving me the opportunity to see this famous warbird in the flesh.

U334 flown silver 2 main 300x208 - The day I took 800 coins to the sky in a WWII Spitfire

Signed edition Silver Proof £2 Spitfire coin.

If you’re interested  

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