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The 10 UK Coins that all collectors should own

For many people it’s difficult to know which coins they should own. When I asked our UK Coin Specialist he selected the 10 coins below based on a combination of their numismatic interest, design excellence and accessible value. 10 coins that together … Continue reading

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Could this be the last ever Scottish 50p?

Scotland has long enjoyed good representation on UK currency, especially on the commemorative coins of the last 30 years. But with the vote for Scottish independence looming, could this be the end for Scottish themes on coins used across the … Continue reading

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Why we will soon all know the story of the boy soldier on a stamp …

The prospect of going to fight for your King and Country would seem bizarre for most teenagers today. But in 1914, that is exactly what William Cecil ‘Billie’ Tickle did.  At just 15 – officially three years too young to enlist – he … Continue reading

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